It started with a Facebook message

It all started when she sent me a Facebook message. “Hey, I’m a big fan of your writing and I realized we went to the same college so wanted to reach out and say Hi”. I can’t remember what I said in response but I confirmed her friend request.

15th August 2010

I was in London for a conference and updated my Facebook status to that effect. She sent me another message, “Are you actually in London? I live in Islington. I would love to meet you. Can we gchat? Here’s my email address” I shot her an email and soon we were bantering:

“Can I make a confession? I’ve been stalking you for a long time. I think you’re really hot”.  I laughed. “Oh yeah? You haven’t met me yet. I may not be as hot in real life”.

We made plans to meet the following day at the Pitcher & Piano Bar near the Islington tube station. It was one of those rare days in London when the weather was just perfect. Even though it was 7pm it was light outside and it was warm enough to wear the new purple dress I had bought earlier from H&M.  That dress showed off my figure perfectly. The scooped neckline of the dress showed a hint of cleavage, and the cinched in waist of the dress gave me Shakira like hips. I had my hair in box braids, which I left hanging down, and wore huge, silver hoops in my ears, with silver strappy sandals to match. I had that bounce in my step that comes from looking good and knowing it. I walked into Pitcher and Piano a little after 7pm, stood in the doorway searching for a woman dressed in a black blazer and jeans which is what Danielle had said she would be wearing. Suddenly I saw her walking towards me from the back of the room. Her straightened hair was layered with one eye partially covered by a side fringe. As she got closer I noticed her wide set eyes, cute button nose and the tinted shimmer on her full lips. Her black jacket was hanging loosely on her slender, almost boyish frame, and her long legs were encased in black skinny jeans and ankle high boots.  “Hey I’m Danielle,” she said somewhat shyly. I gave her a hug, “Hi, I’m Ama”. “I reserved a table over there” Danielle said whilst pointing to a secluded corner right at the back of the room.  We sat down and started a somewhat awkward conversation whilst waiting for the Mojitos we had ordered to arrive.

“So what brings you to London”

“Well I’m here for a writers conference. It’s been really fun. This is one the downsides of living in Ghana. There really isn’t much support for writers and artists in general”.

“I really loved your book ‘All that glimmers is not gold’, and I’ve been following your blog regularly. I hope I didn’t scare you with all that stalker talk”

“Hahahahaah. No you didn’t, and I could see we had plenty of friends in common from college so I knew you were alright.”

By our third mojito the conversation was flowing more easily, and we had ordered a side of chicken wings and chips to soak up the alcohol. I started to giggle as Danielle described the characters in the Bank where she worked. I’ve always been a lightweight and 3 drinks tend to be my maximum. “The Admin manager is the most irritating. Whenever I bring jollof in for lunch, she’s like, Ohhh. That smells lovely. Is that a curry”? I in turn described the characters at the writers conference. “Wole Soyinka is really grand and statesmanlike, I get all nervous when I stand next to him. Chimamanda is really smart and sassy, you wouldn’t think it to look at her but she can be so cheeky. She’s so fine though. All the male writers have a crush on her”. Danielle smiled and said, “Well I have a crush on you”. “Am I as hot in real life as you thought I would be?” I asked. “You’re even hotter” Danielle responded. I smiled and snuggled closer to her. “Mmmmm. That mojito definitely hit the spot. It’s been a good conference but so full on. I definitely needed to unwind tonight”. Danielle turned and smiled at me whilst flicking her fringe out of her eye. I had noticed that seemed to be her tick. Every so often she would flick her fringe out of her eye. Snuggling closer to Danielle seemed to have been the signal she was waiting for as she turned her head and gently grazed my lips. I responded by sucking on her lower lip and we kissed passionately until the waiter interrupted us with an “Ahem, ladies would you like another round?” “No” Danielle responded, “Ama can we take this party elsewhere?” “Sure” I responded, “I’m staying at the Hilton round the corner”.

We held hands as we walked the short distance to the Hilton. We had both fallen silent now. I could feel the tension between us, a good kind of tension. We walked into the overly bright lobby of the hotel, turned right towards the elevators and pressed the button to go up. Once we were in the elevator Danielle started kissing me passionately, I responded by starting to undo the buttons of the pinstriped shirt she wore under the black jacket. “Easy Tiger” she responded as the elevator pinged on the 6th floor, we stepped out and practically ran to room 6003. Once inside Danielle pushed me against the door and started to pull up my dress. I held my hands up to make her job easier, a small smile playing around my lips. She stood still for a moment once she had achieved her mission, and looked at me long and hard. “You have an amazing body,” she said. I suddenly felt a bit shy and said, “Look at me being such a bad hostess. You’re in my room and I haven’t even offered you anything to drink. Let me see what the room bar has to offer”. I walked towards the bar and Danielle followed me. I could feel her eyes on my bottom. I was glad that I was wearing my newest Freya set. She sat on the edge of my bed as I brought out 2 mini bottles of white wine whilst saying, “Do you fancy some white?” “Yes” she responded as she shrugged out of her black jacket placing it on the armchair next to the bed. “Do you mind if I make myself comfortable?” she asked whilst taking off her boots and scooting up the bed. “Come on, don’t be shy now” she said. I took a swig from the bottle and walked over to her with false bravado. “Me shy? I’m not shy at all”. I bent to kiss her, the taste of white wine mingled with the taste of mojito. I heard her moan and that gave me even more courage to start unbuttoning her shirt. She had nothing on underneath. Her boobs were small and perky, a perfect handful. I took another swig of wine and knelt so I could more easily reach for her nipples. She shuddered as the cold wine touched her now erect nipples. I reached for her other boob and started to run my fingers lightly over her other nipple. “Suck harder” she moaned and so I obliged. “Bite me” she said. I grazed my teeth against her nipples. “No. Bite me harder. Yes that’s it. Don’t stop”.  I alternated between sucking hard and nipping for a while longer and then transferred my attention to her other boob. My boobs had never been an erogenous zone for me so I was amazed at Danielle’s response. She was running her hands through her hair and the black of her eyes were rolled back. I started to unbuckle her belt and that seemed to bring her back to earth. “No, it’s that time of the month for me. Just lie down on the bed for me.” I lay down on the bed, Danielle knelt over me so that her knees were on either side of my body and started at me for what felt like ages but must have been only 30 seconds. “I know I keep saying this but you have an amazing body.” She pulled me so that I was sitting up on the bed, reached behind me and unclasped my bra. My E cup boobs spilled out. She smiled and bent her head to kiss my right nipple, and then my left. “Lie down baby” she said whilst continuing to kiss her way down my body. My stomach muscles tightened involuntarily as I lay back on the bed and her tongue dipped into my belly button. I could feel my panties start to get wet and my legs tremble. She continued to kiss past my belly button hovering over my panties and then suddenly buried her nose in my coochy. I squealed from the sudden gesture. “You smell so good she said” whilst hooking her thumbs into the side of my panties making it easy for her to pull them down. I lifted my bum to make it easier and in a moment she was between my legs, spreading my legs even wider. “I just want to look at you for a moment” she said. She looked and I could feel my already engorged clit grow even bigger. “You’re ready for me aren’t you?” she said as she held my labia apart and started to play with my clit. I almost jumped off the bed. “Easy baby.” She started to trace my clit with the tip of her finger and I closed my eyes. “Open your eyes baby. I want to see how I make you feel”. “It feels really good” I responded. She smiled and bent her lips to my clit whilst slipping a finger into my vagina. I moaned involuntarily. She licked, sucked and nibbled on my clit. Her fingers seemed to be everywhere. It didn’t take long for me to cum over and over again.

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  • All that excitement from facebook? Gosh i need to go there more often. I’m heterosexual but i find this hot hot hot hot. Nothing better than a partner knowing their way around your sensitive parts. But Nana, E CUP?! Please share some of that lol ;). Beautiful read

  • For real?mmmm,interesting.So Nana swings both ways,u areent bad @ all.But this was steamy mehn,Danielle is bad azz!

  • Nana!!when did this bug hit u?to moderate comments?aaaahh that’s boring giRrrl,please don’t do that,always loved the fact that any &every comment was welcomed here without going thru the screening most bloggers do.Please…

  • @korkor – Glad you enjoyed the story. I think heterosexuals can enjoy lesbian erotica right? And I’m a G cup not an E cup…remember my story is in the category of fiction

    @Abena – Lol. This is not a ‘non fiction’ piece o. And I don’t know how come your first comment needed moderation, did you change your email address or something? After approving your first comment today I didn’t need to approve the second. Please just be consistent with whichever email you sign in with.

  • This hotness is not right for me this morning. I’m at school!! O the dirty thoughts in my head now…
    Think of spiders ozohu, think of spiders. LoL

  • Now this is how it’s done…

    Consensual sex is HOWWTT!!!

    As a female loving female, I’m glad to read stories like this here.

    It’s also a welcome shift from the prior story that had us all worked up 🙂

  • @Ozohu – Ha! In the context in which you mentioned spiders my mind went to identifying someone you fancy, and spinning a web to draw them to you….study hard okay 🙂 And on the subject of hardness../

    @Alexandra – *big smile* Yes o. Consensual sex is the ish. I’m glad you like the story. We have plenty of posts that will be appreciated by women who love women so have a look through the site. Some are tagged under ‘lesbian’ but others may just be under ‘relationships’. And yes, the change of topic was deliberate…even though its something we’ll return to in a lil while…more from a survivors point of view(s)

  • Mama why you lying now? You knew this was us last summer. Quit playing. Non-fiction my ass.

  • @ Nana- Awesome. Will cruise those tags for sure…:-)

  • I obviously meant ‘Fiction my ass’, but hey, you got my meaning.

  • @nana okayy got it. fiction, but still please share some of that cup eh lol.
    i personally find lesbian erotica arousing, it’s more sensual, less rough i guess :). but i’m straight as they come 😛

  • Sizzling hot…me likey! Got to admire your courage Nana; I would have been a bit apprehensive about hooking up with an old school mate, i mean i dont exactly want half my year group to find out i swing both ways?! Anyways…jux being curious & greedy….is there a sequel? 🙂

  • Is this a sequel? Feels like you’ve written a variant of this before.. Nana… 😉

  • @korkor – Lots of straight people find lesbain erotica arousing. Some lesbians even find gay mens porn arousing. My straight male friend finds lesbian porn exciting. I guess sexualities are not that cut and dried huh.

    @Naa Adjeley – *Sigh* Its a non fiction post o…Will there be a sequel? I don’t know. On twitter I got a lot of requests to make it a series. Lets see if I get inspired to do so

    @Kofi – You’re absolutely right. You’re clearly a long term dedicated reader 🙂 I have previously written a story about a lesbian couple. I wanted to link to the story in my response to you but for the life of me cannot find it on this site via the search engine, clearly I wasn’t great at tagging in those days 🙁

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