How wet can it get?

This is what he asked me as he traced the silky smoothness that had pooled beneath the bend of my knee and was dripping down the back of my calf.

“Wet enough to make you feel like you could drown” I answered.

“Wet enough to fill a bathtub so I can swim in it?”

“I think so. But would you want to?”

“I would. I would slather that pussy juice all over my body like lotion. Then I would lick it off every part of my body that I could reach. I love the way your pussy tastes. I could drink a glass full of it. I could wear it like lip gloss and taste you throughout the day, licking my lips and grinning in a meeting full of people. No woman has ever been this wet for me before. No woman has ever just lathered my dick and dripped down my balls like this.  Chale, I’m going to pop a vein in my forehead from trying so hard not to come. I’m so close but your pussy feels so good. Your wetness around my dick feels better than my coming…”

“Babes, c’mon. Nothing feels better than coming.”

“Your pussy does. And besides, once I come it’s over. When I’m fucking you, as long as I’m fucking you, it’s still happening. When I’m inside you I feel like I can feel this feeling forever”.

I moved my hips up until our bellies touched and wetness trickled between the crack of my ass and pooled in a puddle on a bed. His dick was so large and full inside me I could feel every ridge, every curve, every vein. It was like he was inside my chest, touching my heart, making me short of breath. His hands lips trembled from the effort of holding back. I grabbed his butt cheeks in my hands and pushed him as far into me as our bodies would allow.

“Shit,” he said, as his hands gripped my ankles to spread my legs further apart and the wetness that had trickled down to my heel coated the space between his fingers “You’re even wetter than you were.” “How. Does. Your. Pussy. Get. So. Wet?” he punctuated every word with a shallow thrust.

“Whyyyyy. Does. Your. Dick. Feeeeel. Soooo. Gooood?” I punctuated every word with a slow hard wind against his pelvis.

I groped for his hand and intertwined fingers with his. I stuck my tongue in his ear, bit his earlobe and squirted all over his dick. The added sensation was too much.

“No V, no V, no baby, please.” He had already started shooting buckets of hot cum into me.


He looked at me with a faux-angry, trying-to-look-betrayed expression but we could both see the smile playing around the corners of his mouth. I stuck my hand between my thighs and scooped up all the wetness I could reach. I stuck my fingers in his mouth and made him lick it off.


Now, I’ve always been a wet girl, overly wet, I thought. As a teenager I had overhead two guys talking about some girl one of them had fucked and I heard Guy 2 giggle uproariously when Guy 1 disparagingly said the girl had been so wet it had felt like swimming in an ocean. Then, I heard my uncle who was a gynae talking to my father about some cases that had come to his clinic in Kumasi—women who had mixed a bunch of herbs and stuck it up their coochies to make them as tight as virgins so they could compete with the nyati nyati Tech girls who were stealing their husbands. The herbs, my uncle explained, were dessicators; they basically just dried up all the moisture in the vagina ensuring that the guy had to push against the dry walls to get in and once he was in he was being squeezed by pussy walls. That increased the feeling of tightness for dude, but also resulted in all these painful microscopic little tears. The last woman he had seen, my uncle said, was so dried out he had had to separate the walls of her vagina with forceps; they were essentially stuck together.  I shuddered and left the room, giving away the fact that I was eavesdropping but chale that description….Nightmares! However, I think these two separate incidents subconsciously put the idea in my head that guys didn’t like their pussies too wet.


So I was always self-conscious about how wet I got and once I started hooking up with guys I was surprised at how much they loved it. A friend of mine mentioned in conversation that for him and women it was all about the fetri—the okro-ey silky …sliminess for lack of a better word. In his opinion, no amount of lube could replicate it.  But how much fetri is too much fetri?


I know enough about biology to know that not every woman’s pussy juice feels the same—some are silky, some are thick and viscous, some are watery, some are almost sticky. Even with one woman different times of the month cause subtle changes. I am enough of a feminist to know there is no one ideal pussy juice. But I still wish there was more discussion about the almighty p.j. I think it is one of the diverse and interesting aspects of sex and I wish I could go around the world looking at everyone’s and getting some idea of if mine is really as unique as I’ve been told or if it was just, as the old people say, “focktalk.”


I also need to reconcile this quandary: If men love wet pussy so much, what is this obsession with women wanting to be tight and dry down there? How did dryness come to be equated with uber-tightness anyway? It is possible to be both tight and wet, right? Or does all tightness get lost after a certain stage of wetness?


Possessors-of-pussies, what is your pussy juice usually like? At what degree of wetness do you enjoy sex the most? Have you ever been told (or wondered on your own if) you were too tight or too loose, too wet or too dry?


Enjoyers-of-pussies, what is the sexiest pussy you have ever encountered? How do you like your p.j? What has your favourite experience been?

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  • Lol, VV is back & with a bang! I’d missed your stories a lot. I’m by no means an ‘enjoyer-of-pussy” but I’d hazard a guess that like all things in life, it all boils down to preference. Some guys prefer wet vajayjays while others prefer them dry just because. I think it’s a cultural & generational thing also. I’ve dated younger men (29s to 30s) & older men (45-60s) & I realized that sometimes, their tastes differed. The younger men who had grown up in the era of internet porn (with women moaning & squirting!) tended to go crazy when I would make a lot of noise, talk dirty, get really wet & often wanted to go down on me while the older guys didn’t appreciate those things so much & going down on me wasn’t even a topic to be discussed!

  • sorry I meant to type 20s to 30s. don’t know why it came out like that. & I hope now you’re back, you wont do a disappearing act again VV

  • @ VV you see, I enjoyed your article so much that I went a-searching for more information on it. Turns out that the concept of dry sex is quite common all through sub-Saharan Africa and Indonesia as well as this story in the Jakarta post indicates
    I guess some guys like it wet & others like it dry

  • “How much fetri is too much fetri?” >>> DEAD!

    The only pussies I enjoy are in my head and in there they are just like mine; silky, slippery but not overwhelming. I must confess, the image of filling a glass with PJ and drinking it left me slightly queasy – a bit like drinking oil would. Nah! Not for me!

    (By the way, your BELLIES touched but the PJ dribbled into your ASS crack? Anti-gravitational PJ or just an oversight? Please explain the position.)

    I’ve been told I am wet wet wet but for me personally, during solo sessions it is just too much. Not a good enough grip. I often towel off and continue.

    Good to see you back. If you go again, I will add you to my flogging list VV. Ask Nana. You don’t want that!

  • @VV where have u been? That was a tantalising tale. You made me squirm my juices out several times before I finished reading. Wow

  • Gosh this brings back some of my most cherished memories. I can’t speak for all pussy eaters but l enjoy it wet enough to help in my delivery. At my desk, l stood up gave the honorary writer a huge applause that made my colleges wonder but couldn’t stand for too long since a careful look could give me away,lol………

  • Of course. For some reason I imagined she was on top – not sure why.

    But what is the ‘Damn’ all about? It couldn’t surely be me?

  • I want to meet someone, at least once in my life, with whom I’m so uninhibited that I can talk like this. Am I on the wrong side of the Ekuba-rian generational divide? Was there a course in college that taught this? Did this happen when I was cutting classes? Nnenna, you think you could teach an online course on the side?

  • Kofi — you and me both – getting people in my neck of the woods to discuss sex and intimate things related is a Herculean task! Seriously, you should set up the online course – I’ll help with curriculum development! I mean that in the most innocuous sense possible!

    VV — On one hand, I’ve been part of discussions with women about “drying the vulva” – I was not sold on their arguments. On the other hand, I’ve read about women who “drip” – I range from wet to slick but I’ve never “dripped” or “squirted”. You make me feel like I’m missing out on a great thrilling adventure!

  • @ Nnenna, it had nothing to do with you. The picture in my head was so vivid and looking at the time of day l read this, it was too early for me to be dripping. It made my want some badly. Some office quickie won’t have been a bad idea at alllll.

  • lol @ Kweku & Saffron- my friends (guys & gals)& I talk about these issues all the time, sex positions, past sexual experiences, what things are more pleasurable etc. Especially my female friends, a girls night in (we sleep over at each others’ places sometimes) isn’t complete without someone sharing a ‘juicy sexual encounter’ lol. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or it’s just my circle of friends who are open.

  • @Paapa: I wanted to ask because you CAPITALISED THE PARTS WHERE YOU REFERRED TO ME LIKE THIS and I thought the ‘Damn’ was at what was obvious to everyone but me i.e. the missionary position.
    But its cool.

  • Hey Everyone,
    Sorry for the long disappearance. Life got crazy and I just forgot to give posts to Nana. Blame her for being too nice to put any real pressure on me 😛 . So it didn’t really occur to me that it had been a long time. One day I woke up and realized it had been six months since I had been on Adventures even to read. I promise not to run away again.

    @Ekuba: Thanks so much for the article. I’ve wanted to do some research on this topic for a while but have always been too lazy/busy to. I am interested in whether there is some socio-cultural reason why Sub-Saharan men like their pussies dry. Is it related to a fear of female promiscuity–like if she’s enjoying it then she’ll be indiscriminately giving it away? I’ll do some informal research and see.

    @Nnenna: Good to meet another wet wet wet girl! Do you squirt? I do and I used to be sooo self-conscious about it until a few years ago. I should write a post about it. I agree with you that during solo sessions or with a vibe sometimes I find the wetness too much and lose the grip on the vibe. I never towel off but I usually have to lie on my stomach with the vibe to keep it from slipping out cos of all the pj. I think with guys there isn’t the slipping out problem because of the way bodies lock. Also maybe because of the super-endowment of the guys? I’ve found that it’s always a really tight fit anyway and without a lot of pj is actually painful. Oh and like Paapa said it was the plain old missionary position just with my legs pushed up almost behind my head. I agree with your squeamishness about drinking a glass of p.j lol. I couldn’t do it, but my lover claims it tastes so good he could drink it. I’ve tasted it myself and it is pretty pleasant but definitely not drinkable in those quantities. Maybe for him there’s something sexy about the volume cos he feels he caused it to happen idk.

  • @Kofi: I don’t think you’re on the wrong side of any generational divide. i suspect I know lots of women in your social circle and they talk like this around me and other women. Perhaps it’s a gendered divide that you need to break cos the women are too shy to break it? Or you could become pals with me and my girlfriends and we could give you as much fila as you want? Saffron this applies to you too 🙂 Or conversely we could just set up the class and I could help with the curriculum development.
    @Saffron: You mentioned something about women who “drip” which i thought was interesting cos I had been taught growing up that any drippage was the sign of an infection and didn’t have anything to do with sexual arousal. PJ, no matter how much you make in terms of quantity, (in my experience at least) doesn’t drip; it kinda slides/oozes/glides out of you and then trails down your thighs, the guy’s thighs etc. I’m a squirter and at least in my experience this also isn’t a drip situation. It’s exactly what the name suggests–a squirt, like intermittent bursts of liquid (the consistency of clear pee mixed with a little pj) coming out from around your urethra. For me at least it feels really good–like a mini orgasm and is a sign that I am really enjoying the sex. Sometimes if i’m lucky it can happen simultaneously with a vaginal orgasm and i’ll be coming and squirting at the same time and that can be really mind-blowing. However I don’t know if you’re “missing out” necessarily. i find squirting quite damaging to clothes and bedding and it makes after-sex cuddling practically impossible unless you put something very thick over the spot or change the sheets entirely. I’d take good old p.j over squirting any day. I think the guys get more excited by it than I do :0 I have heard about classes or tapes that teach you how to do it but I haven’t actually seen any of them. With me it just happened spontaneously when I was masturbating as a teenager and then kept happening whenever I was really enjoying sex and for a long time it actually really used to freak me out and make me self-conscious lol

  • Yes, VV, I want to hang out with you and your girlfriends.. this could be my breakthrough year. 😀

  • @Kofi, I’ve just seen your comment. I will gladly set up classes. So far though, you are the only student We already have more faculty staff than students!

    @VV, No girl, I’ve never squirted, altgough men always used to ask me if I could when confronted with my PJ. I can imagine clean-up would be a pain in the vag like you say!

  • VV — “…any drippage was the sign of an infection and didn’t have anything to do with sexual arousal.” I was taught ‘discharge’ (without definition or explanation) was a sign of infection however, for me depending, on progress in and stage of my cycle I would ‘discharge’. This puzzled me until common sense and some reading helped me through that – ‘discharge’ tsk!
    Thanks for the elaboration – hehehe, I am missing out on some fun! 😉

  • @Saffron: I see what you’re saying. Using that line of thinking then drip could simply be the word for what pj does when you’re standing up or sitting on top of someone and gravity makes it come down in a slow slick motion. In that case, yes, I don’t think that has anything to do with infection hehe. Unless you’ve been infected with pleasure 😛

  • @Nana: Madam leshura don turn pupil? Me and you who should be the student now, eh? 🙂

  • VV!! Your entries are ALWAYS mouth watering for me. Can’t wait to devour this. Welcome back. 🙂

  • Ooooh my! I’ve really enjoyed reading this and scrolling through all the comments. I’ve been enlightened and affirmed. As both an enjoyer and possessor, I have to say hands down wet pussies are the bomb. for years (after abuse) I felt icky and ashamed for not only being very wet and silky but also arriving at this intensity of wetness within seconds. i was made to feel shame and made to feel like I’d get wet for anyone. My most recent lover changed all that. Licking, pulling, sucking, he had enough to go around and he always expressed his gratitude. It’s a wet wet wonderland and I’m proud to claim it after this lover!

  • Ekuba — 🙂 if I’m ever in your area, I’m inviting myself over to your place and you are obliged to call a sleep over with your friends. I’ll bring wine and pop corn!

  • loooool @ Saffron! My friends and I would be most honored to have you over!!! Yaaaay to a night of discussing just ‘naughty stuff’ 🙂

  • For me the wetter the better, only met two squirters in my time and at the point just before the squinting began the pussy felt like heaven round my dick

  • I never liked bonny or say skinny girls until one day when circumstances forced me to have an encounter with one. Gosh! That waa a year never to be forgotten. For close to three hours, the pleasure showers never ceased even for a second. My goodness, my perception about skinny ladies has changed for good.

  • I can get UBER wet when I REALLY fancy a guy and sometimes this is a good measure of how into a man I am…sometimes I try to convince myself it doesn’t matter if despite being turned on I’m not very wet but the most explosive and sensual sex has always been WET WET WET! The lovers who have made me that wet have LOVED it!!!! DAMN!!!! That story has completely got me lusting for some Vitamin D(ick).

  • My gf got really weeeeeeeeeeeeeet like tooooo wet is that good or bad???

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