Shhhhhh! Tell EVERYONE.

Hello fellow Adventurers!

Before you say anything, yes I am going to put up the next edition of Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia this Friday and boy, will you lot want to slap some people in it – as I often do.

Anyway, this is not about STWNM. This is about my new romance book which is hitting the shelves soon. This is NOT the Erotica coming from ER Books by the way (which is a collection of shorts stories plus one novella), but an earlier romance book which I wrote and which has been sitting forlornly on my hard drive.

This is obviously a plug, but the good thing is, that for the whole launch weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the book will be available on to download from Amazon for FREE! Yes, you heard it. After that normal pricing will resume.

It is called ‘Physically, Yours‘. Here is the blurb for it: 

'Physically Yours' cover art by Nnenna Emm.
‘Physically Yours’ cover art by Nnenna Emm.

Personal trainer Anata has a perfect life; she is about to start Nigeria’s first women-only gym and she has a body to die for. So what if her mother is breathing marriage fumes down her neck? She has all the time in the world! None of the men in town are to her taste anyway.
That is until she meets banker Afam.
Tall and coffee-dark, he seems as unperturbed by her sharp tongue as he is unaware of his chiselled good looks. Anata simply must have him!
Their passions ignite underneath a budding friendship, but Anata is all too aware of her own departure and the shadow of his reluctant ex Linda looming over them. Will she feel the burn of rejection or fight to claim Afam’s body as well as his soul?


And here is a free excerpt:


“Could you get on the treadmill please? We’re going to do some running.”

“What happened to the stretching?”

“I took a professional decision. I’ve decided you don’t need it after all. You need more running.” Afam looked at her and climbed the treadmill. It was a manual one and she was going to set the pace standing beside the machine, as she had done previously. He paused in the act of starting. “You can talk the talk, but it’s funny, I’ve never seen you walk the walk. Or run.”  It was a challenge. Anata rolled her eyes.

“I am a personal trainer. I didn’t just wake up and don the outfit. I had to go to university and get the qualifications…and if that isn’t enough to convince you, all you need do is take a look at my body. This baby is man-made.” She slapped her stomach. “Unlike Lady Gaga I wasn’t ‘Born this Way.’” Afam didn’t move. “Fine, if you insist. I will enjoy beating you very much.”

Anata warmed up briefly and hopped on the treadmill next to Afam. He started off on a walk and gradually increased the pace until he was fast-walking in the waddling way that the athletes did.  His muscles bulged. Anata thought he looked good enough to eat. She shook the distracting image out of her head and matched him, stride for stride.

 “Not a lot of people would look good walking like a duck. How do you manage to look gorgeous?” Afam asked.

“Stop trying to slow me down,” Anata said, breaking into a run. She wondered if it was just the exertion that increased her heart rate or whether it was because they seemed to be on the same wavelength. “Now match this speed – if you can. Remember to breathe fully, expand your diaphragm outwards as you breathe in. I still have to be responsible for you. I can’t have you fainting on my watch.”

She was beginning to pant now. She took her own advice and concentrated on her breathing. Her feet flew on the treadmill and she chopped the air with her arms to increase speed. Anata glanced at Afam. He was running just as fast as she was but his upper lip was breaking out in fresh sweat. Just as she was thinking of slowing down, Afam turned towards her and winked.

“Is that all you’ve got?” He sounded a bit breathless but Anata could see he was not prepared to concede defeat.

“You can quit whenever you’re tired. In fact…just because I’m generous,” the saliva in her mouth thickened and she berated herself for breathing through her mouth. “Just because I am generous,” she began again, “You don’t actually have to say the words. Just raise your hand in the air and I’ll take it as a sign of your defeat.”

“In…your…dreams.” He gritted his teeth and sped off in a fresh burst of energy. Sweat streamed down his face. Anata knew her antiperspirant deodorant had given up on her when her armpits started to squelch. It was seeing Jeff’s puzzled face by the window of his office that did it for her. She came down to earth with a bang. ‘Why am I racing a client I should be training?’ she asked herself. Afam took one look at her and followed her gaze. He raised his hand.

“Do…you…give…up?” Anata  asked.

“You said to raise a hand. I will not give you the satisfaction of saying the words,” Afam was almost shouting from breathlessness. He started to slow down. He stopped. Anata waited a few seconds and started to slow down herself. She took a little longer to come to a stop and slumped over the handlebars of the treadmill in a pose identical to his. She could feel her muscles quivering but she still raised a head in triumph.

“Consider yourself schooled. Shall we stretch now? You don’t want to wake up with stiff muscles tomorrow.” Afam had a twinkle in his eye. He grinned down at her.

“And now I know another thing about you. You don’t know how to stand down from a dare do you? Well. That could come in handy.”


Don’t forget to tell your friends to get all downloading gear ready for our two-day extravaganza! Free for all you Adventures lovelies for two days only. Dates to be announced.

See you on Friday for STWNM.

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  • ooo I am so downloading this on Saturday from amazon! you write beautifully.

  • Yup! I’ll be all over that download to. The story sounds yummy. Plus it will feed my perennial fantasy of hooking up with a personal trainer 🙂

    • lol @ Nana Darkoa, so a personal trainer is part of your fantasies? I guess it’s good motivation to ‘work out’ wink wink (I know i’m very cheesy). Talking about which, I thought you said that your fantasies are about ‘entrepreneurial men’? Or is it a case of a girl having a million fantasies? Hmmm

      • Hahahaah. @Ekuba. I have lots of fantasies. Yes, sexy entrepreneurial men do it for me. So do creatives of all types especially musicians. Isn’t there something so sexy about a man who can play an instrument, rap, perform poetry…my dream one day is that someone will sing a song about me. And the personal trainer fantasy, yes o. In my dreams I will be dating a personal trainer with a broad chest, a six pack, and an overall tight body, of course he wouldn’t care that much about my own podgy body. Or even if he did he would persuade me that working out can be sexy, and we will have our workout for two in private. What are your fantasies Ekuba?

        • Ekuba do not answer her o! We can turn it into Forum gist!!

          • Hahahaha you and your forums. That reminds me to go tell our tech guys about the issue with accessing forums via mobile

          • lol, @ Nnnenna Marcia aka Madam Forum Manager: I have heard you. But start the new thread on the forum na! I swear I’ll be the first to contribute… Ok, i’ll reply juuuuust this once!

            @ Nana D: hmmm, believe it or not, it appears that my recent fantasies have been about women as opposed to men. It’s very weird because I’ve never really considered myself as bi (I never even thought about it at all, all I know is I’ve dated guys since I came of age) & I’ve never been with a woman in ‘that way before’. Nevertheless, I realized that I had been having strong affectionate & physical feelings for my bestie when we’d go to class together, study together and when I’d hang out at her place. She’s West African though, very religious & totally against homosexuality so I never even broached the subject with her(she even started to complain at a point that I was acting weird towards her & that was I one of those ‘weird lesbians’). & then I had a huuuge crush on my therapist for ages but I just pushed it away & didn’t tell her anything (transference I know). I think I didn’t tell her anything because I didn’t want her to think that I’m one of those wierdos that stalk their therapists etc. Then I moved 2 weeks ago & I have a hot neighbor who’s just asked me out (a chick). I’m sort of confused so I texted one of my friends who’s lesbian (or bi?) whether she thinks I may be bi but she hasn’t replied yet so … The coward in me doesn’t even want to consider that option or whether or not I am inclined that way because I want to live in Ghana full term & I’m afraid of the vitriol I’d face if I were bi/ lesbian. I worked with a human rights NGO in Ghana where we some advocacy for gays & lesbians & it was so scary the horrible abuse that some Ghanaians (police included)meted out to LGBT folks in Ghana. ok, now anyone who wants to say anything about this, please start a forum! I don’t want the Forum Manager to kill me lol.

          • Na waa o @Ekuba. I have so much I want to say in response but its 30 minutes after midnight where I am and I’m filing unending forms to try and track my lost luggage. Whoever starts the forum chat I promise to be in there 🙂 pun totally intended

        • @ Nana Girl, i am living your dream. For the last week, i have been living in workout heaven. My yummy personal trainer ensures i am in tip top shape in the gym every morning and rewards me at night. It’s a soul cleansing, absolutely satisfying combination workout! Needless to say, i have found a new love for working out. Or should i say motivation?

          • @Miss J – Now you’re just rubbing it in 😛 Okay, its clear what I need to do to get fit now 🙂

          • 🙂 Nana you should find your very own(!) … motivation.

            I’ve always liked ‘swimmers’. Come Olympics, I’m glued to the TV during the swimming sessions – those sculpted bodies – every four years, my motivation to take up swimming is re-invigorated!

    • LOL, you this woman.

  • Ekuba it’s not THIS Saturday. I’ll tell you when. It will probably be the next one. 🙂

  • Nnenna, congrats!! 🙂

    Is it possible for you to post before Friday? Like, I mean, why do we have to suffer for that long?

    • Kai! I am sorry now. It’s not as if I am trying to make you suffer. I just get a bit snowed under with work and I am trying to clear it all so I can give Abby the time she deserves.

  • Yaaaay!!! CAN’T wait to read Nnenna! Why can’t you make it this Saturday na?

    • It’s ready (cover and everything), I just want to make sure it is as near flawless as I can get it, that’s why I’m still having it checked over. Thank you so much!

  • Nnena, when will it be available in hard copy? I’m not a fan of ebooks.

    • There should be hard copies via a POD service, in other words, you want it, you request it. Glad to already have someone who wants one paperback!

  • Nnenna — Friday!?! C’mon. Meet us halfway – Wednesday evening at least 🙂

    Congratulations on the book! Good on you – may there be literary prizes galore in store for you! I look forward to reading this novel!

    • Thank you, Saffy.

      The reason I say Friday is that it gives me time to clear my backlog of work you know so that I don’t rush off and write/edit crap. I have my hands and feet full but I still want to do justice to Abby and B’lin and co.

  • See? See? I told you all!! Summer reading galore!!

  • Dear Nnenna
    I would love reading your stories in a book or download better to hear you read it but which site ?

  • Hi Mike!

    It’ll be available for PRINT on Amazon and as an ebook on Kindle. I’ll put deets up on this site as soon as it’s done. How are you enjoying your day?

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