Becoming the Screamer in Her Bed

A young Ghanaian woman suppressed her desire for other women until she went to college in the US and shared an apartment with a Ghanaian authoritative lesbian. 

Linda promises Abby a good time if she ever wants it, but Abby resists until the regular screams of pleasure from her roommate’s bedroom tempt her to seek her first lesbian experience. There, she finally understands why the girls who visit her roommate always scream in pleasure. 


The first time I met Linda, I knew she was going to be trouble. I was supposed to meet her with the friend who connected us, but Lily got delayed at work and I had to go and check out the apartment by myself. 

I nervously stood in front of the apartment, hoping that it would all work out and I’d get to live in the really nice apartment so close to the university. The building was a small two-storey with shops below, and the apartment I was hoping to live in, on top. 

I climbed up the stairs to the apartment, grateful that I didn’t get winded by the climb. The door opened just as I was about to knock, and I almost collided with the pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who came out of the room. 

“Oh, sorry!” she apologized, smiling at me. “You must be the reason I just got kicked out.”

I blinked, not knowing what to say to that. 


“You’re Abby, right? Linda’s potential roommate?”

“Oh, yes,” I answered quickly, assured that I hadn’t been mistaken for anyone else. 

“She’s waiting for you, you can go right in.”

“Okay. Thank you,” I said, waiting for her to move over so that I could go in.

“Norma, are you still here?” I heard a familiar voice asking from behind the girl. It sounded a little deeper than it had over the phone, but still recognizable.

She looked back into the room. “I’m leaving! I ran into your new roomie,” she answered with a laugh, turning to me again.

“Bye, Abby. I hope to see you around,” she waved and left, swinging her pink purse as she went down the stairs. 

I walked into the room and shut it behind me.

“Hi, Abby. I’m Linda,” she said, coming closer from the left.

For a few seconds, I was struck dumb, and I felt the ghost of a tingle rising from the depths of the hole in which I had buried it all those years ago.

Linda was…a vision. She had a tall, curvy body, and a generously endowed chest that was showing in the shorts and tank top she was wearing. Her hair was in long bohemian braids that almost came up to her waist. She had skin the color of milk chocolate, and her lips… Goodness, her lips. Full and so inviting. And to make matters worse, she was wearing a nose ring. Nose rings on women are so sexy. 

Damn, I was in trouble. 

I caught myself quickly and shook my head to clear the fog in my brain, relieved when I saw that she had been checking me out and didn’t notice me going brainless at the sight of her.

“Thank you. Your errm…friend, Norma? She let me in.”

She chuckled. “Friend? I suppose you could call her that.”

I wondered what that meant, but I didn’t ask. It was none of my business.

“Would you like to sit down a bit before the tour? Or would you like to check the apartment out now and talk after?” she asked.

I considered my options. “I think I’d like to see the apartment now if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, come on.”

She led the way into the living room. There was a large black couch at one end and two smaller beige ones opposite it. A glass table was in the middle on a boho woolen carpet, and there were coffee tables by each end of the sofas. The walls were adorned with art of women and flowers. 

There was a 65” television on one side of the beige-painted walls, and the curtains were a combination of beige, white, and green. It was pretty minimalist, just what I liked.

“So, this is the living room.” She widened her arms to encompass the space, then gestured ahead to the attached kitchen as she walked to it. “That is the kitchen. There’s a pretty large fridge, an oven, a conduction stove, a microwave, and all these drawers and shelves to put our stuff. You can use the dishes and cooking utensils already here or get yours if you prefer.”

I nodded, trailing behind her as she pointed things out to me.

“I usually eat here on the island. But once in a while, when I’ve got a lot of company we use the dining table. You’re free to use whichever one that works for you.”

“Great,” I nod, trying to concentrate on what she was telling me instead of staring at her generous ass when she turned around. I was feeling hot even though the temperature was cool. There was just something about her that brought buried desires to the front, and I wondered if sharing an apartment with her would be a good idea. There was a reason I buried those desires, and I didn’t want them to crop up now. They were better left buried.

I turned my attention back to her when she left the kitchen area and moved to one of two closed doors and pushed it open. 

“This is your room.” 

The room had a sizable wooden bed with a double mattress, a wardrobe, and a dressing mirror. There was also a corner desk with a very nice leather swivel chair and a bookshelf. The same type of curtains that were in the living room hang from large windows overlooking the street.

“You have your own bathroom, but it’s only got a toilet and a shower. If you want a bath, you’d have to come over and use mine. And you can, of course. As long as you keep it clean. The door here opens into my bathroom, so you don’t have to go through my room. It can be locked from either side when it’s in use.”

I followed her into the bathroom, and she pushed the door on the other end to reveal another bathroom which was similar to mine but bigger to accommodate the big tub in the corner  — black and white tiling on the walls and white on the floor, beige walls, a WC, a glass shower stall, blinds, and frames of women on the walls.

To put it mildly, this apartment was a dream. Especially for the price. When we returned to the living room to sit, she smiled at me. “So what do you think? Does it work for you?”

I smiled back. “I won’t lie, for the price, it sounded like it was too good to be true, but I hoped it would be at least half as good as you said. This is way beyond my expectations.”

Linda laughed. “Honestly, I don’t need a roommate to split the cost. It’s already been paid for. I am renting part of it out because I want someone to share the chores with. And I thought it would be nice to do it this way and get some Ghanaian company too. So, are you confirming you’ll be my roommate?”

She had already mentioned the chores when we spoke on the phone, so I knew what she wanted, and it was more than reasonable. 

I grinned. “Of course, Roomie. I’d be delighted to share the chores with you.”


She held out a hand, which I grasped, ignoring the little tingle I felt at the touch.

“There’s one thing I should mention though,” she added, gazing at me intently. “I’m a lesbian. I hope that won’t be a problem for you.”

I flushed at the statement which made the things I’m pretending not to want all the more possible. 

“Um no. That won’t be a problem,” I answered quickly. 

She waited until I returned her gaze. “Are you sure it won’t make you uncomfortable? I’ll bring girls back here. And you’re also allowed to bring boys.”

“Don’t worry about it at all. What you do is your business,” I assured her.

Her lips quirked. “I think I should warn you though. Some of my girls are screamers. We will try to tone it down so that we don’t disturb you, and limit our fun to my room — unless you’re not around, of course. But some of them can’t help it.”


My brain had stopped there. I didn’t hear much of what she had said after the “girls” comment. 

She gave me a smile that threatened my composure. “I have a couple of fuck buddies that enjoy me owning them in bed. You met one of them on your way in. Norma.”

Saliva pooled in my mouth. The way she was saying it so casually made me curious about what it meant for her to own them. But I had to stifle the urge to ask for details. I didn’t want to feel anything more than I was already feeling. She was going to be my roommate. Nothing more.

“I’m sure it will be fine. I don’t mind,” I heard myself say. 

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Linda asked suddenly, her expression changing to heated speculation.

My eyes widened. Had she caught me staring?

“Um, no,” I  replied.

“Hmmm… have you ever wanted to?”

I felt blood rushing up my face and into my pussy. 

“No,” I lied. 

If my voice was a little breathless, we both ignored it.

“You’re straight?”

“Yes,” I rushed. “Not bi or anything.”

She stared at me for a few seconds before giving me an easy smile, the heated look disappearing. 

“Too bad. I think you would enjoy being owned. If you ever change your mind, the offer still stands. Just say the word.”

My mouth opened and closed dumbly. But before I could find a reaction to that arousing statement, she shrugged and continued, “But don’t worry about me making you uncomfortable, I won’t hit on you again. I just needed to get that out of the way.”

I didn’t know whether I felt relieved or disappointed that she wouldn’t press the issue. Probably a combination of both.

I smiled back. “I think we’ll get on just great.”

“So when are you moving in?”


The first month with Linda was uneventful as we got to know each other. We quickly fell into a routine of shared chores, cooking together sometimes when we were both free after classes and work, and once in a while, going out to eat pizza down the street. We got along great, and I discovered that we had the same taste in 80s music and sci-fi movies.

Sometimes I would catch her watching me, but we both pretended it didn’t happen, and I ignored the interested throbbing in my pussy when I looked at her for too long. She had this particular short butt shorts and crop top combination that always drove me wild when she wore them, and I learned to avoid her on those days.

I can do this,” I told myself firmly. I was determined to ignore her hot body and the desire I was feeling for her. And for that first month, she made it easy for me. 

Then things began to change.

Exactly a month and a day after I moved in, I got home after work to the sounds of loud moaning in the living room. 

My roommate was lying on the large sofa, and Norma was in between her thighs with her face in Linda’s snatch, slurping away. I stood there frozen for a whole minute, just staring at the scene in front of me. 

“Go deeper, baby,” she instructed the blonde girl, grinding her pussy into Norma’s face and letting out a moan when the other girl obeyed the instruction. 

Norma hadn’t heard me come in. So engrossed was she in the task of using her lips and tongue to make love to my roommate’s pussy that she didn’t hear me. 

I thought Linda hadn’t heard me either, but after another moan, she opened her eyes and looked right at me, mouthing “Sorry”.

I was mortified that she had caught me staring at them and rushed into my room, leaning behind the door with a thumping heart and a throbbing pussy. 

I had watched lesbian porn, of course, but nothing had prepared me for the sight outside my door. My hands came up to my flushed face, and I took a few breaths to calm myself down. 

Fuck, that was the hottest thing I had ever seen. The fact that I hadn’t had sex in a year wasn’t helping either.

It was as if Norma had been too eager to eat her out to undress my Roomie fully first. Linda’s clothing had been only partly undone. The top had been pulled down to reveal her beautiful full tits with pierced nipples, and the skirt part pulled up with her panties hanging down her ankles to reveal her wetness.

Recalling the image sent another gush of wetness into my panties, but I was determined to ignore the desire. 

Until I heard another moan. It was Norma this time, and girl, was she loud. Her loud moans were arousing me even further, and I wondered what Linda was doing to her. When Norma’s loud begging came clearly through my door, I lost the battle and undressed quickly, fingers finding my pussy. 

Fuck, I was so wet. I imagined what it would be like to be Norma. To be able to touch Linda with my fingers and suck on those hot-as-fuck nipple piercings.

I was surprised when I heard a moan in the room before I realized that it had come from me. When Norma began to practically scream her pleasure, my fingers flew over my pussy, simultaneously fingering my wet snatch while rubbing my clit. I was so turned on and wet that when I came, I saw stars.

I lay on the bed, sated and exhausted from all the day’s activities. I had never felt that kind of intense pleasure on my own before, and it was a revelation. My last thought before I dozed off was that I wanted to be in Norma’s place, with my head buried in Linda’s pussy and bringing her pleasure. 

I woke up hungry an hour later. After a quick shower, I pulled on my comfy shorts and University T-shirt, then ventured into the kitchen to find food, where I found Linda and Norma making out on the kitchen island. 

This time, Norma saw me first and broke off the kiss to offer me a smile. At least they were both fully clothed now.

“Oh, hello again Abby. I was told that you came back while I was errm…having dessert. Sorry about that. I just couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom. I was too hungry for this goddess here.”

Linda chuckled, and I was glad that my dark skin hid the blush I felt creeping up my neck and face. 

“Umm, it — no worries,” I stuttered, the reminder of what I had witnessed making me hot.

“I hope I didn’t disturb you after. I tend to be a little loud when I’m with this woman.”

A little?

But I just shrugged. “It’s fine. I didn’t hear anything.”

Linda gave me a look that told me that she knew I was lying, but she didn’t call me out on it. 

Norma left soon after, and I had to witness another scorching hot kiss when she said goodbye to Linda. 

I looked determinedly away, wondering how I was going to survive more of that. 

It turned out to only be the beginning of a perpetually horny hell.

The next four months with Linda were the worst torture I’d ever experienced in my life. And it wasn’t even her fault. She was the best roommate I could ask for, and we became even better friends. I learned a lot about her and her family — which consisted of her mother and older sister. I also became very acquainted with the revolving door that was her bedroom. 

To say that Linda was popular with the ladies was an understatement. Every week, there was a new girl. Some came once a week, those that sent gifts, and those that came around once a month because they lived in other cities. 

I teased her about having a harem because they were a group of regular fuck buddies who knew about each other. Some of them even came at the same time for a threesome, and one time, a foursome. I was convinced that a few, like the older redhead called Cindy, were in love with Linda. 

When I asked Linda about feelings getting mixed up in the equation, she said everyone knew the score and none of them were looking for anything permanent. So I decided to mind my business. 

But it was hard not to succumb to the invitation that sometimes shows in her eyes when she gazes at me. She never hit on me again but it was hard to ignore the open invitation when I was constantly hearing her pleasuring other women. 

After the first incident, I’d seen her three other times fucking other women in the living room. All those times were days I came home earlier than expected or planned, so I couldn’t even say that she was doing it on purpose. 

One time I came home to a screaming Cindy with her pale ass in the air as Linda fucked her from behind with a thick-dicked strap-on. Another time she and Efe were tribbing on the couch, and Efe was moaning so loudly that I was sure she could be heard down the street. Then there was the day I came home to Linda fucking both Norma and Andrea at the same time.

There was only so much I could bear. I wanted my Roomie with an intensity I didn’t think possible. She had so much raw sexual power that I couldn’t ignore or resist anymore. I was horny and wet just bringing up mental images of the times I had seen her with other women. I wanted her to touch me too. I wanted to kiss her full lips, fondle her tits and suck her nipples. I was obsessed with her nipples. I was so lustfully gone over her, and I thought that I couldn’t make it another day without experiencing the pleasure of being at her mercy. I wanted to become the screamer in her bed.

None of the harem came on Mondays, so that was the day I chose to take her up on her offer. My hands were shaking in anticipation all the while we were cooking the jollof and vegetable sauce which we ate together. If she noticed any weird behavior from me, she didn’t say anything.

After she disappeared to her room, I did the same, taking my time to shower, and apply lotion and perfume. I wanted to be clean and smell good for her. I didn’t have the courage to wear only a robe, so I dressed in my favorite pajama shorts and top and knocked on her door.

She asked me to enter, looking up curiously from her bed as I approached her. I knew why she was surprised. I had never gone into her room at night before. In fact, each time she suggested it, even innocently, I declined and made up an excuse. 

“Hi. What’s up, Abby?” she asked, her gaze giving my body a once-over, which emboldened me.

“I want to take you up on your offer,” I confessed quickly, struggling to keep my eyes away from her scantily clad luscious body.

She raised her brows, regarding me with narrowed eyes. “Are you sure?”

She didn’t ask what offer I was referring to. She knew. Had probably known when she had made the offer that I wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Yes,” I replied firmly, eyes drawn to her exposed breasts. The lingerie she was wearing was so low that her nipples were slightly peeking out. The pierced nipples that I’ve had countless dreams about licking and sucking. I licked my lips in desire at the thought. 

Damn, I wanted to touch her so badly. My hands were slightly shaking with it, and my pussy was gushing out more wetness.

“Look at me.” 

My eyes whip up at the command, liquid pooling into my vagina at the authority in her voice. 

“Do you understand what I want to do to you, Abby?”

I licked my lips. “Sex.”

She laughed. “Sex is a little too simple for what will happen if you take me up on my offer.”

I frowned in confusion. “What do you mean?”

With her eyes on mine, she lowered the strap on the lingerie slightly, making her boobs pop out fully. Her breasts were so full and beautiful, and the sight alone made me wetter. When she began to fondle them casually, I found it hard to concentrate on her words. 

“What I want to do to you, Abby, is not just sex. I’m going to teach you how to pleasure me. You’re going to suck my tits and my pussy and make me cum. And you’re going to enjoy doing it. Then I’m going to make your body sing my praises. I will know every inch of your body, touch you everywhere and make you cum with my fingers and my tongue. Then I’ll straddle you and rub your wetness against mine until you cum again. If you have more energy after that, I’m going to wear my strap-on and fuck you with my silicone dick. 

You’re going to scream my name like they all do. And by the time I’m done with you, you will get wet every time you think of me. I’ll fuck you so good that you will do anything for me to fuck you again. You will beg for the opportunity to pleasure my body. So, I ask again. Are you sure you want this?”

While she was talking, she pulled up the lingerie to expose her trimmed pussy, wetness glinting as she stroked herself. I was so horny and wet, wetter than I’ve ever been. Taking my eyes off her pussy long enough to meet her eyes, I confirm in a lust-filled voice, “Yes, I want this.”

Her grin was predatory, and her gaze promised to do dirty things to me. 


I scrambled to follow her order. She hadn’t touched me yet but I already felt owned. 

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