Near Incest

Waking up in my cousin’s bed was not how I planned to start my day but sh*t happens yo.

*Benny and I first met some 6 years ago when his father decided to match make us and made us call each other while he was away and I was in school in Ghana. You see, we are distant cousins, very distant and since his dad likes me, he keeps trying to push his favourite son and I together.

Well one thing struck me about Benny when we first met, he was smart as hell and that gets me any day. He was an over achiever, receiving royal scholarships from childhood through to the best university in the world among elite fellowships.

And me, I am extremely sapiosexual. I have an inherent weakness for the mind of a man. If a man gets me wondering what a few words he has used in conversation mean, or sits down for dinner with me discussing world poverty, politics, arts, and manages to teach me new things in that regard, my attraction antennae immediately shoots up.

With Benny, the sexual tension was bone deep. We had it brewing from the first second we spoke and it soared when we met. But we kept it in check because there was always family around and we could not afford to embarrass ourselves. Besides, he had a lady and I a man.

But last week, last week, when Benny called me up to brainstorm about his new project, and teasing me about becoming so important I had abandoned him, we decided to meet for drinks.

In my mind, I knew the hour to fuck the hell out of each other had come. It was evident, something unspoken between us but very certain. We both had been wanting this, actually, it was long coming.

Anyway, I tried all I could to avoid going to see him too soon because I had no idea what exactly it would be like after. But one night as ECG decided to mess me up and I wasn’t in any mood to head to bed yet, I gave Benny a quick call. I asked if he was home…he said he was so I literally flew till I pulled into my uncle’s garage.

I still took great length to look good-pulling on a sheer dress that had my areolas showing on close inspection, and my little knickers to cover my panties. I saw his eyes grow with excitement when I walked through the hall and into the room that is his office.

This heat between us was peaking, I walked right into his arms as he stood up and pulled me close. We could have devoured each other there and then but as the perfect gentleman he always is, he swiftly saved the situation from being sleazy. Grabbing his jacket, he asked if I wanted to go for a drink. I breathed out a barely audible yes! We drove down the road to a neighbourhood hideout and ordered drinks. We managed to talk for 2 hours or so before our bodies started inching close. I could feel his eyes on my cleavage trying to pull my bra free but he made do with occasionally holding my hand, brushing my cheek, hugging me tight and stroking my hair when we spoke about my broken engagement and his too. Just then, somebody called my name! I turned around to find a neighbourhood guy who knew both of us. He however knew us as cousins so the situation explained itself. Whew!

Drinks done, we headed home to a quiet house, crept into one of the spare bedrooms, first we listened to Kanye’s new album (Yeezus) which I hadn’t heard. Then he switched to Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing and turned to smile at me, I giggled.

Next minute his lips travelled down my neck, his hands cupping my shoulders, his sophisticated scent enveloping me smoothly…yes, this was it. This was the moment we had both craved for years. It felt natural, unforced albeit predictable. Our clothes were all over the room and we were rummaging drawers for condoms in no time. Then he slipped into me with a bit of friction, for me it had been awhile. But the beginning was awkward and not a really comfortable fit.  His dick is small, though he fit snuggly; I still wished he was bigger 😉 But after about 30 minutes, the sheer emotion was unbelievable. We fucked with need and familiarity. We were grinding against each other like we had rather our bodies burst and accommodate one another. An hour later, we were both screaming and Cumming together. Then we lay sprawled, spent and shy on the bed. He moved in and scooped me into his arms and we cuddled close falling asleep kissing.

My uncle’s voice and knock on the door woke me up; I believe he had heard I was around. I froze, quickly regained my composure and went to the door in a robe.  He said Naimah; I thought I heard your voice earlier? I said yes, but I thought you were asleep so I decided to spend the night and check on you in the morning.

Have you seen Benny he asked? I said yea, but he went out with friends…

Benny was right behind the door trying not to breathe too hard. Turned out to be a very fulfilling night!


Purple tussle

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  • Adventurers. Y’all are mighty quiet. What are you thinking?

  • Forming their thoughts yet @ M . The thing has died their eyes. lol

  • am always sceptical abt pple claiming to come together.

  • @Koo:hahaha my sentiments exactly!like soo M&B!aint nobody got time for that!

    And Purple tussle time to twist your story lines a lil:u and your partners always cum together,u getting predictable.

  • @Koo:hahaha my sentiments exactly!like soo M&B!aint nobody got time for that!(My fav term courtesy of Miss Sweety Brown,utube sensation).lol

    And Purple tussle time to twist your story lines a lil:u and your partners always cum together,u getting predictable.

  • @Abena you can be such a hater sometimes… Maybe you should write a piece for the blog so we all give you feedback.

    I’m just seeing the story for the first time today. Is it a true story? Assuming it is, In wondering what happens next between the distant cousins. Also want to know how distant is distant?

  • NanaDarkoa: would never have thought you would use such a description on a visitor on this blog.
    I mostly see it on all those gossip blogs but to see it here,totally disappointed.
    And who said I needed to write a story for feedback before I could state my opinion?
    Isn’t it a fact that most of the critiques in the creative industry in Hollywood can’t write,act or direct anything to save their life?yet their reviews are highly revered.
    I might not write but I got a brain for a good story.Go thru purple tussle’s story and see if it not exactly what I talked about,I could mention more of the similarities but I just felt going by Koo’s comment was just enough.
    Ah well,aint nobody got time for that.

    • Abena, I am not offended just mildly surprised. But like I indicated, check the links to my last two because your point was wrong. I think that is where Nana’s problem lies. You could have been more constructive. It is the only way to make a person better. With your talk of similarities, by all means point them out. It will make for a better story from me next time no? I do not believe people cum together on a normal day but does that make you conclude it never happens?

      And yea, that was actually a real night not fiction. @ NanaDarkoa.

    • @Abena – Granted, I shouldn’t have referred to you as a ‘hater’, and for that I apologise…I was irritated by your comment because in my opinion you have made disparaging comments about people’s stories a number of times, and usually your critique is around their writing and not an engagement with whatever subject the post is discussing. And for me its important to provide a safe space for people to share stories, and for all of us to converse…I recognise that calling you a ‘hater’ makes the space not as ‘safe’ for you, and hence my apology. The good thing is you ain’t got time for that anyway so…

      • Honestly, Nana D, I thought your “hater” comment came across as friendly, just a tiny bit of tweaking, didn’t seem to cross the line from safe into unsafe, but what the … do I know…? Good that you took an affirmative step to ensure that a wide band of opinion remains acceptable here. 😀

        • Thanks @Kofi, you know I value your opinions 🙂

        • way too friendly….some people dont have the remotest idea how to write anything barely readable yet always want to put the efforts of others down. its not easy pouring yourself and your bedroom secrets out here to total strangers and people need to respect that without being so darn judgemental. Now, for some decorum. Medaase

  • wow, this will be amazing paaaa o, just thinking about it is changing the weather downstairs.

  • Please ladies, let’s try to choose our words more carefully when we feel the need to criticise, don’t no abt ya’ll but there’s not enough for me to read around here anyway, we don’t want ppl to stop putting up articles cos we r being harsh on them.

  • I completely agree with Seeta. We don’t want to douse anyone’s creativity by giving them feedback that doesn’t state what ones discontent is and merely that one is discontent. Besides, the goal if Adventures is to give women a safe and comfortable space to discuss all topics surrounding sex. You never know if your criticism will discourage others from attempting to write and share. It takes guts to share these sort of intimate details.

    Speaking of guts. Ei! PT! I could never sleep with anyone even remotely related to me. You force ooo!

    • @client,

      There are some African cultures in which you are allowed to marry your cousin, eg. Morocco. When my friend was telling me this, I just saw a baby with 10 heads, 10 hands emerging from the birth canal. But eh, since it’s cultural, I don’t agree with it, but respect it.

      • Actually, for those of us reading from Ghana (or who are Ghanaians)we don’t even need to look far to Morocco. Marrying your cousin is permitted among Akans (so my grandma told me & I learnt from reading Ashanti Law & Constitution by Rattray). The rule is that you can marry your all your paternal cousins & also your cousins who are children of your uncle(s) on your mum’s side but you CAN’T marry any children of your aunt(s) on your mum’s side since your aunt’s on your mum’s side are considered as your mothers & so it’ll be incest to marry their kids.

        • Oh, what google can do for you! lol. So I found out from reading a paper by Prof. Stephen Adei found here which explains the whole cousin marriage practice among Akans. Jump straight to page 101 (of the scanned article NOT 101 on your computer) which talks about it.

        • @Publicist & Ekuba: Hei! What kind of genetics studies did ancient Akan cultures do to figure that you could marry a paternal cousin and not a maternal one? Wow.

          I believe my grandfather and grandmother were distant cousins as well. At least they had some sort of family connection. I’m going to investigate now. I suppose if one wanted to marry within their tribe and keep the gene pool “pure” they would marry a cousin. That’s what them unfortunate looking lot up in Europe did in the olden days anyways…

  • This was a very interesting read purple tussle. Is it real or creative fiction? Either way, very interesting. It’s juiiiicy. Keep up the good work.

  • Purple Tussle – I enjoyed the story. It grabbed me at the beginning, carried me through the middle and left me wanting more (in a good way) at the end *in Nana D spirit* will this be a mini-series? Please say yes.

    I also like the fact that you are dealing with an issue that is controversial in mainstream circles or in certain societies.

    I’m definitely ‘sapiosexual’ although I did not know they had a precise word for it! Personally, relations/relatives regardless of how far removed – are off limits – at least that’s my principle.

  • Uh-oh! Guess what the novella in my book ‘Africa Hot’ is about?

    PT, you do you girlie.

  • As for the marriage between distant cousins, it is quite common among all kinds of African tribes. I have attended weddings in Ghana (both Akan and Ewe), Kenya(Kikuiu) and Gambia (Fula and Mandinko) where the bride and groom had common ancestors.

    I was rather affected by the term sapiosexual 😀 Well the word is quite new to me, whilst the meaning is simple to understand.
    I just didn’t know that such a thing exists. I myself am attracted to intelligent woman and by that I don’t mean ladies that only graduate from university, but know how to discuss all kind of topics.

    Up to this date, it had not occurred to me that there are woman, who are attracted to knowledgeable men. Attraction driven by a man’s intellectual cognitive capability, imagine that….

  • I am glad everyone could relate to sapiosexuality
    Kofi Atta, can you imagine a Denzel kind of man walking up to you, getting you all excited and when he opens his mouth to speak, You realize he does not reason on an average pedestal? That is an attraction killer for me.
    Yes, I like men who are smart, sound smart, look smart and live smart. I get turned on by it even if I have never been in contact with the person.
    And as most Ghanaians have said, cousins in marriage are common. First cousins are a no go area but this cousin of mine-let me trace the relationship.
    My maternal grandmother had a younger sister who married into another village and had this guys father.
    I hope he never gets on this site because I do not want him reading me talk about his dick being little!
    Thanks Nnena, Safron, Am…
    no, not fiction but I changed the names.
    Rendezvous, specifically East Legon.
    I will update when we get together again. almost did last night but it was bad timing. I believe we both looved it!

    • Aha @Purple Tussle, now that I know its a true story I have more questions 🙂 His Dad did the initial hook up right? So you guys could date quite openly. Why don’t you?

      • Yea, we could date openly if we decide we really want each other. But this guy, same age as me, feels a bit young right?. And if we do date, the pressure would be crazy. His dad was talking to me about grand kids somewhere last month at a family party! And I have never pictured him when I think ‘husband’ But we will definitely do a few more nights while we figure where to go with it.

    • I fell really hard for a cousin once, had just come back from “outside”, many years of having only sporadic comfort with family at that level. But the level of comfort, safety, and attraction was palpable, all the cousins were lounging together on beds, couches, just one big melange of family-ness. I found that when we lay in the closest possible proximity, limbs touching, no sexual intent, other cousins around, I found a great deal of peace and groundedness in the contact. I floated the idea, and it was pretty embraced by everyone; my aunt, the family’s matriarch said “adzi tum ko adzi mu”.. (essentially, it was okay: we were the kids of male and female cousins..the Akan rules worked in our favor) Anyhow, after all that, I went back to my busy life outside, maybe I had a girlfriend in the picture, anyhow, but it didn’t happen. Today, we are really close, I mediate her conflicts with her husband, share care tips for our ageing parents, we catch up and talk on a deep level.. I think we’d have been good together, the centripetal forces would have probably been positive.. It’s all good… I recommend dating at that level if the personal chemistry is right.

  • KofiAtta, Kikuyu’s marrying cousins is news to me! I was in a relationship where the guy had to do research to make sure were were not related since our fathers came from the same village and some members of our families have the same names. That is something I’ll need to research further.

  • Ok, so, I thought this was hot.. regular people (well, as regular as super-smart gets) making sexy hot without too many convoluted plot turns.. kind of like liking french bread, good mustard, nice cold roast beef sandwiches… and a lovely Graves or St. Emilion to wash it all down….

  • I read this with mixed feeling cos I was once in this situation. We were cousin, she was sooo beautiful. We were also best friends kept pretending no feelings inside. One day we went to d pool together. I am good in swimming so was teaching her some strokes. She was scared and always on me from all angles. Be d word Jack, Induku(my south african friend will call a dick) woke up she mocked me n touched it.
    When we got home to our auntys house which we both visited(She was still single) we went straight to d bedroom and in no time, we were kissing. I striped her, went straight to spread her up and was eating d meal of life between her legs while she was moaning loud.

    Then all of a sudden I heard a voice ” Jesus, what’s Going on here”. I looked up to see my aunty n her friend.

    Dat was the beginning of another story.

  • @Kofi Ametewee – I made the request from my web company ages o but clearly I need to follow up. Will do now

  • Hmmm Nana, I have been a follower of this site for a very long time now. Tho never commented or posted but I enjoyed the stories.

    But I think it gotten to the point I have to start participating fully. Too bad am not a good writer like most poster I have seen here. The tempo of my writings are either too slow or too fast. I am more comfortable telling stories orally. But all d same, will try and share my escapades. Got many of them from incest, to older lady to 3some and also some odd sex. Will work on that soonest and post it.

  • Nana, I sent you email but no response from you. Or didn’t you get it?

  • Its a story. Sent u an email through the ad on the notification email. Is it the right one. Why don’t you mail me lemme reply with the story.

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