Nairobi: #MakeItTsunami, an invite only pole dancing party

Many years ago I thought of signing up for pole dancing classes. I thought it would be fun. Plus pole dancers always have the most amazing bodies. And then I thought, “Maybe it’ll make my sex life even better?”. But somehow my pole dancing lessons never happened…

And today I hear of #MakeItTsunami, an invite only pole dancing party happening tomorrow in Nairobi. The only challenge is that I’m in Accra now 🙁

So for my sisters in Nairobi check out the promo video for #MakeItTsunami, buy your ticket and send me a blog post on how the event went.



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  • There is nothing quite as fun or as liberating as pole dancing, I tell you what. Swinging across a pole takes you to places you’ve never dreamed!

    Sadly, I lack the upper body strength require to take ME to the top (or even the middle) of a pole, but in my mind I’m Jenyne Butterfly. You should see my mind pole dancer. She’s awesome.

    • @client,

      Oh my. You’ve got some good taste! She has great skills and even greater legs. I’ll only do pole dancing if there is a matress underneath for soft landings, as I’m sure I’ll have lots of those.

  • I only wish someone would tell me where pole dancing is taught in Ghana, my life would be a whole lot better. And imagine all I could do with it? Also a great way to workout.

  • After my first class I had a new found respect for woman who swung a pole. Arms, abs and thighs are what’s needed. I could hardly get 4 inches off the ground much less jump on the pole. Even with my limited skills I still felt confident and sexy. Needless to say I had a great time. Yes Nana if you find a class take it.

  • @Malaka, you made me go and Google Butterfly, I hadn’t even heard of her before. Chale she has skills.
    @Purple Tussle, if you find some pole dancing classes in Accra let me know 🙂
    @Jamez – You’re a good dancer. I’ve seen your skills…not on the pole but elsewhere

  • hi, where can i find pole dancing classes in nairobi kenya. appreciate the feedback

  • ….i agree we need pole dancing clases in nrb. I am willing to sponsor the event….nana send me an email

  • Hi, I would like to join pole dancing classes in Nairobi, where can I find one? Thanks

  • Pls pls pls tel me wea i can get sme pole dance classes in nairobi kenya… pls

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