‘Africa Hot: West African Tales of Sex and Love’.

Africa Hot cover art © Erotic Review Books.
Africa Hot cover art © Erotic Review Books.

God Adventurers, I am so full of love right now. Do you feel it? Do you feel my love? Do you feel me loving up on you and whatnot? Well, lie back and enjoy it because baby, I am in the moooood.

My book of erotica from ER Books has just come out today and I am so happy (hence me loving up on you lot, like mad. I swear if I just look at any one of you right now, you will so come.) Below is the blurb from the website.





by Nnenna Marcia


Set against a background of everyday life in West Africa, Nnenna Marcia’s first anthology of erotic short stories (some previously published in Erotic Review) paints an extraordinarily vivid and exciting picture of the sexual culture in that part of the world.

As well as fourteen short stories, there is a novella, In My Father’s House.  Marcia depicts West African life at every level: a young student who turns the tables on her exploitative teacher; an immature youth who seeks the comfort of a sexually experienced older woman; a nurse who takes more than just a professional interest in her patient; the relationship between a maid and her employer that develops with the tacit approval of his wife. Life on the city streets, village life, life on the wrong side of the tracks, life in affluent Nigerian society. Sometimes these different worlds collide and the results are both surprising and, from the reader’s point of view, richly rewarding. Full of dry humour and sharp observation, this collection of stories satisfies on every level. Marcia’s language is sometimes raw and earthy with a refreshing edge, enhanced by a light seasoning of of local idiom and vocabulary. Her story-telling skills are simply wonderful, drawing the reader in from the first few lines.

Available in the following formats: mobi, PDF, ePub


The novella features my lovely Ghanaian man, Richard who was the reason for much Twi-hunting by yours truly.

The excerpt below is taken from ‘King of the Yard‘ one of the short stories. It tells the story of the Lolita-esque relationship that develops between Ubong a car mechanic and Ola a secondary school girl, after he catches her urinating in his yard on her way back from school.


He watched the tiny yellow droplets clinging to the wet, wavy hair of her vulva, the way her long brown fingers delicately held the elastic of her panties away from her core and inadvertently pushed her lips closer together. He was imagining he could see the tiny spear of her clitoris, when the girl rearranged herself, snapping the elastic back in place and over his daydream. He groaned and started to dig himself out from under the car.

“Hey you!” he cried. His voice bouncing off the metal sounded terrible. The girl looked up in horror at being caught, picked up her books and began to run, pulling her pinafore down as she did so.


This next one is from ‘A Family Christmas‘ in which two recently introduced cousins find other secret ways in which to relate.


“I am older than you are so the blame will fall on me.”

“You are a man, so the blame will fall on me,” said Lucy sadly. And then he kissed her again and again, driving all thoughts from her head. His hands were sure and tender as he stripped her of her clothing. Hers were shaky as she unbuttoned his shirt. 

When he took his trousers off, his penis sprang up from the dark, coarse bush, like the stump of an old tree. He moved her deeper into the shadow of the wall so that their legs alone shone ghostly dark in the moonlight. He gave her the fleshy side of his hand to bite on as he lapped at her pussy and she came in his mouth.


I hope you all enjoy this. This has been a long time coming and I had such wonderful, stressful, beautiful time birthing it. It is out on all compatible formats Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks etcetera. My publishers are awesome. It will make it on the Amazon website next month so for now you can only purchase via ER Books.

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