Guest Contributor Grace: Why do we accept mediocre sex?

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Yesterday I was trying to set up a Facebook page for a local conversation on women and their personal sexual experiences and as I was looking for an appropriate picture for the profile, I came across very interesting pictures of African women depicting their sexuality. I was so stimulated that as I was taking a shower, I started to explore my vagina and OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!, I had the best multiple orgasm ever. It got me thinking that why do we accept mediocre sex as women when we can touch ourselves to perfection? I thought I should share this with all of us so we say a big NO!NO!NO! to pathetic sex. I also thought that this would serve as a reminder that we ought to enjoy our sex lives as women and discover ourselves more with each passing sexual experience! So happy multiple orgasmicking everyone……

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  • Oh please, I’m way ahead of you, I’m all for self-cultivation. I don’t see why my sexual satisfaction or any kind of satisfaction should depend on another.

  • I applaud women who touch themselves to perfection and know exactly what hits the spot. My only gripe is, please be comfortable sharing with the men you hook up with. Some of us are eager to please and are comfortable taking lessons.

  • co-sign 100%. I think we should all say a big NO to pathetic sex. It takes a lot of self-love & self-esteem to realize that you deserve to feel good too.

  • Our journey to sexual fulfillment comes with discovery and its sad that no matter how far ahead we may be at a personal level, there are still very many sisters and others who seek that sexual intimacy that comes with mutual satisfaction. Each time we enjoy ourselves as sexual as we can get, let us also remember that we may be amongst a few lucky ones so let’s share the journey with others so they too may grow…happy multiple orgasmicking to us all!

  • if i as a man isnt pleasing u the way you want it then be free nn tell me how you want me to do it

  • I feel more satisfied and comfortable touching myself and I get multiple organism than being intimate with another man. It’s great to be bisexual!!

  • I know this has nothing to do with the conversation (or maybe it does) but in our banners I just noticed the Sqweel 2. I’m just going to set that down and let you ladies come to your own conclusions…

  • pathetic sex is caused by lack of communication between partners. Women should feel free to share with men what really works for them, women should not assume that men know. Coz we dont,we would love to but the fact is we dont so we are depending on you women to tell us the exact pressure you want on your clit, your nipples and your lips, guide my hips so that i know the pace of the thrusts you prefer. I am willing to learn, i am willing to drive you nuts if only you show me how….

  • I am not against masturbation that will provide self gratification as a temporary fix. It is not natural for a woman to live her life sticking it to herself and feeling that she can do a better job than a man. If a woman puts up with mediocrity in bed, is because she doesn’t have control for what goes under the sheets. In fact most women stay in crappy relationship because the sex is good. So, if you stay with a crappy relationship and crappy sex,the foolishness falls on you.

    On the other side of this issue, is that we should not expect men to know everything because they don’t. If you want a good sex experience, you better move to the beat of your own drum and he will learn your movements. Take charge in bed and you will not have to play so much with yourself. My fingers are just for emergencies, give me the real thing and I will enjoy orgasmic bliss.

  • Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje

    I do agree with you Lioness, the finger should be reserved for emergency pleasuring and indeed I love sex with another person so much that it would pass for a first option. What is also critical is that as women we continue to communicate our needs and to all those wonderful brothers who shared their willingness to learn exactly what their women what, hats off to you. Wonderful insights and comments form you all and am totally loving the whole notion that communication is what is critical for an efficient and effective sexual life…I applaud that , with feet even. Lets communicate and enjoy safe, satisfying sex, we all deserve it. happy multiple orgamicking pipo…..

  • you better move to the beat of your own drum and he will learn your movements – See more at:

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