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If they had not been kissing, she would have yelled.

He slowly started maneuvering down her body. This time, he wasn’t teasing her. He took her left boob in his mouth, grabbed the right with one hand while his other hand explored her depths in search of her G-spot.

He thought her nipples were already hard but after her tongue lashing, they were standing taller, more firm. He continued his journey south. Once he reached her supercharged pussy, he attacked her clit with his mouth. He did everything from sucking to making swiping and circular motions with his tongue while still fingering her love hole. This catapulted Sally into her first orgasm of the night. Her best orgasm in as long as she could remember. All the teasing had built up and the pleasure he gave her made her pussy squirt juices onto his fingers and all over the bed. Not that they minded any of that. When she came down from her orgasm, he gently parted her pussy lips with his tongue and began eating her pussy. Each hand went up to one breast and began to pinch, rub and molest each breast. He was now fucking her pussy with his tongue, probing and flicking. Between that and the pleasure his hands were giving her tits, she erupted into her second orgasm. This time, his mouth was there to gather anything that tickled out.

”She taste real good too” he thought to himself.

Sally put her hands on the back of his head and her thighs clamped over his ears making sure he would thoroughly clean her up. Other than the grunts and the moans, they had not talked for a while.
Sally broke the silence saying barely audibly:

”That was amazing Dan”

”I totally enjoyed it too” he muttered, short of breath.

”I’m ready to be fucked now”

That was all the encouragement he needed as he quickly made for his wallet. He needed to get a condom. He always carried them. Sensing what he was stretching for, Sally held him.


That got his 8 inch rod harder and thicker than ever. If they were just fucking, he would have long gone at it but they were more than that. They were baring their souls to each other. He leaned forward and took her lips into his mouth, letting Sally taste herself on his tongue. They both knew they were ready. Sally was on her back. He gently re-positioned her so that she was in the center of the bed. He mounted her missionary position. Sally pushed her hips forward trying to get him inside her when he rubbed his penis up and down her slick entrance, teasing her. He then pushed in slowly until his hips met hers. This made Sally hold onto him for dear life as her eyes rolled in their socket and her mouth opened to suck in some air. Here they were joined together. Her pussy was wrapped around his cock.

”Wow, this feels like heaven”  was all he could think as he tool in the warmth of her raging pussy.

The room was completely silent except from their labored breathing. Dan slowly unsheathed his cock from her drenched love tunnel until the only the head was still joining them. Then he slowly inserted it again, half way in, and out, and in, and out, and in, slowly but firmly. The movement of his cock in her pussy made sloppily sounds as their bodies mashed against each other giving off a musky, sexy and sweaty aroma. They kept that up for a solid amount of time, which was somewhat impressive considering how much he wanted to pound her lover. After some time, he pulled all the way out and laid down on his back. Sally took the cue instantly and straddled him. She positioned herself above his cock and impaled herself on it. Then she slowly began the journey downhill. She then leaned her body over his and once again, they started kissing, deeper and wetter this time. Her ass continued to bounce up and down, sliding over his rigid shaft and all the way back down.
He had his hands firmly on her fleshy ass and her hands were running amuck in his medium length afro hair. He let out a moan of extreme pleasure as Sally began to do the most pleasurable thing ever- She was contracting her vaginal muscles while he was balls deep inside her. This gave him the feeling of a constricting pussy during orgasm, but she was still going. He broke the silence muttering:


She impaled herself onto him once more and then stayed completely still. Unflinching. At this point, he just couldn’t think straight. He was on the brink of orgasm but not ready yet. After a solid two minutes, she got off his still hard cock and got on all fours. Sweet. He positioned himself behind her and grabbed her ankles, yanking them out from underneath her. Now, she was flat on her stomach. He rested his cock between her butt cheeks. He then leaned up and grabbed her hair as if he was putting it in a ponytail. Holding it in one hand off to the left, he trailed kisses
across her jaw line and roughly nibbled her earlobes. She shuddered as the new pleasure surged through her, mixed with a pint of pain. He placed a kiss in the center of her neck, then placed her hair gently to the left and whispered in her right ear as if trying to hide their words from someone.

”you ready for my cock?”

”I’m so ready for your cock you handsome naughty thing, fuck me!”

That was exactly what he was planning to do. He pulled her legs a little so they were in a ”V” shape as she laid on her stomach. He placed his cock right at her entrance and forcefully inserted his cock. He continued his half cock thrusts until she started moaning. Then he knew it was time. He began to ram his 8inch member all the way into her throbbing pussy. He was a bit surprised at how tightly her pussy clawed to his cock. All of a sudden, he gave her a solid smack on the ass. Almost as if that was an ”on” button, she began another orgasm, her third for the night. Her hands flew around trying to grab onto something. His thrusting continued sending ripples through her evenly toned ass cheeks. He licked his pinky finger and shoved it up her asshole thus sending her into another explosive orgasm.
He quickly removed his cock and flipped her onto her back, back again. His cock swiftly reconnected with its new friend and he kept pounding away through her orgasm. She wrapped her legs around his back and her hands finally found a grabbing point on his upper back.

His lover was holding them close as he approached his own orgasm. After over a month since an orgasm, he could tell his load would definitely be big. Considering the last two times he got close she made him stop, he contemplated not telling her of his impending orgasm as he continued his penal onslaught of her vagina. She already had like four
orgasms so he tuned up his thrusts a notch higher and she exclaimed her pleasure to the heavens.

”Ahhhh…uuuh…Sally, I’m cumming!”

”Uumm…aaahh…no…pull out”

Too late, he was at the point of no return. His orgasm ran through his body igniting another gear as he somehow kept thrusting into her pussy. As his cock never deflated, she began her final orgasm of the night. They lay connected at the pelvis for many minutes. He was kissing her face and giving her a good after- play.
”that was the best sex I’ve ever had Dan,you really know how to please a woman, and not just with your cock, and thanks for pulling out on such notice” she rattled on trying to catch her breath. He rolled off of her and looked into her beautiful eyes

”I didn’t pull out on time”

‘What?” She reached down and cupped her pussy. She looked at her cum coated hand.

”I’m going to start ovulating tomorrow”



For a brief moment, she thought about the intimacy she just shared with young Daniel. She knew at that point, that things was never going to be the same between Frank and herself. A smile flew across her face as she realized she has finally found the missing piece of the puzzle- her sex life.

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