‘To Brazilian or not to Brazilian?’ asks Adwoa

This post was conceived during an unexpected and novel situation I found myself in yesterday. There I was, lying on my back in a public place with other people within earshot with my legs akimbo whilst an attractive female I had never met got to work servicing my vagina. No, this wasn’t my first foray into dogging, swinging or lesbian sex even. I was getting a Brazilian!

As my toes curled for the umpteenth time in response to the excruciating, unrivalled pain, I got to wondering…why would a sane woman with no masochistic tendencies put herself through such torture? I know I’m not alone in dispensing with most of my pubic hair. So, People, why do we women do it? Is it because we like things to look neat and tidy down there, because we perceive it to be more hygienic, because we perceive that our partners will appreciate it , be turned on by it, or more likely to perform oral sex if we do?

Conversely, why do others leave their pubic hair untamed as nature intended? Equally to some, that is a turn on and a reminder to partners that they’re actually having sex with a grown ass woman and not someone who’s infantalised herself to resemble a pre pubescent girl.

As a bisexual woman I have a view from two perspectives. Personally I had a Brazilian for appearances sake. Because I am going to see my lover after a long absence and wanted to look well kempt and take the same pride in my vulval appearance as I do with my more visible external appearance. That said, I’ve never asked him his opinion and rather than make assumptions, I’ll have to ask him when next we meet. From the other side, I’ve never slept with a woman who had a mass of pubic hair but I think I find well kempt hair more of a turn on and more hygienic. Personally, I’m not sure I’d really want go delving into the depths of a really overgrown bush. That said, when you really like someone all these preconceived ideas go out of the window.

So, I’m opening up the floor to you’ Adventures’ readers. What do women think? What do men think and is there an interface?

Kwaku David Photograpny
Kwaku David Photograpny


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  • So I’ve never had a Brazilian before and I’ve always wondered. I remember in the past one of my girlfriends telling me that it made sex extra amazing but I’m not one for pain and I have heard too many horror stories to make me take that final step of going for a Brazilian. And then sometimes I think of the Beauty Myth (by Naomi Klein) and then I think ‘straight men don’t put themselves through this ish’.

    But if I know I’m going to hook up I definitely get out my little scissors and do some pruning, as well as use deplilatory cream on my sides. Partly because I like that look, and also because I think its visually more attractive. A few days ago I had an unplanned hook up and the following day I looked at my bush (and yes it was a mini bush) and had a moment when I thought, “Oh, oh, this doesn’t look that appealing. Is this why he didn’t go down on me or maybe he just didn’t want to?”

    But yeah, the more Brazilian horror stories I hear the more unlikely I am to put myself through one.

    As an aside, I loved this piece. Thought it was really well written and hope to get more contributions from you

    • Screw that shit. I rock a full bush. I ultra-crop the whole thing once every three-four months because I LOATHE shedding. Once it starts to come off in the bath, I crop it. And that with a intimate lady clipper/epilator set. (I never use the epilator. I don’t have that kind of high pain threshold/time)

      I use veet on my armpits, but not too frequently, biko.

      Before I got married I used to shave the entire thing off paa. It gave me such dry skin that spreading my legs used to make my skin SPLIT on the insides of my thighs – the juncture of pussy and thigh. Not pleasant.

      Men don’t go through this bollocks so why should we? I remember one guy telling me he liked a woman with no hair. I told him it wasn’t a woman he liked. It was a girl.

      Let us not allow the nonsense men watch in porn to rule our lives. A lot of the time, the reason for that has nothing to do with aesthetics or hygiene but more to do with their CINEMATOGRAPHY. They need the camera to see everything clearly.

      I will however concede that unless you’re some sort of hair fetishist or pubephiliac (a type of trichophilia), licking hair is not very pleasant. Neither is ending up with it in between your teeth. (I should know. This is a post for….NEVER. 😀 )

      In conclusion, croppage is good, a pair of lady-part clippers is the tool and shave in one direction so that the hair that are left lay down flat. Also with clippers, you don’t get the itch that comes with hair growing back and you don’t over trim so that the hair remains soft.

      NO to WAXING. I tried that shit once. I waited a whole month for the skin to grow back properly.

      One day I will tell this story too.

      • @ Nnenna: the men are not spared o! i refuse to suck hairy balls or those penises with hair underneath them that smell like used socks. It’s actually one thing that I give a big up to our Ghanaian/ African men at least those who grew up on the motherland as compared to white guys & black guys in the west. I feel like at least, most Ghanaian men I know groom themselves very well & keep that place shaved. There’s nothing that wants me to suck a dick than seeing clean shaved balls, that have been washed with a lightly scented soap & powdered. Agyeeei! then you know it’s definitely going down….

      • Nnenna Rocks! Just as a general rule..

        Anyhow, esthetics aside, (and I love bush, texture, mystery, variety), pubic hair has a health and safety aspect to it… there is literature on it that I should dig up and post here..

        As a guy, once or twice a year, I will wield a clipper and do a light trim.. never around the balls, too risky, not a good idea to do a self-vasectomy.. Only advantage is that you look like you have more of a penis… 😀

        Let a thousand bushes flourish…

    • Article contains a blurb about the usefulness of pubic hair and other nuggets about vaginas..


  • I just think you can keep your pubic hair as long as you want when your in winter wonderland – read Europe etc. However, in the heat of Lagos, a funky punani is not worth the drama. So it’s easier to avoid un-necessary smells in that region by keeping your pubic hairs nice and trim. Using a scissors, hair removing cream, getting a Brazillian done etc.

    Next time, take codamol 30 mins before you have it done and you will not feel that pain.

  • I’ve had a few Brazilian waxes – they hurt like hell but they last so much longer that shaving (ugh 5’oclock shadow when it’s growing back) or using nair so I keep on going back.

    There’s the high bikini/bikini tidy waxing option which I use more often which keeps the edges tidy. For those who do want to try, just make sure they use the hard wax (much more sanitary) and marginally less painful than wax strips. I’m hoping local anesthesia becomes a thing for waxes though, the results makes the pain worth it for my overly hairy self!

  • Eh, why is it saying published by me? I’m so confused.

    Beauty is pain or so they so, but at what cost? Forget it.

    • @AM: Because the adventurers website is so hungry for you to write an article! When is that going to happen? 🙂

      I shave down there & also use a cream but have never done a Brazilian. I’m also bisexual & as much as I enjoy eating other women out, I’m sorry but I’m not going to put my mouth on your pussy if there’s even a strip of hair near it. And so, knowing this, I make sure that I myself always keep my private area totally bald all the time.

      It also makes sex feel better for me when I have no hair on my pussy. Sex of any kind (penis in vagina, oral sex, being fingered etc) feels divine because my pussy is exposed & i can feel all sensations times 10!

    • Sorry o A.M., butter fingers on my part. Fixed now 🙂 And yes I agree with Ekuba, it’s been too long since we read any of your pieces…

  • Well bushes give me a weird vibe and i frankly dint think it’s sexy. Pubes should be trimmed to the barest minimum or waxed if that’s what ur into..i personally shave and use depilatory creams to keep my coochie happy…lol

  • Wow so nobody is into bushes? I’m kinda surprised.
    I also think if you’re washing regularly then having a bush is not such a bad thing. I can’t help but feel we’ve been more than a tad socially conditioned to think waxing, and a per-pubescent looking vagina is the way to go

    • lol, I think it’s because a lot of us are into oral sex that we don’t like the bush thing. First of all, even when you wash the bush, it always manages to trap some scent & sweat & maybe one or two things lol (unless you’re like just stepping out of the shower & then the bush tends to be soppy & wet eew! lol). And then seriously, who wants to be sucking up bits of hair when going down? it’s a bit unromantic don’t you think?

    • Exactly! I already replied before seeing the rest of the comments but EXACTLY girl.

    • Nana and Nnenna.. let me say it once again.. I’m a bush man!!!! I have no issue with aromas.. in fact, I love tangy aromas.. Sex should smell like sex, not some “perfume” advertiser’s wet dream…

      In fact, when I’m down in the dumps, hairy women sites on Tumblr are often inspirational….

      The bush is a magical place to go to…

      • @ Kofi, Nnenna and Nana: ok it’s official! The 3 of you are the executives of the newly minted ‘International Association to eradicate De-Afforestation & Protect Bushes of International Significance’ Now who is the President, and who is the Vice President & who is the Secretary? lol

      • You are cracking me up Kofi. Hairy women sites exist? Lol, of course they must do. The internet is a wonderful place.

      • i just went “eeewww” with a laugh at the ‘tangy aroma’ bit 🙂

  • I’m with the well-trimmed bush camp. I mostly keep a neat low crop, though sometimes I’ve razed the whole lot off just for a new look. My boyfriend first went down on me during one of those hairless episodes. Subsequently he’s also had to stop for a few minutes while a coughing fit assailed him because one of the little buggers got stuck in his throat during a hairy episode. There’s a running joke that my crotch is full of surprises. At least we have a laugh about it 😉

  • Ekuba, think about how things used to be. You meet someone, a woman. You wined and dined them. You took your time. You held hands. When you finally kissed them, you wrote poetry on the one tongueless kiss, it exploded all around you.

    Then came sex after the 10th date(/and or marriage! Haha!) You kissed them. They quivered. You touched them. They sighed. You sucked their nipples and they mewled in pleasure.

    And when you finally, FINALLY went down on them there was that bush, glistening with juices. You took your time, parting it, blowing on it, pushing though doggedly. You were an adventurer. Indiana Jones. Alan Quatermain. And then, you found it. Your pink pearl, juddering with life and warmth and pulsating, quivering with need. It was yours. You had earned it and as you lowered your slavering tongue to it, you felt worthy.

    Compare that to no bush. Where is the romance? Along with ‘All I want is your waist, your waist’ people are not having to work for it any more.

    It’s all “Open your legs, nice pussy, slurp, slurp, thanks girl.”

    Nxlllaaa! Give me the former any day.

    • @ Nnenna: lol, expedition to the bush hahahahaha! or should i say the forbidden forest? lol. ok o, i’ll learn to appreciate the bushy bush ok?

      @ Nana Darkoa: do you don’t mind your partners having a bush down there? will you still go down on someone who’s extra hairy? like do you appreciate a bush between someone’s legs when you’re having sex with them or it’s not a big deal?

  • Its funny that i should read about this today of all days lol had me laughing sooo hard cause i just shaved last Wednesday and i feel weird. I usually just trim with a scissor but i have afrikan hair and it is coarse, it also gets caught on my lace undies giving me ingrown hair that are einaa(sore in afrikaans). so i decided on Wednesday that i am gonna shave it all off and so i did.
    yesterday i made love with my man for the first time with a shaved punani and man did he love or what. he went down on me in a way that he never did before and the sensation i got when my naked skin rubbed against his (he always shaves) was amazing. i don’t know what a Brazilian feels like but i would never wax did it once on my legs and i never got to finish lol. so to shave or not to shave……….. ive got to words SHAVE IT.

  • Oh! AM! Way to call me and N out. Lol!

    Interestingly enough, I was just talking to a co-worker about waxing. We were talking about our grey hairs and I mentioned I found one grey hair while inspecting Punaniville. I was mortified. She said she did it for the first time when she travelled to the islands for her birthday and that it hurt like a mitch, but it was SOOO worth it… Until the hair started growing back.
    Not for the kid. I try to keep mine all nice and trimmed up, but seeing I’m in my fourth trimester of pregnancy, I sometimes miss a few spots. Can’t see ’em.

  • LOL at these comments! U adventures women sound too good to be true, I need friends like you with “hair in teeth” situation sha!
    I personally trim, my boyfriend doesn’t like the bald look and neither do I so yay me. It’s never been an issue with oral sex! I don’t think I’d even let him go bald down there to be honest its almost the equivalent of shaving his beard in my opinion lol Anyway great post, keep em coming!

  • @Ekuba. Somehow the thought of powdered balls scares me. Clumps of stuff in my mouth. Give me hair anyday.

    Got my 1st full Brazilian 3weeks ago. Why? I was in Brazil, a friend said let’s go and the thought of getting rid of my grey was a good thing. The pain o. Not good and I have a decent pain tolorence So bad that I left one if my inner lips undone. Now while I think puss looks very strange (I was a bush woman like you Nnenna), I like the way she feels. Breeze a blow & my hands are in my pants. I’m going back. But I refuse to shave my legs. Fuck that!

    • Ha! Jamez, well since you were in Brazil I can see how you got tempted to do a Brazilian. Cracking up at the image of one completely bare free inner lip, and a bushy other 🙂 Hhehehe. I’m also with you on not shaving my legs. I remember one of my buddies in college trying to persuade me to join her in shaving her legs – I am so glad I didn’t.

    • o no!!! @Jamez so the powdered thing is only my fetish? say it aint so! please if you’re reading this ad you have powderedvulvaphilia or powderedballsphilia, comment so i don’t feel like the only freak wai? (but please those with powderedvajphilia stay far away from me! that shit is not even healthy or so some doctor told me). lol though about one lip mustached while the other was shaved. i dont think i’ll ‘Brazillian’ after reading your post Jamez.

      • Ekuba — I love the scent of powder but the thought of licking and sucking it – not so much. Scrotum washed in a lightly scented soap, fine. Powdered? No. I prefer to bring my own ‘organic’ ingredients and he can keep the powder on the shelf.

  • I’m team shave yo legs, especially in the summer. Hairy legs on women in my opinion are not sexy. Now before you start protesting my comment, make sure to read out loud of it being MY opinion not the gospel truth.

  • Brazilian phew! While on the table, it feels like a torture method invented by the CIA for gitmo detainees. I don’t mind the wax being applied to the skin. It’s a warm (fuzzy) sensation (although this might have something to do with the fact that when I was much younger and we’d have power outages and candles lit all over the house, my siblings and I would find a spot safely away from our mother’s presence and then we’d dare each other to drip candle wax on our palms and arms to see who had the lowest pain threshold).

    I don’t mind the application of the wax but when the strip and hair are pulled, mother of mercy! Even though logic dictates otherwise, I always swear my epidermis is tossed away with the wax strip! I think the first time I had a wax, I requested a bit! It feels like an application of fire and electricity all at once – the nerve endings do not tingle they sizzle! A brazilian wax session always re-reminds (yes re-reminds) me that I have tons of nerve endings down there especially on the mound!

    Anyhoo. When it’s all done, I love the smoothness, texture and no hair. Sorry to the bush loving buddies, I enjoy myself more when I don’t feel like someone needs a map and a campus down under.

  • Not to Brazilian.
    I liken the hairs to grass that protects the soil from erosion.
    Mine grows like carpet grass (allow me to brag!) not jungle foliage so I really don’t have much motivation to mown/prune.
    That’s enough vegetation metaphors for one night!
    Besides, I like having them nuzzled.

  • I know i’m late on this thread but, i did try waxing once and ended up with the one hairy side situation because i couldn’t bear the pain and my room-mate wouldn’t stop laughing. this post has actually inspired me to give it a second try…i actually love the bare skin and it makes me extremely hornier. whilst on the issue of bushes, waxes and completely bald punanis…does anyone shave and leave a landing strip down the middle? Kinda like a wax leaves you with but only this time you shave both sides instead of waxing? My ex-bf used to call it “pussy mohawk” *giggle* and he would beg me not to just shave the whole thing off.

  • I’m late to this thread as well. I had it bookmarked when it came out with the intention of leaving a comment but never got round to it until now.

    Sometimes I feel like an outlier because I *love* waxing. I even wax my pubic hair myself, yeah my friends wonder if I’m a masochist too but I’m not comfortable having someone else do the Brazilian wax for me. And I’ve read and heard horror stories involving the Brazilian wax, I know no one will be as careful about waxing my privates as I am. I make a sugar wax at home and use it on myself. Someone above mentioned taking pain killers before waxing and I agree. Taking them dulls the pain to the point where I don’t really feel pain when I wax my privates any more. But then again the sugar wax is less painful apparently.

    Since I hit puberty I’ve suffered from itchy privates, but when there’s no/less hair down there the itchiness goes away. I wax because I absolutely love the feel of it and I really enjoy getting oral sex when I’m waxed as opposed to when I’m shaved (I shave with an electric razor when I’m too lazy to wax myself, I would never put shaving cream near my precious I did it once and was in pain for days).

    As a woman-loving-woman, I don’t insist that my partners are waxed like me. Really in Nigeria most women, at least the ones I know, don’t wax but shave or trim which is something I’m okay with. Although I haven’t enjoyed tribbing with someone who trims/shaves because it irritates my waxed pussy.

    Another thing, it took a while to admit to enjoying waxing. Especially after reading those feminist opinion pieces on how women waxing their pubes are imitating prepubescent girls. I’m more confident now in dismissing that at least as it applies to me, I’ve done a bit of research *ahem*. If in the history of Europe and the West women kept things hairy, it doesn’t mean the same happened in other parts of the world. In fact the reverse may be the case for some of us, in the few photos of nude women from the West African past I’ve come across, something that stands out is how these women were relatively hairless on their bodies. Here’s one example and another. Personally, I’ve gone to a “traditional” Hausa spa to get a whole body wax. I also remember as a pre-teen being at a friend’s house while her mother was getting a full body wax and being chased out of the room when it was time for the bikini wax. My theory is that the West borrowed hair removal and waxing, possibly from Arabs but who knows, and late at that which is why it’s only getting popular in their part of the world in relatively recent times.

  • Lol @Tomi, I’ve just tried to visualise a woman waxing herself and it still seems ouch worthy to me 🙂 Plus I’m stuck on how do you not end up dropping some wax accidentally on your clit? *double ouch* I hear you though…this works for you. I don’t think it necessarily means you’re a masochist, and so what if you are 🙂

    Hmm I checked out those links you shared. Those girls look pretty pre pubescent to me. What do others think?

  • What a wonderful find this page is!
    Well, I much prefer a woman shaved – or well groomed. I love going down on a woman but I don’t like getting so much hair caught in my teeth that I could stuff a pillow.

    Actually, I never experienced a shaved clam before I came to Ghana. But, my beloved woman friends, don’t put yourself through hell to get the clean feel and look.

    Waxing??!! Why?

    If you shave, great! If not, trim short if you feel you must. Someone mentioned that their skin gets dry from shaving….what happened to good old fashioned shea butter for an ailment such as this?
    You don’t feel like shaving yourself? I will do it for you! I loved shaving my former’s pride for her…cleaning it off….oiling her up, then……

    She used to weed around the trunk of my tree…..it is such wonderful erotic dance before love making.

    I’m very grateful I found this page!

    • We’re grateful you found this page too. I think the idea of couples giving each other a trim/shave etc is a great idea. One guy I dated wanted to give me a trim 🙂 Sadly the relationship did not last that long and we never ticked that check box

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