‘Good loving over the lights of Lagos’ by Guest Contributor Vortex

You are lying over me, we are connected as you are deeply inside and you are looking not just at me but into me. The mental connection is not all together unexpected but still takes me a little by surprise, how is it I feel so comfortable with you? As we lean towards each other to kiss, eyes still fixed on each other you fill me and I gasp into your mouth at the sheer deliciousness of the sensation.

It was supposed to be an experiment in self discipline and platonic relationship forming. Besides it shouldn’t be hard not to sleep with him. While he had a body to die for and a penis that would make any old English anthropologist wet themselves at having witnessed a real Mandingo, we didn’t seem to be that compatible, at least not physically.

Mentally, on the other hand, we could talk, tease and bounce ideas like nobody’s business and that is what kept drawing me back to him. That is what had made me go against my (sort of) straitlaced cautious gut and say yes when he invited me to hop a plane and come to Lagos. And here we are me at his door, us eyeing each other wondering how to greet – he settles on a fabulous consuming hug that makes me feel…good.

All starts off, as it should, we talk, I eat, we drink I put on his big and baggy pyjamas NO SEXINESS going on here. Now, some people like flowers, or their ear nibbled, maybe some explicit pictures of the still or moving variety, all of the above are good. However, to get me, to really get me, just stimulate my mind. Let’s have a conversation that is new, exciting and probing, oh man I’m getting affected just thinking about it. I don’t need to tell you that that is exactly what happened.

Between the drink and the conversation I was feeling mellow, soft and stimulated, at this point he got up to go and do something so I wondered outside on to the balcony on the 9th or so floor. The view of Lagos was amazing, still and quiet as though just a few hours ago it wasn’t a buzzing, thriving crazy mass of people and activity.

I reflected on our conversation, I hadn’t had sex of any kind for seven months. I had decided I would try and make this last a year because I wanted something lasting, meaningful and permanent. Our conversation had been exploring where do our ideas of our own sexuality come from, I slumped into one of the chairs positioned out on the balcony and pondered these things.

The door into the living room shut and the balcony door slid open, I vaguely glanced over at him smiled and turned back to the view. ‘Stand on the chair’ he said I turned back to him with an expression of ‘what?’ on my face ‘Stand. On. The. Chair’ So a little bemused I got up and stood on the chair. Now this is a guy who refused to go down on a woman when we first met and this reluctance was part of the reason I hadn’t needed our casual episodes to get a new season, but something had changed.He came over to the chair and undid his pyjamas I was wearing and I watched them drop, he then parted my legs and my eyes widened as his mouth enclosed the lips of my pussy. I gasped and my head fell back, he was good oh he was really fucking good. I had one hand on his shoulder to steady myself and my eyes were glued on the amazing view of Lagos as this unexpectedly beautifully surreal moment unfolded. As he licked and explored me with his tongue, massaged my outer lips with his mouth I felt the pressure building, my senses were all on edge and my breathing was getting heavier and heavier. In between gasps I would murmur his name, he was so intent on what he was doing, everything about him his enthusiasm, his actions, his stroking, fingering, massaging hands all exemplified his enjoyment and focus on eating me out good. Shit it was hot. Fucking hot.
Then it started to happen the pressure was building, my muscles started shaking and I could feel my heart increasing its rate. Sounds were escaping my mouth and I just wanted to be touched everywhere, he didn’t let up and then literally it felt like I was flying, like my body was hurtling out over the balcony and becoming one with the colours and shades that made up the night sky. My legs gave way as I came with a shout/ scream and collapsed into a huddled ball of sensation on the chair shaking and coming and coming and coming. Wave after wave of feeling, it was incredible.

I guess abstinence isn’t for me because after that amazing high I hadn’t felt so good for a long time, I felt like I had found a part of myself that was missing. After, when we had moved to the bedroom and spent hours exploring and connecting with each other I lay there wrapped in and around him and thought with a smile about his lips, the loving and the lights over Lagos.

Photography by Kwaku David
Photography by Kwaku David

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  • Hmmm, so much 4 not wanting 2 go down on a woman. It appears he later became a Pro @ eating. Lol *winks* nice piece NaNa. Been reading this blog 4 a while, just felt I should leave a comment 2day. Enjoying a blog and not dropping comments makes me feel like those guys who like to f**k pussy with their dicks but insist they can’t eat it with thr mouths. Lol

  • Okay is it just me who kept thinking “What if she falls off the balcony?” *hides face* .. great post Nana, as usual 🙂

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