Pubic Hair: To wax or not to wax…

Just saw a Gillette video which demonstrates how men should shave their balls and it got me thinking about my own relationship with pubic hair. Seriously, it’s constantly (okay, maybe not that constantly) on my mind. At the moment I favour trimming my pubes with scissors and a small comb (I have locs so if you see a comb on my dresser you know what it’s used for. I keep having to tell people, erm you may not want to use that comb…) followed by an application of Veet for the bikini line. I do not feel like it is the best “hair-reducing” solution though…

I remember a friend was chatting to a potential “buddy” and one of the things the potential buddy wanted to know was if it was a “jungle” or “brazilian” down there, when she replied that it was a jungle he was disinterested…

I think hair gets in the way of good oral sex but I cannot put myself through the pain of a Brazilian. My fear of Brazilians was reinforced last week when I visited a salon with a friend. I had my eyebrows threaded whilst she had her eyebrows threaded AND a Brazilian Wax. She was in the inner sanctum (where the Brazilian waxing is done) for 45 minutes. Even though she was a regular at that particular salon, she had never had a Brazilian there before. When she emerged she advised me to wait until I travel abroad for my Brazilian.

Apart from the pain the other thing that gets to me is opening up my genitalia to some random stranger…who has no intention of giving me pleasure.

What are your thoughts people? To wax or not to wax? What’s your preference? Jungle? Brazilian, Trim and short on the sides? What have been your hair-experiences? Oh and this so applies to men too…

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  • haha brazilian!!!
    i heard its realllllly painful!!!
    oh well if i was a guy am sure i wud prefer a … clean one
    to a jungle

  • Here's my vote for a jungle. Some of us prefer your lady garden as it is.

  • So you're in effect saying without a brazilian oral sex ain't worth it?

    I find airstrips work well enough for me..

    But then I doubt men are actually that picky..

  • I had a brazilian once. It was the most panful thing I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve gone through an ectopic, SO, the pain was INTENSE.
    I had to have my girlfriend, hold my hand whilst the esthetician cheered on ‘come on, almost there, one more..’ It was ridiculous, when I was done, I was grateful to Jesus I came out alive.
    Also, they can burn you if it’s not at good temperature.. so be careful.
    My sister told me there’s a cream that numbs you before you get it done. BUT, my gf tried it and said it helped a bit, but didn’t allievate the pain.

    So, I shave. I know it’s not th best option when you shave frequently as your skin can get irritated, but it beats the waxing.

  • I'm a jungle queen!

    I'm seeing this guy who's asked me about my preference. Now I don't know what to say.

  • hey…can you please change the rss settings? it only downloads a portion of the post, which means i’d have to come here to finish reading.

    i mostly read at work, so thats a no-no. help!

  • ND, ditto on the scissors and comb strategy, keeps everything short and neat but not uncomfortably itchy (which sometimes happens with shaving). it’s also true that oral sex is easier for the giver (and perhaps more pleasurable for the receiver) the less ‘interference’ there is 🙂 no brazilian waxes for me and so far no one has complained…

  • I’ve never had a Brazilian/hollywood and to be frank the idea terrifies me! When I do wax I always have either a standard bikini wax or leave an air strip anything else frightens me!

    What hair is left is kept clipped, scissors and cob works well 4 me 🙂 Although one guy did ask why I didn’t do a Brazilian, with the incentive for me that he’ll much prefer to give me head that way….my reaction was, if you don’t like it tough! I can get me some elsewhere 😛

  • I usually have a hollywood once every 5 weeks or so. Having too much hair on my pussy feels weird to me now and I just generally prefer to be naked down there. It just feels better IMHO. It hurts but what doesn’t?! And the pain is definitely bearable especially after a few times.

  • @Sweetness – So as a woman what do you prefer?

    @Anon – Thank you! It is nice to know that some people like the “natural” look

    @RocNaija – No, no, no, not saying that at all but re-reading my post I can see that I wasn’t very clear. I’m just saying that personally if I was giving someone oral sex too much hair would be a disincentive…you then have to keep spitting out hair!

    @Nana – You have convinced me NOT to have a Brazilian ever!

    @Maame, the Jungle Queen – Ei, why is he asking? Is he like my friend’s potential buddy?

    @Test – It’s done! Happy Reading. Thanks for the feedback.

    @Shane – Glad I’ve got company on the comb and scissors routine. Lol at no one complaining. So True.

    @Nsoromma – Is a Hollywood the same as a Brazilian? Lol, I like your attitude

    @Sankofa – Hmm, as you can tell the majority of us still have to be convinced. Thanks for providing the alternate view

  • ohh lordddd what a question.

    I’m in a relationship of over a year and my partner loves a bared naked Vajayjay….however I prefer a bit of hair on it….i mean if there was meant to be no hair on it I’d still be 8 right?

    I steered cleared of waxing down there until last year….had a basic bikini done first and then on another occasion a brazilian….hurt like heck (I had to laugh to keep from crying) but was nice for a while…but remember a brazilian isn’t as bare as a HOLLYWOOD…that’s EVERYTHING down there off….havent done that & don’t intend to.

    I do recall an ex who loved my jungle (i have true rainforest down that…..think the Amazon has set up camp if I don’t tend to it)..wanted me to grow it ALL out…usually I use my Veet or Nair but he wanted it all…lol…made a change and actually it was nice. overall it s does get tiresome with some partners stating their preference…if they had to go through it all the time they wouldn’t be so quick to comment.

    But my preference is a tidy area with hair and shape…

  • please don’t shave it!

    and please don’t wax it.

    just keep it all forestry!

    we could make it into a corn-roll, braids, dreadlocks, we could even have an afro!

    pausing to spit out an oral strand of hair must be one damn sensual break. it’s not absolutely true that hair interferes here. just be a lil creative and see. a lil and don’t let the hair be the one to blame for your lack of creativity!

    love hair here there and everywhere!

  • @ Nana – I was just informed a Brazilian leaves a strip and a hollywood is bare naked! In which case I think a Brazilian is as far as I may go…

  • @Lady ShaLa09 – I know its not funny (okay it is), couldn’t help laughing at the image of you laughing to stop yourself from crying during thd brazilian.

    @Novisi – Wow your comment was almost “poetic”…one for the “forestry” look then

    @Nsoromma – Thanks for clarifying. I might try a bikini line wax one of these days but I am not feeling encouraged to try the brazilian or hollywood AT ALL

  • It’s not unbearable. Honestly it hurts like hell the first time only. That’s only cuz there’s so much to take off. But if you do it monthly there’ll be less hair anyway so it takes less time and after like three times no pain.

  • Ladies, Ladies, ladies. We guys like to see what we are eating. Normarly no razor bumps,preferable no grey hairs and definetly no prickly hair. Hollywood can be a bit disconcerting at times and should be left in my opinion to the ladies with a nice puffy mount venus between their legs. if you are on the slim side don’t go there, it looks a bit under 16, stick with a slight growth to enhance the features, do tricks like Brazillian or the crossbow. If you ladies think a brazilialis a nightmare, watch your man trying to shave his balls. I he usses the scissors he risks a castration, if he uses the shaving stick he could end up with shaving a swathe of skin too and evenwhen heuses the clippers there is the risk that he could clip through an artery at the base where the scrotum and the dick meet. Many a young man bear scars from their first attempt at shaving their balls. Oh by the way in case you were wondering how we get through all the folds and creases, we normarly have to stretch the scrotum like the skin on an african drumwhich means one false move and you can have a cut going right through.. So you see next time some selfish male asks you to go hollywood tell himwhat a turn on it will be for you too if you coud watch him shave. Trust me hewont ask you again and if he did shave for you to see you will have a memory worth sharing with your mates if things didn’t workout between you and the guy.

    PS: do ladies haveany anal hair? never met any lady with anal hair.

  • @ nevermind (no balls) – everyone has anal hair (admittedly to varying degrees); i think us girls just make sure to take care of it, after all the thought of bending over only to present your partner with an ass-full of hair is far from pleasing… might also discourage the braver souls who would like to partake orally…

  • Wax eloquently, if you must wax at all.

  • @Kofi – such delightful wit!

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