‘Mr Nice Guy’ by Guest Contributor Grace

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I retreated to the gym as the health conscious person I try to be. After my run on the treadmill, I realized that it would be important to do some arm workout. Ooops, the weights were too light and the very same guy who had asked me how to operate his treadmill, offered to help right away. Honestly, I was quite moved by his sweetness, what a kind soul he was, such a gentleman! Having completed my hour-long session, I desperately needed to shower and start my day. I did just that. Feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day, I ran downstairs for my breakfast. As I sat to have my cereal, Mr. Nice Guy waved and we eventually sat down to breakfast together as we had been in the breakfast room at the hotel exactly the same time. Humorous, intelligent, business astute and stimulatingly fun Na turned out to be. By the end of breakfast, we had booked each other for dinner the following day.


Prawns have always been amongst one of my seafood top list. I loved the dinner and the wonderful conversation plus the well-lit atmosphere just set a great mood for a connection that would be difficult to forget. We finished dinner and continued to talk about our lives and the very many possibilities we looked forward to as we maneuvered through our different life paths. Eventually we said our goodbyes and he left me to sleep and rest for the night. However, I felt so lonely after he left and right then I decided to call him because something he had done to my ear during the “good night exchange moment” left me curious and wondering what else could be hidden in this heartfelt Na’s intimate closet. I quickly changed back to my dress when he invited me over and ran to explore some intimate moments with Na and before we knew it, our playful chatter had led to my tripping and Na lying on top of me with his hands over my body and supporting his weight as I lay right below his face. That intense 30 second pause in life where both of us were thinking whether to call it a night or kiss made the atmosphere more electric than I anticipated.


As the moment seemed to freeze with me lying there on the bed somewhat expectant of what was to follow, my mind was racing and my heart pulsating. Oh my, his lips were just soooooo amazing, the kisses so gentle, soft and leaving me desiring more. Damn, it was very wise I followed him.  I took his face between my palms, looked into his eyeys, and kissed him deepely, passionately yet gently. I could feel my vagina oozing with sexual juices as I was readying myself for the grand entrance. However, I was so loving the kisising, touching and caressing I did not want to lose on that by jumping to fulfilling my vaginal senses. We continued to caress and touch… I slid my hand down his manhood and could feel his shaft throbbing with desire, I caressed him deeper, still along the perineum and felt his balls harden and make a gentle upward movement. I started kissing him along his neck line, alternating sucking, licking and butterfly kisses…I swear he whispered something but I was just too drowned by the moment to listen. All I knew was that he was enjoying me, I was enjoying him, and there was nothing that seemed to exist in the world but us. He slid me to the side, started kissing my neckline, lips, and slipped his hand into my pants. Ooooh, sweetness, he did something with his fingers and rested on my clit, messaging it gently and alternating fast and slow rhythmic movements…before I knew it, I was screaming out his name and….damn this felt so goooood, absolutely loved the skill and exploration of my body. I could hear him asking me if I liked it, liked it? I was going insane with such a beautiful hand job…well, am glad I followed and hold the moment dear up to today. Can’t wait to see Na again…maybe this time he will be able to explore his other side of sexuality where he can climax through partner masturbation. Until then, let me drown in the wonderful memories of this great moment we shared!

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  • ok now that made me extreeeeemely horny! whoosh. Good for you grace; you found a man whose good with his fingers…if his dick and tongue get tired, at least you have back up!

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