Ekuba Finally Outed ????!!!!!!!

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Hi guys, I have missed you all sooo much and I can’t wait to share with you all the sexciting things that have happened to me since I last blogged 🙂 Last night, I was delighted to discover that I have been nominated for the Ghana Social Media Awards and I am in the Best Female Blogger Category! I am so excited and wanted to personally write and ask you all to pleaaaase vote for me. Click here to vote.

I started blogging for Adventures two years ago. I can still remember how my heart raced with excitement, sprinkled with nervousness, when the first blog post I had ever written (in my entire life) was published online. At that time, I had no idea that I would become so comfortable with all of you that I would tell you things that I had never told anybody or even admitted to myself. I had no idea that my heart would break because I would blog about being molested and then read comments showing that several of you had gone through the same thing or even worse. I had no idea that through this blog, I would connect with so many people, make friends and meet the Love of my life. I am so grateful for how you have supported me. I will never forget how several of you emailed me to comfort me after I was bereaved and for the touching words you wrote when I blogged about being hospitalized for attempted suicide.

I would really love to win this award. It would mean sooo much to me and encourage me to keep blogging about the challenges, joys and fears that African women face in our relationships and sex lives.  After I discovered that I had been nominated, I started fantasizing about winning the award… I imagined picking up the award myself; thus, disclosing my identity and how freeing that would be! For the past year, I have been contemplating revealing who ‘Ekuba’ is and I have been doing it bit by bit. I started by revealing my voice on the first Adventures Google hangout. Then I continued by revealing to a handful of friends that I blog at Adventures-one step at a time! However, I am also very mindful of the consequences of outing myself. Yesterday, a friend, whose whose advice I really cherish, advised me to be cautious about revealing my identity because my career is conservative & also because of the wave of homophobia sweeping across Africa. As I type this, I have no idea whether I’m going to reveal my identity or not.

Please go vote for me & then tell me in the comments section whether you think I should out myself or not.

LOVE you all!

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  • Ha. You know my views already. Whatever you decide to do, you’ve got my backing. Much love x

  • Follow your gut in regards to your revelation.

  • You could always do like Anas and come in a hijab! I’m so proud and honored that you have been nominated. I WANT YOU TO WIN! It would be such a big win for us all. Sisters (and brothers) please vote for Ekuba! Her series has been a blessing to us on Adventures! 🙂

    • Lol @ Malaka sounds like a good idea! Thank you and I’m so very proud of you for the fabulous work you’ve been doing at your blog (you know I’ve been commenting there every now and then!) Best of luck with the awards and everything and thank you so much for always being supportive although I’ve never met you (including your kind words about my grandma), Lots of Love

      • Me, I’m campaigning for you to win. I am firmly team Ekuba. But next year we are going head to head! Hahaa!!

        • lol @ Malaka: eisshh, head to head paa! Lol. As interesting as this world I won’t be shocked that you’ll win the award while you’re campaign manager for team Ekuba! Especially considering all the interting blog posts you’ve written this year. But I’m still begging people for votes though… 🙂

    • Awwww. How sweet Malaka. Bless your heart

  • Congratulations Ekuba! I support AM, follow your instincts. But if you’re ever in London, me I am anonymous too. We can both wear ankara masks (Like lagbaja) and meet up in some trendy central London coffee place, freak everyone out.
    It would be AWESOME.

    Congrats to you again and to ND and Malaka. I dey hail una well well.

    • hahaha thank you@ Nnenna. Yes! Lagbaja is one of my favorite artistes so i would love to rock an ankara mask like him and sing ‘wherever, i go….’

  • Erm update pls? Did you win? I haven’t been here in ages so forgive me it readers have been updated already.

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