Love your body as it is right now

Here’s a flattering picture I posted yesterday as my Facebook profile picture (at least I think it’s flattering)

At Ko Lanta, Thailand
At Ko Lanta, Thailand

I like the picture above. I’m in silhouette (which is almost always flattering), and I’m deliberately doing what I think of as my Halle Berry run.

Here’s a picture I did NOT post on my Facebook page

Lanta 35 copy
Nana Darkoa at Ko Rock Beach in Lanta, Thailand

Can you guess why this picture did not make it to the coveted picture of my FB profile page? (Answers in the comments below)

Yesterday evening I was chatting with a friend via gchat, and something she said made me a tad sad. She had been with a group of friends who had all decided to go swimming, but she didn’t swim because she felt self conscious about her body. I understand that concern, and one of the things I have decided to focus on this year is loving my body as it is right now. That’s not always easy to do. I have to stop the inner voice in my head which says “your arms are too fat”, “your belly is bloated”. I mean my inner voice is right but whatever, I need to love my fat arms and bloated belly whilst focusing on just trying to be a healthy happy person whatever my current body size is. That’s one of my health goals for this year. Love my body just as it is. What are you doing to love your body more? Share, share, share




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  • The cleavage? Looks good anyway. 🙂

  • To love my body more i lost weight. Have been huge all my life but when i hit my all time highest weight(112kg), i just had to do sthng abt it. I hit the gym n chanhed my lifestyle.Lost abt 30kg and so loving my body ryt nw. Its not perfect yet.still a work in progress. Its livened up my social life a bit and i am a much more confident person.

    • I’m happy for you 🙂

      But I also know that loosing weight does not automatically translate to happiness and a boost of self confidence/self esteem. It can help a whole lot but not a magic bullet…

  • Your friend says 1. she’s going to work on her body confidence so that she doesn’t make you sad anymore 2. she’s surprised that the 2nd picture was the one you didn’t post in facebook because it’s hawt!And 3. she’s signing off before her girlfriend (who incidentally, looked uber hawt 3 days ago in a tiger print swimsuit) comes to ‘shake’ her for commenting about how hawt other girls look instead of going to bed…

  • Cuz your legs is open and you’re in Thailand with another woman who ain’t me?

  • I’m sorry, what was the question again? *Drools*

  • It’s hard and I have to make a conscious decision to love my body everyday. What I can change I try to (think bio-oil and mederma for stretch marks and scars) and what I can’t I try to live with (my good old African butt and those hips that don’t lie). Watching videos of models getting photoshopped helps too. Nobody is perfect. And there’s no such thing as perfect. Work with what you got! (which is a lot to die for by the way Nana!)

    • You’ve made me smile Nubian Beauty. Thanks so much. I so agree with you. We have to make a conscious decision to love our bodies everyday. I’m going to adopt that as one of my new mantras. Laughing at how watching videos of models getting photoshopped helps. It’s true o. We need to remember that those glossy images we see in magazines and billboards are ‘touched up’, ‘photoshopped’, ‘slimmed down’, and all manner of things.

  • I talk to my body. Like hello buttocks. You are so jiggly and round like a pot. How lucky was I to have you. You these thighs, eh! Why can’t you subtract yourselves and increase the gap, instead of holding on to each other like Siamese twins. Hey boo! How you doing waist? Let me put this bead around and add color to your circumference.

  • So no one guessed the real reason why I wouldn’t put up the second picture? Either you are all being nice, the people who have guessed the real reason are too nice to comment, or my paranoia is just that.

    Thanks for all the comments on this post. I have learnt a lot 🙂

  • You didn’t post cos it made me salivate right now. … Can’t stop staring

  • That small belly Nana D. Try having fibroids and being in the line for the bathroom, buying belts in Brazil and women are letting me go ahead or rubbing my tummy. Of course since my portugese is limited I smile graciously. Besides I would be disappointing them. Lol.

  • I just love the second picture.

  • I actually prefer the second picture. I’m a leg person, and it shows you have great legs. I knew it was your tummy you were worried about, but very very few people (skinny or not) can sit like that and not have a roll or two. So, yeah…

  • Wowww. You look great Nana. I love the pic. Permit me to save it.

    @nnenna, you are a funny lady. Been following you for a while now. Interesting lady I bet.

  • I get whimsical about my body: the dots on my back are leopard spots and the stretch marks on my hips are zebra stripes. My recent weight gain has made me more cushiony hence more huggable.

  • Hey. Why wouldn’t one wonna save it. I want to and seek your permission.
    Just gimme a go ahead dear.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with my my butt but hate my tummy, esp those love handles…

    and Nana D, just like the others have said your 2nd pic is a bomb and i would’ve put that on fb in addition to the first one…

  • You are beautiful….

  • Could please subscribe me to your blog?

    I would like to get acquainted and share ideas and insights on sexuality in general with particular emphasis on black sexuality.

    Iam Ghanaian too-coincidentally.

    • Thanks @Jon, you’ve made me realise that the RSS feed on the blog has disappeared so will look into that. Thanks for your interest…and oh wow, what a coincidence that you too are Ghanaian 😛

  • I come to this party late but at least it’s still in 2014.
    You didn’t post this picture because just like most of us, you felt it wasn’t hot or good enough.
    In your mind posting this picture on Facebook where very unkind and ‘Internet perfectionist’ exists was like embarking on a suicide mission.
    We are all self conscious and think our body isn’t good enough so before we put a picture up on social media, we scrutinize and over edit and even don’t end up putting it up because we feel it doesn’t look ‘right’ or has the ability to generate 100’s of likes..
    Very sad but that is social media has turned us into. Self haters and overly critical of our selves and extention of others.
    Now lemme go back to sleep

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