Church ruining your sex life?



A woman being taken through an “intense” deliverance session


Hi Adventurers! I’m back with a bounce and the countdown to the launch of the ‘Sex and the Church’ blog series has began!  The series will basically be about my sexperiences in the churches I attended. By popular request, I’ll be sharing stories about the boy who spoke in tongues as he climaxed, the day the Women’s Fellowship President who confronted me about banging her husband, who was also coincidentally the Men’s Fellowship President (I swear that I didn’t do it!) and the Prophet who spanked his girlfriend- sometimes.

So… to start off my blog series, I wrote a juicy blog piece for the This is Africa blog  where I summarized a few of my experiences. Please go and read the article there and comment and let me know what you think about the piece. Is my assessment of Ghanaian churches fair? Or am I tarring all churches with the same brush? Have you had a negative experience in church? Or has attending church boosted your sex life? Let me hear you over there !

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