#ProtectTheGoal Hangout Hosted by Edith Faalong

Hello Adventurers!

Happy Friday!!! If you follow Poetra Asantewaa on Twitter, she’ll tell you how she feels about multiple exclamation points in prose. She says multiple exclamation points are like penises: a great idea until it’s time for execution in real life situations.

I cracked up.

Anyway, if you happened to miss today’s Hangout on HIV and how we can each protect ourselves, please click this link. The show was really enlightening, particularly in the portion of the discussion concerning modern attitudes to HIV (or not so modern in some cases) and the role of sport and celebrity in the combat against the spread of the disease.

We at Adventures would like to express our gratitude to Edith and her guests for their lively contributions and sharing personal reactions to how HIV has affected those in our communities. It is a reminder that we are ALL touched by the disease in one way or another. No (wo)man is an island alone.

Click here to watch and leave your thoughts in the comments section!




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