Quickies with Nnenna.

Hi gang!


What is up with everyone on this fine, fine day?  The air seems cleaner, it’s bright and warm and everyone smiles when you meet their eyes on the street. Is it summer? No. It’s Global Orgasm Day today! Hurray!


To celebrate, I was going to do a very hot, steamy, short story but I changed my mind. Short stories do nothing for me as a writer. The majority of you guys read them and go away without leaving a comment (very important!) or even sharing it with people who would leave a comment. Don’t lie! We have figures. For every 138 readers*, we have one comment. That’s 137 people just lurking (and hopefully wanking off/fingerpainting *wink!*, but how am I supposed to know that if you don’t tell me?!)

Anyway, because we writers cannot exist in a vacuum – yes, even when we go on those long, wilderness/cottage writing retreats – I have decided to let you get to know me instead. That’s right. Today, until 10pm Ghana Time (11pm BST) you can ASK ME ANYTHING. Anything, you say? ANYTHING. And for someone like me who enjoys anonymity, this is no mean feat.

Politics, sex, cooking, embarrassing stories, first times, fantasies, deep dark wishes, nothing is off limits here. We could also play ‘Who would you’? or whatever virtual game you device. You can also ask me to write anything for you and as long as it 300 words and under, I will do so and make you the character in it. This is just for a few hours so get typing! You can also ask me anything on twitter (@nnennamarcia) and I will answer.


No, you cannot see my pussy so don’t ask that!


Example of ‘Would You Rather’ – ‘Would you rather have a threesome with a) Nana b) PurpleTussle  c) AM, going by what they sound like? Something like that.

*Made up statistic. It is waaaaaay higher than that but my internet is tooo slow for me to check and then come back to edit.



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  • 1. What made you start writing and what keeps you from stopping?

    2. What has been your most embarrassing sexual experience?

    • Hey Kukua,

      I never actually STARTED writing, you know. I have just always written. In fact I thought everyone did it when I was a kid.

      Most embarrassing sexual experience? Let me see…there was the one time I was giving this my cousin’s friend a blow job in my cousin’s living room. My cousin was waiting outside for me in the car because we were supposed to go somewhere but I told him I forgot my scarf and could he wait for me outside the compound. Then I said I would wee while I was in the flat as well.

      Well,I am the sort of person that gets reaaaaaally reckless when I think time is short or I am about to get caught. It turns me on – as long as I don’t actually get caught. So I burst into the flat and ‘look’ for my scarf for a minute while the friend helped me, then as if on cue we turned and looked at each other and started kissing really hurriedly.

      I grabbed his shirt, then I changed my mind and yanked at his belt, tugged down his trousers and boxers, pushed him on the love seat and started going to town on his dick.

      He was my first BJ. I was not perfect. I didn’t care though. My lipstick was all over his dick with saliva and he was telling me to stop that my cousin would catch us. My cousin was honking and the more I heard the car horn, the wetter and hornier and sloppier I got. My cousin leaned on that horn.

      “Ahhhh, mmmmm this girl, you’re crazy. You have to go,” he said.

      “Shut up,” I said. He was so big and veiny, I was enjoying following the ropey veins with my tongue.

      We were so into what we were doing that we didn’t notice my cousin had stopped honking. I was so pumped up with my own ego that I didn’t hear or see anything else.

      I didn’t see a hand reach through the burglary proof bars to crack the louvres open for instance…

  • I have met someone new and i love the companionship and fooling around. Challenge is I have never been able to come with penetrative sex. Even oral is hard for me to get off unless its quite long. So how do i tell him and what else can we try. my G spot?. I usaully come when I paint with my fingers

    • JUST TELL HIM. Then hit that pussy up with your fingers girl and let him watch a pro at work. Make it an inclusive event though so that he learns what you like and how you like to be touched.

      Have you tried vibrators? The smaller, powerful ones (read: non-threatening) might work. Good luck.

  • Nnenna, write a story on bi-curiosity!

    • Oh? Okay then.

      KK, stop piggybacking on AM’s comment! What’s your question?

      • You dis ghel, you said for us to ask you to write stories, me I want a story on bicuriosity.

        • Okay, AM. But it has to be 300 words or under. Here goes.

          I couldn’t figure it out, this thing I was feeling, this feeling which snaked itself around my loins, this snake of mine which throbbed with a life all of its own.

          My country as a tourist destination was overrun with expats; black, white, Asian. We largely ignored them now. They were like part of the scenery. And yet, this one had turned his eyes on me and all of a sudden I felt like giggling like a schoolgirl.

          “Have you got a light?” he asked again, slower. His friends chuckled amongst themselves, the uneasy chuckle of men confronted with an uncomfortable dilemma.

          “Sorry, sorry!” I clapped my hands about my trousers, looking for my lighter. My hand caught in the folds of my voluminous caftan. The silence stretched.

          “That’s okay,” he said. “I’ll light it from yours.” It was a statement but he ended it as if it was a question, an upward intonation. He raised his eyebrow when I did not move, reaching towards me with his cigarette.

          “Let’s go Mike,” said one of his group, a burly fellow with a ridiculously landscaped beard. He had one of those tattos that people called ‘Tribal’ running up his left calf. His pecs looked like loaves of bread under his shirt.

          “It’s cool,” said Mike, the beauty in front of me. He was still staring at me and it made me angry. Why was I acting like an olodo? He was a guy for chrissakes!

          “Here,” I thrust the cigarette at him, angrily. He raised an eyebrow and leaned over, sucking on his cigarette, holding it to my glowing ember. His butt lit up the more he sucked. I watched his lips, pink in the caramel of his tanned face. He sucked, sucked and blew. I imagined his cupid’s bow stretched out thin around my member. My penis shifted within my trousers.

          Mike looked up and he blew another mouthful of smoke. I saw a shadow behind his eyes. Something akin to recognition. He stepped back.

          “Hey man…” he began.

          “Here you are darling, I was looking for you,” my wife burst out of the shopping mall, dazzling as always in her bright yellow jumpsuit. Dazzling like the sun, like sin in her pink heels. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Oh, hello gentlemen,” she said, looking at the group of men, instantly on charm offensive. I saw Mike eye her appreciatively. He was instantly warmer to her. They all were. By the time I finished up my second cigarette, my wife was firm friends with them.

          “So, see you next week, yeah?” she said, entering her number in Mike’s phone. I stood there, trying to calm my nerves, wanting to understand what had happened, why him? Why now? It shook me. I was brusque as they waved good bye. Mike looked hurt. Good, I thought. Served him right.

          In the car, I turned the key with more force than was necessary. My wife turned to me as the air-conditioner blasted hot air into the car’s interior.

          “Bae,” she said, tucking her weave behind her ears. “I really liked the one with the tattoo. Can I fuck him? Please?”

          I thought about it for a moment. “Only if I can try it on with Mike,” I said.

          She grinned. “I thought you might say that.” And she reached into my pocket, pulled out my phone and entered his number into it.

  • mmmm…I was automatically expecting one from a woman’s perspective but now this! mmm…impressive!

  • Nnenna
    share one or two ways to get a reluctant lover to go down on you. im usually with woman so that’s not a problem but i ventured out and i can’t get this newbie to even touch me. he keeps blushing and giggling and then saying he’s afraid he’ll do it wrong. im not sure if it’s just a selfish ploy or if it’s real.

  • Emi ke? GET a reluctant lover go down on me? I never! Either you wan do or you no want. That person has not been born yet. Please my dear KK jump and pass. To fuck no be by force o. If na by force na another mata be dat.

  • nnenna! So sad I missed this Q&A session. I’m such a fan of yours- read, re-read and finger paint every story, bought and LOVE Africa Hot… Till today, I was a self-confessed lurker. Thanks for calling us out. This is my first post (no longer a virgin- yay! Lol)
    So please know that your short stories, long stories, any stories by you are much appreciated.
    When are you going to publish your next piece of writing and what will it be?

    • Thank you dearie! I am so pleased you’ve bought ‘Africa Hot’. I had so much fun writing that book. Did you buy via Amazon? Would you consider leaving a review? Thanks!

      My next project might be a novel or novella. So many filthy ideas. Alternatively planning a series of podcasts. I’ll let you know. I’d probably audition voice actors for that one so that it all sounds nice and tight.

  • Eiiii Mike!

    Darris all I have to say.

  • @Nnenna; how often do u masturbate n also what is ur wildest fantasy. Has any1 ever sucked on your asshole b4.

  • Ooh sweety, plz answer just 1. I ve a crush on u though.

  • I loved it. Next open question global orgasm day July 31st, 2016? Looking forward to it. Also volunteering to meet the challenge. Who else?

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