‘Rated X’ by Guest Contributor Pamela

Anne stood staring at the view from she and her husband’s room, with a contented smile on her face. It had been a good year. Apparently married life agreed with her much more than she had thought. It wasn’t boring or dull or tedious. And just last week she had caught herself at work smiling just at the thought of coming home. She was growing soft, she chuckled softly.

“Why are we laughing babe?” Myron slipped his left hand around his beautiful wife and kissed her nape.

Anne leaned into his arms. “Just appreciating what we have Ron, our honeymoon phase is lasting longer than I thought.”

“Hahahaha!” Myron laughed. “True, true. Not even a 3-year-old boy running riot everywhere has stopped us. We are the power couple you know,” he whispered the last bit into her ears as he tugged on her earlobe. Anne sighed again and tilted her head for him to have easier access.

“See what I found in the garage.” He brought out his right hand which had previously been behind him and revealed her 7-inch, brown dildo-cum-vibrator. He pressed the vibrator to life and touched her right nipple with it. Anne moaned shuddered sofly.

“Hey!” she shoved it away. “Not fair! No warning? And you didn’t just ‘find it’, you went searching”, she said, grinding her butt into his budding erection.

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” her husband muttered into her ear as he brought the vibrator back to her chest, deliberately running it around her right nipple. “Its been a while since we used this, I missed it,” he murmured as he pressed his other hand into her left boob.

Myron took his hands away abruptly and spun her around. “And this table hasn’t been christened yet,” he ginned, placed the vibrator on said table and pulled Anne’s dress over her head. His eyes darkened as he watched her boobs rise and fall with every deep breath she took. Motherhood came with certain benefits, he thought. He pushed her against the table till her butt sat partially on it.

He knelt down and trail  kissed her inner thigh almost reverently before darting his tongue licking upwards to her vagina, through her underwear. Anne moaned and tried to push her panties out of the way, Myron shook his head and grabbed the vibrator from behind her. Anne realised what he intended to do and her legs wobbled. She stared at him through hooded eyes and licked her lips expectantly. Myron just smiled and tapped her clitoris with the still humming vibrator.

She gasped. Oh how she had missed her toys! She pushed her hips towards him as he began moving it around her clitoris. He pulled her panties aside and touched her and she nearly came undone.

Myron pushed two of his fingers inside her vagina and felt her clench around him. “So ready for me,” he whispered and his fingers deftly moved in and out, only pausing for a second to put the vibrator down and pull her panties down, quickly. He brought the vibrator back to her now very erect clitoris. Anne moaned loudly and spread her legs further. She started to shiver quietly and Myron knew she was about to come. He pushed his finger deeper in and pushed upwards, faster and faster, just the way she liked it.

“Ronnie!” Anne shouted as the shiver turned into shudders and he felt her come all over his fingers.

He dropped the toy as he stood up, shoving his linen pants and boxers down his legs in impatience. Anne smiled as his erection sprang free. He was a big man and he knew it. He kissed his wife and pushed himself into her; moist, hot, still sticky with her cum. Her groaned as he pushed in and out. Six years and he felt like he had finally come home every time he entered his wife.

Anne raised herself and sat more fully on the table while her husband grasped her ass and slammed into her again. She screamed her pleasure, his moan getting lost in her scream. Again and again he moved, she moved to meet him, their movement clearly that of people who have done this time and time again. Myron started moving faster and Anne bit into his back to keep herself from shouting again. Myron grasped her butt tighter and called her name softly “Anne”, Anne raised her hips and clenched tight around him, sending both of them into a frenzy as Myron pushed harder, deeper and faster. With a loud gasp he came, spent and laid his head on her shoulder. Anne wrapped her arms around him and kissed him softly on the shoulder.

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