‘This cougar life’

Have you ever been called a cougar? How do you feel about it? I shared my thoughts on this over on the This is Africa site

“…Recently, as I was walking toward one of my friends at an arts festival, another guy said in reference to me, “She looks like a cougar. Is she one?” I wonder what gave him that impression. Was it my slightly too short denim skirt? Or was it a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’?

The word cougar in its current cultural context sends me into paroxysms of rage. A woman who dates or has sex with a younger man is a cougar and a man who dates younger women is a what? Of course no such term exists. Cougar implies several things, some of which are complimentary—an attractive older woman who can pull younger men—and others, which in my opinion, are not so complimentary. Such as, an older woman who hunts down younger men, and devours them sexually…”

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Me laughing

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  • Are you kidding….had to have a good giggle when I read this..

  • The sign-in palaver of that site sef! Anyway, well done you. I liked how it ended. Will you be sad when he marries someone his own age or just inconvenienced?

  • A Manther is the equivalent name of a cougar. Unfortunately, the standards for this highly practice lifestyle is not the same. The problem with dating younger is that men mature much later than women and you might have to struggle with some infantile behaviors. Another problem is that most men want a seed and an older woman might not be in the position to be able to fulfill that need. There are many great looking women that don’t look their age and might be able to get away with a younger lover. However, investing your time on a low return should be something that you are willing to take a lost at. Otherwise, find yourself an older man with lots of stamina.

  • Are you guys exclusive? How would you feel if he abadoned you for someone his age-not because you didn’t gratify his needs, but because, well age suddenly became an issue?

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