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How to Measure A Man’s Dick Before Committing Yourself



Statue w 12There’s a popular saying that goes: ’Women say they love the little things in life till you hand them a small penis’’ Hahaha
Have you ever met a man and fallen head over heels, gone through the chat and the tickles and the sweet nothings and ended up falling so in love with him and then on the day the relationship finally gets intimate, the size of his dick simply breaks your heart so bad you do not ever want to get in that bed again with him? Like when I was in bed with Ato a few months ago. After a wasted several months of dating, I was so hurt I could not tell him to his face till a few days after. I just sent him a curt text saying I would like us to remain friends without the intimacies because honestly, it did not happen for me. Ashi mi rough. Na saa small something yi di3 ye di ye den? Mtcheeew! And to think that I like him so much.
Heavens! If you are not a woman you will not understand the gravity of this dilemma. It is a huge problem. There before you is a man who is gorgeous, polite, sweet, caring, confident, successful, tall, dark chocolate goodness that makes your heart screech like a train on the loose. You love him passionately but his doggone penis is small!!
What are you going to do? Many men with small dicks who are not confident about themselves will come and play some silly psychology here saying the size of a man’s dick depends on the size of a woman’s vagine. Indeed! Honey, my ‘vagine’ is tighter than rusted joints. You cannot move it till you oil it but listen, I want a dick that makes me gasp, a dick that makes me feel my ‘vagine’ being stretched inside. Do you understand? I want to feel you thrust against my walls. I want to get a sweet girly and giggly rush when I look in your face like ‘’Boy, you bad!’’ When I see you after we have been intimate, I want to be able to salute like ‘’Hey Pappi’’ and I want you to be able to grab my ass and say ‘’Whose your daddy huh?’’ with the meanest look and imma say ‘’yea! You are’’
So when I posted a picture of this fine brother I have been digging in my whatsapp group, this man who I have been planning to fuck the socks off of this Christmas, I was well devastated when Shayna said ‘’This your man looks like his dick will be really small’’
What!! I was planning on ditching him already just from that little statement.
How did she know? And Shayna is usually right. We call her the chief penis officer because she can tell such things. No kidding. Shayna can look at a man and say to me his dick will be little and truly when we investigate, we will find a fucking little dick! Now I am not about that bullshit life of getting in a man’s bed, seeing the dick and not being able to run from it. I am very picky about my banging sessions and they are far apart so if finding out a man’s dick size means going in his bed to be sure, I cannot deal with it. No!
So I asked Shay to teach me a few tricks. Besides the clichéd ones like the size of his feet which is almost always wrong. You will see a man with huge feet coming in your face with some tiny dick it is friggin bore I tell ya.
She said check his nails! The very top of his finger, at his nail bed. Is it wide? Or narrow or small? That is a sure banker way to tell. If that nail bed is wide, girl, you have struck the golden dick! That is the surest way that is never wrong. Even if his fingers are short and stubby but that nail must be wide to hit platinum sized dick. And if it’s not wide, Me Purple tussle, I do not care about anything else. Hahaha! Also a thing about short men, hihi, apparently all the height they are lacking has to go somewhere so it gets in the dick baby! So next time you feeling the moves with a short man, don’t fight the feeling. 😉 So ladies, are there other ways of determining a man’s dick size? Tell me please because it is important that I know! Important to the sentimental equilibrium of my vagine!


    • Keep jumping from one guy to the other. At the end of the day no dick size will satisfy you. You will go for a horse literally. lol.

      What you are used to will be good for you. Stop jumping from one guy to the other.

  1. Size definitely matters, but there are some that would compromise size for other endowments he may have. The simplest way to find out a man’s penis size before having sex is to simply fondle it during a heated kissing session. That way you can have an idea of what the girth and depth would be, because width is just as important. He would be clueless because who doesn’t have a heated kissing session with lustful hands.

    • I had a girl do this to me and she ended up leaving lol. Her loss though because I’m a grower. For a while I was self conscious about my soft size. Took a bit to realize who gives af about how big it is while soft. While I’m not porn star huge I am bigger than avg.

      I will say the author seems confused about what they want tho. She said “Many men with small dicks who are not confident about themselves will come and play some silly psychology here saying the size of a man’s dick depends on the size of a woman’s vagine.” What does that have to do with their confidence? And let’s be real it’s entirely dependent on the woman’s vagina lol. I’ve had girls who take more foreplay than usual and even after that are pretty damn tight. Like I said, I’m by no means huge. At the same time I’ve had girls who can take the dick with no problem at all! Its all anatomy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying having a larger pun is a bad thing, but its probably why you can enjoy bigger dicks while other girls prefer them closer to average.

    • A girl did that to us in high school. Then the others I was with sat down. Hey, I dodged that hand myself too. Little did I know I would remain a virgin even after flunking out of university. As you can see, this comment has nothing to do with size.

  2. Lol. That kissing and bumbing thing. Hahaha.
    But look, what if I haven’t kissed him yet? Or made out. How can I eye him up and tell if that dickie be packing? First date inspection.

  3. Can you really tell how endowed a man really is? Looks are deceiving, so you never know. I would think that you need more than one date to decide if he really is a prick or do you care to get pricked. If you haven’t made out, hold off on the sex. If sex is what you want then you run the risk. What we really know is that the average penis size is 5.5-6.3. Hopefully the greedy gals can be blessed with the higher and above spectrum. Otherwise, touching is believing!

  4. Lol this is so funny for me on many levels. I was doubly blessed in the first few sexual encounters of meeting guys who were not only well endowed but also eager to please with their tongue first so the first time I encountered me a short dick dude I almost cried. Nothing worst than having your office sex fantasy ruined by a guy thrusting into you with your legs high up on a table and you can’t feel narda!

    On the flip side I was once very pleasantly surprised by what a short guy I dated was packing I promptly nicknamed him ‘Godzilla’ upon first sighting! Really wish there was a fool proof way of knowing because I certainly cannot do the size doesn’t matter mode of thinking!

  5. Chale. As for the “size don’t matter” mantra, it’s only something we say to men to make then feel better about themselves. Ah! It matters papa!

    As Toksysk said,tThere is nothing more painful and frustrating than to have some guy with a tiny dick rubbing around your outer labia because he’s not long enough to get in. It hurts your soul. I think this is what hell is: a horny woman being forced into intercourse with a string of short dicked men. Ugh!

    • Babe like Gad office guy with short dick. One think about those guys with short dick that annoys me is that during intercourse they have to lift the whole of your thigh up completely so their dick can go in even still u won’t feel it its as if he’s just fingering you

  6. loool,PURPLE!!now u got me looking at men’s nail bed in order to aptly access their sizes.
    As somebody who has decided to abstain till marriage,this would go a long way to help me get the CORRECT SIZE because i also belong to #teamsizematters.
    I just hope your dear friend’s litmus test is 100% certified and can ensure efficacy.hehehe

    • Look girls grow some tits, just order him to strip for his size matters inspection, order him to get a stiffy and grope him so he lets you measure it?lol

  7. Toksyk, thank you for speaking my gospel! I have had best so I canot settle for better. Imagine a man with a small dick and whack oral game. A double loss? No please!
    Abena, my eyes are so open. I look well!

  8. Size matters o, and I mean when it comes to oral. Those monster dicks will just tear your mouth up!

    After I had my first BJ experience as documented in the story ‘Sleeping Dicks Lie’, I had the good fortune to date a guy who had one smallllll dick like this, that it was almost like having a straw in my mouth. Its girth seemed to be as thick as my thumb, I swear and just as comfortable.

    Of course he turned out to be an arsehole and I wasn’t really ‘dating’ him as he had a girlfriend and I didn’t know. That one time of having that dick in my mouth was also the last.

    Now whether size matters down there I will never know. I did not have a lot of sex before I married and I cannot have with any man now that I have had children so I don’t know if a thicker dick (than my husband’s – which will just be too bigggg for my mouth/hands) will do my new vag a world of good.
    I will say my husband’s does me just fine. And he is not monstrous by any account. Just a gooood decent size that grows very, very well.

  9. Nana, remember she has referred to the good man as a good size! Also, it grows! Key features. And if any bigger would be too big, she is probably jollificating with a big member. No, not one where she has to ask “honey, where’s the rest of your dick?”
    Hihihii! So Yea, the Size has been well established as not small.

  10. To be honest though, I am just a tongue girl and girllll, my husband can do things with his tongue that man has not evolved enough to do yet!! Hayibo. The kind of moves that makes you sing hymns to God because all of creation suddenly makes sense.

    Well, I married an X-Man. That dick can wait. 😀

  11. Hahahah! Nnenna, me I like the tongue too o. That’s the starter. The thing must be a full meal habah! Tongue must make the way first. God bless all men who have their tongue game right. It’s a reason to sing hymns.

  12. well the nail bed check doesn’t work for me cos mine is wide but I do not have a big member. I’m in the average league. I think there’s no sure way of knowing a man’s size….yet uncovered

  13. For me the best way is touching it during foreplay.

    I am quite Shy and all of that, but I’d very much touch your dick to know if I am willing to get down to business with you at some point while we are “dating” (dating being the pre-relationship phase).

    I recently fucked someone with a not so huge member and even though he made me cream like hell, I was always left hanging. After he acted like an arse, I was so glad cos I liked him dearly but his size was a big issue.

    Ladies, touch it so you know what you are dealing with before hand. 🙂

  14. I’ve encountered small dicks and I said to myself NEVER AGAIN I cant begin to describe it… anyway I think I’m a team size does matter.

    I doubt there’s a way to check though, but I like the touch during a make out session.

  15. wish this held 100% true and all of us…men and women could just automatically rule out the partners that wouldnt physically rock our worlds and go from there. Its sad but it doesnt…i started seeing a man with huge nail beds and while he and others may have had a little over the average man… the girth was no where close to huge or platinum.

  16. How do you get out of going all the way during a make out session if you find out the “member” is practically non existent?

    That happened to me. My ex was hung like a horse and his girth was humungous as well. Tons of ORGASMS every time.

    The new guy, well, his pants came off and, where was it? Where did it go? He turned the lights off! No orgasm, no cervix hitting, nothing for me. And he said, “You have a small house.” So, he was so small, like the width and length of a small woman’s hand. He said my hands were small and his weenie was the size of my thumb… I think. Not like my 12 inch ex.

    WHAT A SURPRISE! And how do you get out of the situation when you are there? The two guys were not that different in height and the second guy was a whole lot heavier, but not fat.

    I don’t understand it!!!!!! Been checking out nail beds, but I’ve only been with these two and i don’t want to sample the world. Two is almost more than enough. The next one will be it for life because I don’t need any more headaches. Both have been contacting me post break up.

  17. I’m a man with a below 5″ pecker of about average girth, from what I read. I am considered good looking and get plenty of attention from the ladies. But I have to agree that size does matter to many women.
    I have had women who seemed very satisfied in bed, some who were eager to get married to me (and one did).
    But there were others who were not satisfied, I could tell.
    I have to admit that those experiences made me lose confidence in myself and have held me back many times from approaching women I was attracted to. I hate the fact that I am below average and a disappointment to at least some women. I am not saying that these women tried to make me feel inadequate, because they didn’t.
    But I can tell when I get the job done and when I don’t.
    It isn’t the lady’s fault; I was simply born inadequate. Nature ripped me off.
    The lady who recommended checking his size while making out probably has the best idea. Women have felt my erection through my pants while making out and afterward told me they didn’t want an intimate relationship with me. I put two and two together. Though I felt somewhat emasculated having been felt up and judged too little, it was less humiliating that going to bed with her and failing to please her there.

    There is no point in starting a relationship which will be less than fulfilling. If you’re not fulfilled, your man will know this and he won’t be happy either. There are too many miserable couples out there already.

    • @sportcat – your comment made me feel a bit sad. I am one of those women who truly believes size is not important, and so I really do not want you or any other man to feel you need to measure up to some ridiculous penis size standard. I hope you can regain some of this lost confidence

      • This thread in all gives us guys a real shake. I have 7 inch dick with 5 inch girth. From averages i should be okay. but you still get ladies making you doubt yourself. The aroused vagina isn’t that deep though.

  18. Why do we hate the Truth? A big or small cock is all relative to the needs and desires of different individuals, and sometimes in developing relationships those things emotionally, and physically do not “align,” We should all be fortunate enough to gravitate towards people that have similar desires, and needs within Our Human sexuality.

  19. what do women really want? I asked this question because a Nigerian woman wants to divorce her husband simply because his penis is too big. I think the best penis size is the once that is big and not too long because the sensitive part of a vagina is the first two inches and it is only a fat one that can touch that sensitive part.

  20. The question is not what woman want because size does matter, but if the dude has an anaconda and the woman can’t handle it then the question is irrelevant? This is a real problem because pain and discomfort during sex is not fun at all. My recommendations is for her to buy a penis limiter to reduce the depth of penetration during sex and maybe this can help the marriage, but it don’t guarantee that he won’t find another vagina that can take it…Good luck!!!

  21. I can tell that size really matters. I am long, thick and huge. The tip is enough to cause a gaping hole before it reaches beneath. I remember that every time I unzip, the first thing I realize is the surprise that the lady expresses by her wide open covered mouth ” just to say I didn’t imagine it was this huge”. Once you are also able to effectively use it, by filling every single space of her “vagine” and banging till she almost loses her breath, then you know you the real man. Just as I am. I am on the hunt or lookout for another session as I get ready to settle….

  22. i take big dicks in the ass and when you get a small one its just no fun. huge cocks are what we need for satisfaction.

    • I like that…I haven’t had FUN in a very long time since I hang my boots sometime now…hook me up maxwellrex1 [at] gmail [dot] com
      Let’s have some real FUNNNN…

  23. Ladies, is it true that in the end you are comfortable with an average dicked guy to settle with in marriage? The well endowed ones are only good for fun and experience once in awhile?

  24. I have a question though: is the length more important than the width in generating pleasure? Cos i’ve encountered some long tins that were hella skinny, even after arousal.

    • I am answering using myself as an example. Those I’ve been with have testified that apart from the length, it is also important that the dick has some width. The width tends to fill every space which gives some extra pleasure. Try it out one day and you never have to eat food again (hahahah). My name is Nii Banger, the man with the massive huge, thick, long dick, and my job is to give pure pleasure as and when needed!

  25. I’ve exercise my smaller than average size dick and girl, i have not encounter any problem. In fact, all my former mates fell in love with me. I’m a believer in size doesn’t matter…it’s how one deals with it~haha

    • That’s not also bad, but brother wait until I grab her and you’ll testify that size does matter. Hey, brother no hard feelings. I will spare her when I meet her. Hahaha..all am saying is size does matter! My name is Nii Banger.

  26. Well recently I’ve had three different women I was dating go all the way till it was time to have sex and then when they seen my package they jumped out of fear or or surprise and one girl said what the fuck that ain’t going in me and another said if like to stay tight.so I’m not the longest gentlemen about 6.5 near 7 length and 5 girth I tell you what though being told your dick is to thick or whatever sucks when you ain’t getting to have any play because the women don’t want it to wreck them

    • That doesn’t make any sense – this is what happens when people with vaginas believe myths about getting “loose”. That’s not a real thing, friends

  27. I think people, in general, should be honest with what they are looking for. This blog is the epitome of wasting time and behaving like a child. If you know a big penis is what you desire, tell the man. If you trust the man enough to open your legs in hopes of not getting an STD then you better open your damn mouth and be honest. Why waste time developing feelings when you know deep down even if he treats you like a queen (opens your door, wipes your ass, throws his jacket over a mud pile so you can walk on it, etc), when his sex organ is a make or break deal? Talk about these things in the beginning so you don’t waste his time as well. There is nothing wrong with liking what you like. Just be upfront!

  28. men could complain about a womans body just as women aren’t satisfied with a mans cock. I have found that women who can take a big dick are usually fat and therefore cant get enough because of all the padding. Women who are in shape or skinny cant handle big cocks cause there is nothing in the way to get it all in. I am not huge but im not small either and i have had these experiences and can also tell you there have been some that I cant feel and its not due to me being to small and in the other end of the spectrum Ive had women so tight I couldn’t get it inside them. So ladies, it goes both ways. Its not really the size of the penis, its how tight the vagina for me. I haven’t had any complaints from any of the ladies ive been with either way but I do prefer a tight fit!

  29. This is why I don’t date and why I think about suicide everyday, having a small penis. Thanks for verifying that size matters and that my life is fucking worthless now.

    • Hi Josh,

      I’m hoping your comment was sarcastic. We’ve published previous articles (including ones I’ve written) saying size doesn’t matter, I hope you know that penis size (or a person’s body) doesn’t determine your value in any way. I also hope that if this comment was not meant to be in jest that you can get the medical support you need. Wishing you all the best

  30. Wow! Look at my finger! I used to read and comment on this site on many Sundays. In those days I was using a desktop, and a different email. I can’t even remember my name. I hope I will continue reading and find it one day. I must say it took something special to remind me this site even existed? Try reading the Artists Way, some Steamy Science Fiction, or imagining someone who is far off in they own room.

  31. Wow. I came to this blog after hearing about it on Science Vs. Appreciate that the women here are apparently being honest, but wow.

    This is like reading a “men’s blog” where a bunch of guys post incredibly shallow comments reducing women to nothing but their boobs and buts. “She’s great, great personality, warm, loving, fun, grow some tits will ya sweetheart?”

    From equality perspective, nice to see women are the same way. But wow, ladies, you’re just as awful as you male counterparts.

    Sometimes it sucks to be ace, and I sometimes wish I got to whole sex thing. But right now, having just read these comments, I feel pretty good about it. I’d like to thank you for that.

    • Hi Pete, glad you found us via Science Vs. I hear you on this particular post. I’ll encourage you to check out the full breadth of stories on Adventures. There are a range of perspectives shared here even on this very subject of penis size.

  32. I couldn’t agree more here. One thing is for sure- not al women want larger or big dicks; some women are anatomical smaller than others. Granted, most women do want bigger. So, I usually will tell chicks very soon about my junk so we can end things immediately or get a green light. It’s just compatibility. I would refuse to even have Alex with a woman who needs big- I’d laugh and say…”Neither one of us would feel it.”. Later.


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