”Sweet Glorious Love Making” by Guest Contributor Grace

Mudiwa and I stood face to face in our room as we started kissing each other. He kissed me slowly and grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed it as he kissed me harder this time and with more passion. I let go of his waist and took his face between my palms and kissed him deeply, I placed my tongue at the tip of his upper lip and sucked on it gently as I quickly twisted my lips to nibble at his lower lip. Yes, we were at it again. No matter what we did or said, we just couldn’t get enough of each other. It was such a profound feeling and deep sense of knowing that we shared a love so mutual, pure and true. Ours was such an adventure that was filled with teasing, satisfaction and too good to be true. Maybe infatuation, well, not really but was fundamental is that whatever it was, it felt heavenly and we were not about to kill it by framing it, we were to enjoy it, moment by moment and continue creating our bliss together.


I started unbuttoning his shirt, button at a time, looking up into his eyes as I did so and kissing him all the while. I loved his sense of submission, such a turn on. Mudiwa put his hands up my top and fumbled briefly with my bra. I was impressed he had it undone in under a minutes and he started sliding the straps down each arm. The way he touched my breasts and squeezed my nipples had them rock hard in seconds; I loved the feel of his fingertips on my nipples and his skin on my breasts. He whispered that he had to remove my top and massaged my back as he traced the bottom of the top and slid it off me in one go. The man has tact all right, very impressive! I removed his vest and started licking his nipples to hardness then sucked on each on of them as I covered his chest with butterfly kisses. I pulled him to the bed and he chuckled as he whispered about how strong he thought I was to be able to stand as we unpeeled each others clothes. I loved how he came over to kiss me then go down my neck, lingered on my nipples with those kisses as we went down to remove my pants. Damn this felt so damn blissful. We slid between the sheets and started masturbating each other, his hand on my clit and mine on his manhood. Funny how he seemed to trace the g-spot and hit on it with such mind-blowing massaging. I was totally blown by how wet he got when I caressed his frenulum and the sound that escaped from his lips assured me we were right on course. I could feel his fingers alternating pulling my labia and this gave such a pull on my clit that left my body super excited. He would pull my labia and massage my clit and . I told Mudiwa I wanted to come. He added pressure on my clit and I found myself leaving the bed slightly as I lifted my upper body as I felt the jerks and my body seemed to explode with pleasure…four orgasms and I was glad I had delayed climax because the final climax did prove worthwhile as the true art of multi-orgasmicking, I am getting wet even as I write, damn it felt goooooooood!


Mudiwa slid his throbbing, hard cock into my ever-expectant vagina and he started thrusting, alternating slow and fast movements. He lifted my legs to his chest and start gyrating, awwwwwww that always feels divine and I love the deep thrust it facilitates. He took my feet and made them face each other, as he trusted deeply. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, that never fails to get to squirt, that position seems to hit my g-spot in ways I cant even imagine to begin to describe. I asked him to come and he started trusting faster, and faster, and faster and he whispered babe am coming, I held him close and tight as I felt his body explode into a million pieces with pleasure. He cried…he couldn’t stop whispering my name and calling me “oh babe”, I knew I had to hold him and I did. I loved this man, I adored him, he makes me happy and makes love to me in ways I so much love. We lay in each others arms until the crying stopped and we freshened up anticipating for what was to follow…of sweet glorious love making, Mudiwa and I have a way of making love that unites the body, soul and mind. Oh sweet bliss…


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