Sexiest place on the internet is 6!!!

@VugaAfrica on Twitter yesterday called us “the sexiest place on the internet”. We’re so chuffed with that comment. Yes, it’s our 6th birthday today!

Thank you so much for being with us and contributing to making this site exciting and informative. So on this day, let us reflect on the past 6 years. How have you benefited from the site? What are your most exciting moments here? What have been our shortfalls and how do you suggest we improve them? Let us know in your comments. Love you all!

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  • Wow, it seems only yesterday that Malaka and I were chatting, and I was bossing her about this amazing beach trip I had been on where the girls and I had spent the most amazing time drinking cocktails and having frank conversations about sex…and now here we are today. Thank you all for being part of this amazing journey. Here’s to the next 60 years 🙂

  • it has been fun all the way. the topics have been an eye opener for me regarding the women folk. i will like to read on topics on sexuality among rural women.

  • Personally I’ve benefited by how the site has set about demystifying sex. Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about how sex (and sexuality) is SUCH a taboo topic on the continent, and to know that we’ve created a fun and safe space for women – and men – to learn and talk about all aspects of sex has been heartwarming and affirming.

    Here’s to the next 60 years indeed!

  • A friend recommended this site to me 3 years ago (we’re married now, sshhhh :P). I’ve always been quite candid about my sexuality and sexcapades and he thought i’ll feel right at home here, reading from other women and knowing that i’m not ‘alone’ in expecting sex to be discussed freely. I haven’t been contributing as much as i used to but i still come here to read. Good job!

  • Oh wow! An actual Adventures hook-up! How wonderful! Here’s to your union!

  • I have benefitted tremendously. I’m more knowledgeable and open to sex conversations. Whereas before, it was a subject I felt uncomfortable broaching, because you know culture tingz, and you know good African girls keep their legs closed, because they have no desires of their own, because you know religion-God might smite me before my time.

    My most exciting moments were in connecting with Aunty Nana and Malaka. Malaka, so proud of you and the ATS series-Daughters of Swallow, PUbLISHED! Eiiiiiii! Aunty for continuing to welcome my crazy and giving African women a space in which they can know it’s okay to have their legs swinging from a chandelier being fucked right! Be it by a man or woman and/or dildo.

    The shortfalls are the lack of consistency in published works. Sometimes it takes a couple of days or even weeks before new material is put up. I suggest you have set days, in which we regulars and newcomers can expect to see new content. Perhaps, Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule would work best. Me no know, I no speak chinglonglau.

  • Happy 6th Birthday! Here’s to many more happy returns. Most exciting moments: whenever you post new articles or pieces because it’s an opportunity to read amazing stories and experiences from women from various parts of the continent.
    I benefit from this space in so many ways; reading stories written by and that feature (as protagonists) African women. I read different points of view that are personally enriching. I am more open to discussing sex (than I was before) and I’m getting far better at communicating my wants and needs as they relate to sex – thank you!
    Shortfalls – not enough articles! Just kidding. Perhaps more thorough editing. I know you usually edit the articles but sometimes a few seem to not have been edited.

  • Chale I am appreciating all the feedback. True, we need to get back to posting more regularly…on my part I know I haven’t had as much time to blog as much as I would like to…BUT let’s also remember that this is a collective space so we all need to contribute our stories. Deal?

    Editing? Yup. Haven’t been as stringent on the editing as we should be…we’ll work on that.

    So so glad that some of the comments say that the site has helped them in their own sex lives.

    @korkor – You married the man who recommended this site to you? Woohoo! Your sex life must be on fire! Or it should be 🙂

    @Kwunume – I know right? A couple of us need to take some audio recorders and head into the villages and some small towns to document some stories from rural women. I bet you we will hear stories that will shock us

    @Saffron, Nnenna &AM- Thank YOU so much. I’m expecting more contributions from you. Nnenna we need another series.

    Much love to you all

  • Congratulations to all of YOU and US for the save space to seriously demystify this sex and sexuality of a thing.

    Most of my thoughts have already been echoed to the regular writers, editors, contributors just keep at it. You are all wonderful to find the time.

    Seriously though, once you have discovered this site how can you keep you legs closed. Chei! Not possible.

    I know, I promise will make more time to read and comment.

  • Girl, I just do not have the time. I have projects coming out of my arse!

    I’m so sorry guys but trust me, it’s a really, really good thing. A few more months/a year of this, and I might give up the anonymity/let you all know me.

  • @nnenna yes it is! Thanks :))

    @nana darkoa gurrrlllll it’s like bunny rabbits up in herr! lol…it’s actually fabulous and soooo much fun.

  • Thanks so much for creating this special place. For years, I have been a lurker, but now i have graduated to commenting. LOL.

  • congrats on your 6th titillating birthday. wow! my birthday was on the 15th as well but I’m a 25 year old guy who got to know of this site at a Barcamp. MacJordan was presenting and he mentioned adventures from the bedrooms of African women. I quickly visited and I have been hooked unto it for 4yrs now… and I’ve Introduced lots of gals and guys alike to it. they can’t comprehend a safe heaven such as this exists. I’ve learnt a lot from here trust me. it helped me handle my relationships in a better way as well. I’m still a virgin tho… I’ve done some non penetrative acts which got me hi 5’s n all. I really love the way in which you empower the African woman here. I try to always empower all gals I meet cos it’s abt time they know they are wonderful in every way.
    abt the frequency of the stories, I’ll side with AM. a set day will do it even if it is once a week so we know that every Wednesday night or so, I must check here asap.
    some of my favorites are… mother superior, ekuba’s love brewed in an African pot, a whole lot actually. kudos to the entire team. ????????

  • Congratulations Nana D and 6 years already? What can I say…I love Adventures…been reading for the last 5yrs or so if I’m not mistaken…keep up the good work gals.
    Just like the others have said already…more articles and frequency will be appreciated. BTW where’s Akuba?

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