Love Memoirs by Guest Contributor Miss Jay: Part 2

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I kept thinking about that first evening, the passion we shared, the desire that almost consumed us. Somehow we had managed to retain enough sanity not to strip each other naked and make love right there on the couch in his office. I had been all for it. I couldn’t have resisted even if I had tried, but he gradually brought me down to earth. It was a mark of his extreme respect for me, and I was both frustrated and impressed at his immense self-control. And then again, I was glad we had exercised restraint, that one of us had the presence of mind to cool things down. What we had was too special to debase in that manner. Furthermore, this was all so new, uncharted territory, and I guess we needed to take it all in and figure out what it meant.
All through that night I wondered how I would react when I next saw him. How will he react? Will he regret the impulsive behaviour? It seemed that I worried for nothing. Next day we resumed our daily routine, texting each other every so often during the day, sharing news and tidbits about how our day was going. Eventually we got round to discussing the events of the evening before, and like we always did, we examined our feelings for each other from every angle, thinking what it meant, why it should happen at that particular time in our lives after the long years of friendship, and where we were headed. He is a worrier and I a realist. Between our two dispositions we agreed to take it one day at a time and not worry about where we were headed, to enjoy what we could and leave the rest. I even discovered a phrase -‘take a deep breath, close your eyes and take the leap’. That became our mantra.
So we carried on, enjoying our new found ‘relationship’. We couldn’t keep our hands of each other. Each time we were together we ended up sharing deep passionate kisses, holding each other close, touching and exploring each other’s bodies. He had a way of turning me on with a simple look, turning my legs to jelly with a single touch and making me explode into spasms of deep intense orgasms with the magic of his fingers. And yet in those first few days he would not let me pleasure him, his explanation being that he needed to work it all out in his mind. I was naturally frustrated and felt a bit selfish at being on the receiving end of all that pleasure when I couldn’t give him the same. Once again I decided to take matters into my hands.
One evening as we were phone chatting I invited him over as I was working late, and alone, in my office. He readily agreed to pass by on his way home. I waited impatiently, as he entered my office I caught a whiff of his cologne, the woody fragrance mixed delightfully with his body scent as he came towards me. I got out of my seat and gave him a tight hug. I didn’t want to rush things, we sat and chatted a bit whilst I hurried to save my work and shut down my computer. When I had dispensed with all that, I got up, walked to him and sat on his lap, turned his face up to mine and gave him a deep kiss. I felt his body respond instantly, at the same time my own body started tingling all over. I could already feel the moist heat in my vagina already, I was aroused. I wanted him inside me so badly. It took all my resolve and will power to stop myself from taking out his already hard, throbbing penis and straddling him in that chair. But if my plan was to work, I needed to take it slow, so that I wouldn’t scare him off. I pulled myself together and focused on getting him senselessly aroused.
I kissed him, on his lips, his face, neck, I moved my hand under his jacket to feel his warmth, his nipples had begun to grow hard under my fingers. I played with them, all the while kissing him, I could feel his breath getting shorter and raspier. I began to unbutton his shirt, I needed to take his nipples in my mouth. The sight of the fine hair scattered across his chest mesmerised me. I could recall the many times I had seen those hairs peeping out from under one of his open necked shirts and how I had fantasised about running my fingers through them. I did exactly that now, playing with the soft downy hair. I brought my lips to his chest and kissed first one nipple, then the other, twirling my tongue around the peaks. They got even harder. I could hear him moan with pleasure. My plan was working.
He started to caress my breasts through my dress. My body was caught in a dance of agonising pleasure. I almost forgot about my well laid plans and gave in to the sweet torture he was taking me through. I turned round and asked him to unzip my dress, as the zipper came down to waist level, I turned round to give him a view of my lace-clad breasts, taut and straining against the fabric of my bra. Longing for the feel of his hands. He gently released them from their confines and massaged them and played with my nipples, which by now were jutting out. I watched, dazed as he lowered his head and took my left nipple in his mouth. Oh sweet bliss! The feel of his warm mouth on my breast was almost too much to bear, I convulsed in absolute ecstasy. I knew then that there was no way he was getting out of there without experiencing the same heights of pleasure he was giving me. I let him play with my breasts, he seemed fascinated by them. I loved the way he looked at me and smiled, and slowly moved his hands under my dress.
I had to act fast or lose all reason. I tool a moment to enjoy the sensation of his fingers playing with the lips of my vagina, I was melting under the assault, my body twisting and turning to enjoy more of this sweet bliss. His fingers felt magical against my clitoris, I was so wet, slick and ready. He slid his finger into me and I gasped as I was overtaken by sensations that I cannot describe. The strength of my orgasm rocked my whole body and had me trembling. He held me close, kissing me and stroking me patiently until I quieted down. Once I had stopped shaking, he moved to button up his shirt but I moved faster. I unbuckled his belt and opened his fly. His penis was a beautiful work of art, fully aroused, he fit into my hand like he was made for me. In one swift move I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth before he could figure out what I intended to do. The loud gasp that emanated from his lips was all the encouragement I needed. I slid my tongue round the head of his perfectly formed penis, round and round, up the length, running the tip of my tongue over his balls. I was rewarded with a shudder from him. I returned to take him into my mouth again, slowly drawing him in, all the while twirling my tongue round and round his penis.
I alternatively sucked and twirled, sucked and twirled until I felt his thrusting motions in my mouth that told me has was on the brink of losing control. I intensified the in and out movement, mimicking the thrusting of a penis into a vagina. In, out, in, out, slow at first, then rapidly gaining momentum, sucking, massaging the base of his penis with my hand. I felt the trembling, heard the sharp intake of his breath, felt his hands tighten in my hair, felt his whole body tense and arch forward. I barely heard the tortured whisper ‘I am coming’ before I felt him give in to the strength of his orgasm. I felt him, warm and sweet, in my mouth. I took it all in, holding his buttocks firmly as he drained himself into me. My love, my friend, my companion….


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