Why young men like to date older feminist women: Part 1

I have a theory that broke young men like to date older feminist women. I mean, its fairly logical right? We don’t believe in strictly adhering to patriarchal norms and so we are not looking for a man to pick up the bills, pay for dinner or buy us clothes. And because we believe in the importance of being economically independent as a woman, many of us have our financial shit together – or at least we’re working on that. We usually have jobs and a side hassle – we consult, we sell things on the side, sometimes re selling clothing we have bought after attending a conference in some other part of the world. When it comes to money, we’re doing alright.

We own our own homes, or at least we have a space that we rent. Even when we live in shared spaces, our privacy is assured. We have fought hard for that. We have long recognised the importance of having a room of one’s own. This means we can fuck in private. Or not. The choice is ours.

We’re not married. Or we’re divorced. We recognised that we didn’t need to stay in a union that no longer makes us happy. Or that marriage was never for us. Fuck society. We see through all your sham marriages. After all your cheating husbands are always hitting on us, thinking we’re desperate for male attention. Mtchewww.

So the young man is kinda perfect. He’s hot. He’s got a great body. He fancies us. And why not? We look good. Whether we go to the gym 3 times a week or are all about that #EffYourBeautyStandards life. We have that confidence that comes with age. And knowing that our sex game is tight. We give the best blow jobs in town, and you’ll better make us cum otherwise you won’t get called back for an encore.

Are you a young man that likes to date older feminist women? Tell us why?

Are you an older feminist woman who likes to date young men? Share with us.

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  • I have found myself dating a younger guy before and even though the sex was good, his drama was too much. He wasnt sure what he wanted and kept telling me how wrong it was what we were doing. I always gave him space after his ranting but he kept crawling back because he couldnt resist the sex and mindblowing blowjobs. Eventually i had to leave him and find a more mature person cuz this young person was not stable. He kept jumping from one young girl to another because he felt we couldnt date( meanwhile i made it clear that it was just friends with benefits) yet he kept breaking up with them and coming back to me. I just got tired of his instability. Am sure not all young men are like that though cuz i have a friend dating a younger guy who does everything for her. She has a very good job but the guy wouldnt let her spend her money. He gives her good sex and treats her right unfortunately thats all they can have because he is married(such a shame). Anyway, thats my two pesewas on young guys. 🙂

  • @Kk your last line said everything. Its not every young guy thou.. I once saw a relationship of an shs student and an adult working lady and the young man blew her mind away. He behaved so well , knew “where to step in and when not to” -more like young in age but matured in the mind. I for one have once dated someone older and it went pretty much ok.. It was free ,open and without any hussle. She went abroad and that was what seperated us. So just look for someone with a mature mind and you will be good to go. I wont mine going jumping into another one once shes sweet and nice looking lol friends with benefit relationships are the ish though 🙂

  • Right on point Aquacy. Up till this part of my life i have dated and still dating ladies older i am and it cool and great compared to the younger ones that come with their own wahala. older ladies are matured and understanding. what makes it more interesting and enjoying is when i make them cum for the first time in their life. the rest, the less said the better. sometimes i wonder, will i ever get married to a younger lady cos this friends with benefits the older ladies bring make me forget about the younger ones. older ladies #rock ma world.

  • Hehehehe. The comments are making me laugh

    @KK – Yeah, if the younger guy you’re with somehow feels the relationship is wrong then its best to end it as you did. Your friend’s situation is interesting though. For me one of the advantages of dating a younger guy is that they’re not married (at least the ones I’ve been involved with), whereas the majority of men who may be more age appropriate for me are in the main married.

    @Aquacy – I hope this SHS student was over the age of consent though.

    @sir Eddy – Do you feel you need to get married to a younger lady? Could you get married to an older woman?

  • Geting married to an older lady who appreciates that age doesnt matter and will treat me as the man i am and not her kid brother, will not be a problem. However, most ladies will be willing to flirt around with younger guys like us but will opt to settle with men their age and vice versa. 🙂

  • Yes @nana yes he was 17/18 i think and was the thick-Tall type so one couldnt even tell he was even young. He was even doin the driving when they roll lol.

    The only issue with some older ladies is they fail to respect the younger guy they with most times. As Eddy said if she can respect the guy enough and not treat him like her lil brother haha.. Then its cool.
    I must say some of the older ladies are sweet and lovely tho.. They just know how to treat you and treat you like her man regardless of the age difference. Much respect to such ladies.. They are the realist xoxo 🙂

  • Would love to date an older lady too. Just never had the guts to approach one

  • I also like older ladies who are not married or divorced. Cos i wouldn’t want any drama from their husband.

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