‘Love Reality’ by Nana Malone: An excerpt

This excerpt from ‘Love Reality’ is courtesy of Nana Malone who will be holding a reading in Ghana on Thursday 30th April at KUA in Labone. Read part 1 here



Her turn? Yes please. She fumbled for the button of her skinny pants, and he tsked.

“What I meant was I was going to undress you. If you don’t mind, I’ve sort of been looking forward to this part.”

When he talked to her like that, voice low and deep and raspy, gaze hooded, and tongue peeking out to moisten his lips, it made it very difficult to think or move. His gaze stayed trained on hers as he unlooped her pants then lowered the zipper. But his interest shifted when he started to pull them down.

Ryan licked, then sucked in his bottom lip as he peeled the fabric away, exposing her red thong. “Have I mentioned I love you in red?”

What was taking him so long? “Duly noted,” she muttered as she reached for him.

“Oh, no, it’s still your turn. I’m not finished undressing you yet.”

Frustrated, Mia tossed her head back onto the pillow. “Do you plan on using your eyes to finish?”

His grin flashed quick, but the usual carefree glint was gone. Now he looked like a predator with his pray caught in a trap of his making. “You’re lucky I’m so desperate to have you, but one of these days, I plan on taking my time, as long as it takes to drive you crazy.”

“I’m already crazy,” she said as she clutched the pillow behind her head.

“No, not nearly enough.” With aching slowness, he hooked his fingers into the elastic of the thong and slid it down her legs. His breathing grew harsher, and he sucked on that bottom lip again. When his gaze slid over her again, then locked with hers, he whispered, “You are so fucking beautiful.”

In that moment, she believed him. The way he looked at her, it felt like he was worshiping her body.

With his boxer briefs still on, he slid back to his previous position nestled between her legs. “Now, where did I leave off again?” He nuzzled one breast, then the next. “See, I told you I’d be back.”

He tucked her more closely against him, and her hot center aligned with the cotton-clad, straining length of him. Even through the fabric she could feel the heat of his intensity. How much he wanted her.

When his hand dipped between her thighs, she parted them to ease his way. When the tip of his finger met her slick folds, he moaned. Mia held her breath, the tension coiling tighter and tighter inside her.

Skilled fingers stroked her slippery folds, making her crazy. After teasing her some, Ryan slid a finger inside her slick channel just as he nipped the skin above her breast. “Mia, you are so perfect. Hot. And tight. So damned tight.”

She moaned as he fingered her. Plucking the strings that led directly to nirvana, he teased her with the slow retreat, only to enter again and again. He added another digit, and Mia rolled her hips into his penetrating hand…

Stay tuned for part 3. Will you be joining us for the reading? It will be a fun evening of books, discussion and lovely cupcakes by Nibbles N Crumbs

Nana Malone
Nana Malone

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