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Marissa clicked through the channels on the TV.  She did not settle on any one channel long enough to  find out what was happening. This behavior was more of a nervous habit she formed through the years. She glanced over at her phone, the missed calls and texts could wait. She was living in this bubble of space that she knew was bound to pop at any moment. Conversing with the outside world would just make it come sooner than later and she knew time was not on her side.

The sound of the hotel key unlocking the door brought her out of her thoughts.

Paris came through the door. “I know you said your favorite ice cream was cookie dough and you liked Talenti, but the store was out of Talenti cookie dough ice cream. So, I brought raspberry sorbet, banana chocolate chip, and Chocolate crunch. I figured you would like one of the three” He said .

A grin spread across her face. Not only did he think of her, he indulged her inner foodie. This was as close to love as she could possibly imagine.

“Thank you, Salt. I don’t quite know how I’m going to finish them all but I promise to do my best.” She said.

“As long as you don’t take any of my gummy bears, I don’t care” He said as he pulled out a bag of bright orange gummy fruit.

Marissa laughed, “I guess you don’t really get much of this overseas, huh?”

“No, not exactly. When I come home I buy it by the pound to take back with me. I don’t usually make it that far though.” He said chuckling.

“Well gummy candy isn’t really my thing so your stash is safe with me.” She stated.

“WHAT?” He asked incredulously. “Have you ever had them?” He questioned.

“Yes of course, they just don’t really do it for me.” She said.

Before she knew what happened, he was over top of her holding the bag of candy.

“How about you try another one? With me?” He asked as he pulled a candy out of the bag.

He slowly fed it to her. His fingers brushed her lips and she wrapped her lips around his index finger. She began to lightly suck the sweet sugar and salt off his fingertips. Then she sucked harder, pulling more of his finger into her mouth. She began to run her tongue around his finger while sucking and releasing and teasing and tantalizing him. Never once did they break eye contact.

The candies dropped to the coffee table and he sunk down on the couch. He palmed the sides of her face and brought it close to his. She thought for a kiss, but he held her face there and held her gaze. It became too intense and she broke the stare by lunging for his lips. The deeper the kiss got the closer their bodies became until she was sitting in his lap.

He turned her chest away from his until she was face forward so and able to see their bodies in the full-length mirror. He slowly slid his hands underneath the waistband of her shorts.  Fondling in her shorts is where he found she was already aroused by their kissing.

She watched as he trailed his tongue up her neck and back down again. He raised her shirt up over her nipples and took the left one between his thumb and index finger working diligently to bring them to attention.

He smiled at his good work.  He began admiring her breasts in the mirror.  He gave each breast a gentle slap and another tug. It sent shock ways of pain through Marissa. He moved her torso around to use his mouth to soothe the pain he had just inflicted with hands. Marissa arched her back and lifted her hips in pleasure. He took that as his cue to remove her shorts.

“Spread your legs wider.” He whispered in her ear.

She diligently did as she was told.  She started by lifting her left leg over his left leg and then repeating her right side.  He began to pick up the pace at which he was swirling his finger around her clitoris. She watched him as his fingers dashed in and out, up and down, around and around her vagina. She could not believe how he managed to know just the right pressure to touch her with.

Apparently ball handling skills come into play in more ways than one she thought to herself.

Marissa clenched her eyes shut and laid her head back on his shoulder as she felt the first wave of her orgasm approaching. She picked up the rhythm of his fingers and matched it with the thrust of her hips. As he pinched down on her nipples, she released all over his hands.

He pulled his fingers out of her, and feed them back to her. She greedily cleaned herself off his fingers. He pushed his fingers deeper in the back of her throat. Gauging her gag reflex and how far he was allowed to go.  She merely tilted her head further back and allowed him access. She wanted him to know there would be no boundaries to their love making.

Marissa stood up and carefully began to undress him, making sure to run her finger nails over his defined muscular arms as she pulled his shirt over his head. Then she sat on her knees in front of him and slowly tugged at his pants and boxers. She locked eyes on him as she began her slow seduction around his waist and inner thighs. As she kissed and licked the skin at the connection of his thigh and pelvis, he flinched and she could see him grow harder.

Noticing his body’s reaction, she asked “You ok?”

“Yes. Not sure anyone has ever kissed me there” He said. “But I think I like it!” He quickly followed up.

“Then show me your appreciation.” She said as she moved his hands on to her head.

He slid his hand down to the base of her neck and slowly guided her head back and forth. He knew she was in control but he liked the feel of the source of his pleasure being within his palms.

After feeling him grow inside her mouth, she knew if she continued there would be nothing left for her.

Marissa rose up off her knees and stood in front of him and began to dance slowly for him.   She used her hands to draw his eyes to first her neck, running the length down to her breasts, then over her stomach and finally encircling her hips as she turned away from his gaze. She began to pick up the pace and danced to the beat in her head. She could see him watching her in the mirror and she saw him stroking his penis in his hands as he watched her hips sway. She lowered down just close enough so that he could feel her skin brushing against his. She could feel his skin was on fire. Marissa reached down to grab a condom from his discarded pants that lay on the floor beside them. As he worked the condom down on to his shaft, she bent fully over in front of him so he could take in the sight of her engorged wet vagina that was throbbing for him. Marissa slowly sat down on top him but still keeping the rhythm of her dance. She grinded, rocked, swayed and wound with him inside of her. The dance was captivating him. She enjoyed watching him alternate between his intense stare and tightly shutting his eyes when it became all too much for him.

Marissa lowered her body on top of him so she could feel him deeper. Paris took control by placing his hands on either side of her hips and began to thrust deep inside of her. Marissa knew her seduction was over and she gladly gave over the reins. Paris moved his forearm over the front of Marissa, not forcefully just so she would know she was not going anywhere.

His other free hand trailed up to Marissa’s elongated neck and he wrapped his powerful hand around her throat. He made sure not to grab the front of her windpipe, just the sides, to lightly constrict her breathing. Marissa’s lips parted and her rhythm slowed down to match his hips moving in and out of her. The sight of them in the mirror coupled with the last few days of being completely immersed in the world of room 609 made Marissa whisper in a raspy breathy tone, “I LOVE YOU”.

Paris did not flinch.  He took his tongue and drew lines down the length of her neck and trails of kisses.

“I know.” He said in her ear.

He then raised her off him and flipped her over the arm of the couch. Paris penetrated from behind and reached around to her clitoris to give her the stimulation her body was craving. Marissa felt her orgasm approaching as Paris dug deeper inside of her. He was sure to pay extra attention to her faces in the mirror. He liked to watch her orgasm and Marissa was happy to oblige.

Paris grabbed her face and began to kiss her deeply as she climaxed. Marissa wanted him to experience the euphoria he always made sure to give her. Marissa began to push back into him harder with each thrust and Paris matched her intensity. Within moments he was moaning out her name gripping the sides of her waist. Marissa found it hard to focus on anything other than making him arrive. His sweaty body fell on top of Marissa’s back and they laid there momentarily catching their breath.

Marissa was the first to speak ,“You think you might want to get out of me?”  The chuckle in her voice was playful.

“No. I don’t”  He said as he pulled her off the arm of the couch and into a fetal position with him still inside of her.

Marissa took that to mean he wanted more and began to roll her hips.

“WHOA. Give me a minute!” He uttered out.

Marissa obeyed and stopped the hip movements, but she turned her face to his and started kissing and sucking his lips.  His hand made his way to between her legs and started his unending assault on her clitoris.

Can you pass out from extreme pleasure Marissa thought to herself.

Just as the thought entered her mind, it was as if Paris heard her. He pulled out from her and lowered to his knees to begin lapping up all the juices he had created. With one hand sliding in and out of her he held on to her clitoris with his mouth and sucked and licked Marissa into another orgasm. This time Marissa was unable to keep any composure.

Her hips reached to the sky and her face contorted so much she grabbed for a nearby pillow to scream into, even though after days of them being in the room they never heard anyone on either side of the walls complain about them.

Paris pulled his fingers out of her and began to slide his fingers down to her ass. He changed into a new condom and lubricated himself in her juices, making sure to make her squirt one more time before entering her.

Marissa raised her legs and he held one in each hand. He slowly started entering her making sure to be gentle but forceful. She loved the way he spread her, she could hardly believe he had never done it before her. He used the just the right amount of force and tenderness. He was slow and methodic with every inch he pushed inside of her.

Marissa could feel her body being set on fire with each thrust. The tightness made it hard for him to move swiftly but he liked the feeling of being hugged so tight. Marissa enjoyed watching the ecstasy wash over his face. He picked up the pace as her body began to lubricate more while her legs began to violently shake in his hands. Marissa could feel him getting deeper and her body began to tighten up on his shaft. Then from nowhere with the loudest grunt she had ever heard from him, he released inside of her as he gripped her legs tighter to hold on to his own body.

Marissa motioned for him to come to her. As he slid out of her, he laid his head on her chest and she wrapped her legs around him. His body rising and falling with syncopation of Marissa’s breathe. Just before he fell off to sleep, Marissa thought she groggily heard him say something but couldn’t quite make it out.

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