I want you to tell me about your sex lives

Hi Adventurers,

I’m really excited to tell you about my current book project which is going to be about the sex lives of African women in all our diversities. For this, I am interviewing African women from all over the continent and the Diaspora. I want to know EVERYTHING so I am really hoping you will share your stories with me. I want to know about your first sexual experience, what it was like, the first person you had sex with, your most memorable sexual experience, what your thoughts are about sex and faith (or no faith, or some faith). I want to know what kind of sex education you had growing up. If you had a sex education at all. I have a 100 questions about the sex lives of African women and I hope you can help me to answer them.

My preference would be to conduct these interviews face to face although I am also going to explore the possibility of Skype (Google hangout) interviews over a period of time. But I want to start with face to face interviews. These interviews will be more like conversations. A chat between you and I. You can also ask me about my sex life.

I want to interview women of all kinds. Straight Women. Lesbian Women. Trans Women. Women who don’t identify with being any particular gender. If that’s you, contact me. I can be reached via adventuresfrom[at]gmail dot com

The women who I interview can choose to remain anonymous or not in the book that will be the outcome of this interview. That choice is yours to make.

Next week I will be in Sao Tome from the 17th to the 23rd. If you’re an African woman, or an afro descendant woman contact me now to arrange your interview.

Thank you.

Photo by Nyani Quarmyne
Photo by Nyani Quarmyne

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