‘Words can be a powerful thing’ by Guest Contributor Spiritual

She reads the words that lights up  her phone screen,
a poet’s rhyme composed.
A window to his innermost thoughts,
his hopes and dreams exposed.
Of what he’d do if she were there,
within his excited grasp.
Of how he’d touch her, tease and please her
make her moan and gasp.
She reads it once; her heart races fast,
her nipples standing taut.
A deep warmth seeping between her legs
as she begins to squirm.
Her fingers brush her naked thighs.
She starts to read once more.
As she edges between her moistened lips,
her pleasure to explore.
His sensual words her passion fuel,
her fingers tease her slit,
as she reads the poem’s lust ridden words,
her thoughts are filled with him.
She feels his touch; she feels his kiss.
His fingers deep inside.
A third time now she starts to read,
no way to stop the coming tide
of her eager  rushing lust.
Her fingers fucking deep.
As a little of her wetness past,
her thrusting fingers seep.
She feels the pressure building now,
and with an aching cry,
She gives herself to his sweet verse,
her lust to satisfy.
The quivers through her body rip.
The waves of passion peak.
As she slowly slumps down in her mattress,
her body spent and weak.
She takes a deep breath, thinks about
her sweet poetic lover.
‘Til she sees her whatsapp and she finds
That he’s now written another.

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