Guest Blogger Nana Yaw Asiedu on eating “Melons”

Being unable to lift you
Being so rounded and so full
I sure cannot eat you whole
So I go from piece to piece
I discard your black clothing
And how you’re fleshy inside
I take a part and lick it all
And each next is sweeter still
Being so big it takes some time
But I get to the piece I saved for last
And like a slave I get to work
Even when all the juice is gone
Even when all the fruit is gone
I know I am hungry still
I stay long enough to kill
Till what’s left has got no taste
But still I am in no haste
Finally I have to let go
I’ll not hunger for one week
Anyway I’ll be too weak.

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Nana Darkoa’s P.S: Can you believe NY wrote this poetry when he was a virgin? Who says sexuality has to be inextricably linked to sex? Does poetry turn you on?

12 comments On Guest Blogger Nana Yaw Asiedu on eating “Melons”

  • NY, I love this poem…thank you for sharing…”go from piece to piece”, that’s a tantalising thought

    Nana Darkoa

  • Thanks, Nana. You already know that you inspired me to share this with the world. 🙂

  • Safe to say that Nana Yaw is a breast man? 😉

  • Safe 🙂

  • water melons??? oh those, i enjoy them too!

    just the way i savour them myself.

  • This is totally random… but a friend of mine who is living in Japan said that she saw a documentary about Ghana a couple years back.

    According to the documentary, women carefully watch how men eat fufu because it is telling of how a man would treat a woman’s breasts. LOL! I found that hilarious, but I had never heard of it. Have any of you?

    I even told my mother about this and we had major laughs from this. I think that was the extent to any talk about sex that we’ve had….aside from reproductive health education.

  • It sounds like everybody (at least those commenting) think this poem is about breasts but I didn’t think so at all…am I just not decoding the poem properly?

    Nana Darkoa

  • @lovelylind…this fufu/breast theory is not one I have heard of before, lol. Personally my boobs are not a huge erogeneous zone for me so as long as you are not trying to chew off my nipples I am cool.

    Nana Darkoa

  • and there was i thinking the poem was about “water melons”!!!

    did i decode wrong too???

    is the majority always right???

  • Used to love water melons, too, Novisi. Not so sure, now.

  • So, ND, you really, really did not think beyond melons?

  • In support of Lovelylind, I have heard about the theory of some women linking how a man eats to how a man loves.

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