Flashing Skin – How soon is too soon?

Last Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in my office dreaming about Big Driis and just how “big” he really was down under and all that he could do to me with it, because, well, it was that PHD time for me again: Personal Horny Day. And on those days I can only dream of my chocolate aphrodisiac – in ANY form; man or confectionery. It just so happened that His royal highness Idris Elba was the subject of my fantasy that day.

So anyway. One of my friends randomly showed up with a narration of her own, intruding my reverie of Driis’s attempt at nibbling my earlobes. Her blabber ended with a question which got me wondering though. I was able to give her an answer alright. But I thought it’d be interesting to hear what the men also have to say ;). My dear ladies feel free to share too! So here goes:

K: *Giggles* I need a sheet of paper quick! This is too “heavy” for my lips to utter o.

Me: *finds paper*

K: *scribbles with fervency and excitement* “How soon is too soon to send/receive naughty stuff?” *giggles some more as she reads the curious expression on my face; knowing very well I’d have a barrage of questions to ask*

Me: Spill it! Come with me to the back. I’m so hearing all of it!

K: So. He’s as much a stranger to me as I am to him. We only made acquaintance about a week ago. But you know how things go sometimes and how flirty I can get. So far so good. It’s been fun with no strings attached and I’ve been enjoying his response.
We were at it again while I was getting ready this morning. And out of nowhere I open a new message to find an image of his…his…bazooka! My dear don’t laugh. Bazooka is an understatement chale. It was all dark, and veiny and thick and…alarming! I literally had to fling my phone across my bed as though I’d been burned because of the shock! A turn-my-panties-wet kind of shock though.

Me:  Are you kidding?? Just like that? This guy is on some serious mojo with his tools, showing off like that!

K: I know right! I had no idea why he’d do something like that so out of the blue! But then…well I remembered I teased him with a sneaky shot of my thigh the night before to use as his “meat” for the dinner he was having.

Me: Hahahahah! Serves you right! You obviously awakened more than hunger in him eh.

K: Maybe, *giggles mischievously*. But seriously though, what do I do now? Am I supposed to send one back and how long do I have to wait to respond in kind without putting him off or killing the excitement, or come across as a coward who can’t finish what she started?? I know it’s just been a week but I think I like him a lot. And oh that rod! I can already feel my lady parts parting to its gesture of dominance when I remember how it looked! How soon is too soon B??

Remembering it still makes me giggle. Now I wish I’d seen the Great Bazooka for myself. Haha!
But there you go folks. How soon is too soon to share body parts via chat/video platforms? Let me know what you think. Have you ever been in her situation? Did it end well or was there some regret after “baring it all”?


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  • Never! At least not unless you know the person well. When people get mad at each other they post those things on social media/whatsapp groups etc. then there goes your reputation/career/business relationships. Too risky. Id rather skype or FaceTime.


  • Skype or any form of video chat?? Never! People have a way of recording these things online n remember that there are several apps that make some of these recording possible. I would rather send a pic of me without my face-maybe just the lower part of my body or a sneak peak of my boobs. However, that will b on the basis that i know u soooo well and trust u not to share with ur friends. With all this said, i dont think a week is enough to send such private pictures.

  • if am in your shoe, I will not send the picture of my body. most women who have this are still regretting till today. it may fall into a wrong hand. so my dear don’t even think twice about it.

  • Never, ever, ever subject yourself to a possible future disaster because surely this behavior is a disservice to oneself. The art of good loving is to feel a sense of longing and all these quick fixes are just spoiling it all. Keep your clothes on and stay far away from a camera.

  • Great! Thanks for all your contributions dears ;). Will be sure to pass them on.
    Any more from the gentlemen?? For those who were asked by ladies to share…

    @Nnenna Marcia. Apologies for that imagery. I get what you mean. It was actually a reflection of the one who took the picture which accidentally got caught in there as it was being taken. It wasn’t a diseased penis as it looked.

  • I just got to know dis blog. I love it already. I can’t stop reading the previous post.

  • Anytime is tea time.

  • i think it eventually comes down to how much you trust the recepient and importantly the level of maturity although a week can’t possible be enough time to trust a total stranger. That being said, i met a white guy over 2months ago and he started sending me pics of his penis in less than a week. I’ve never had the inclination to send one back and we are still friends. sometimes he asks before sending it, other times he just sends it…which reminds me of that time in the public transport…it nearly got me singled out as a freak who likes to view porn in public. anyways…i don’t think he trusts me yet he sends them regardless and in turn deletes them right after I view them. It’s about maturity, open mindedness and a benefit of doubt.

  • It could be just a day , week , month or year — all depends on the WHO and how MATURED the who is. It kills the vibe when you don’t get a return pic though lol

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