The Wedding Night Wraith: End

“You’re lying.”

“God’s honest truth.”

“But how are you sitting here…looking like YOU?”

The associate pastor at Grace Under Fire International Church was dumfounded. Felix looked like himself, sounded like himself, and apart from a few bruises, Ama looked exactly the same as she did on the weekend Ace Forson had married the two of them.

“As we got further away from the old house, Matilda’s body began to fade.”

“And my body gradually re-appeared.”

Ama closed her eyes, recalling the events. “I thought I had lost him. For a while, there was nothing but a shadow in the back seat. And then the shadow began to take shape…and I had my husband back.”

Ace studied the newlyweds in silence. As a man of the cloth, he was supposed to accept the supernatural…even expect it. But this story required too much faith. He was certain that the couple had spent the weekend under the influence of drugs, not a demonic attack. An actual demonic attack… not the kind about finances and petty office politics driven by jealousy that he preached about Sunday after Sunday.

His look told Mr. and Mrs. Kwakye everything they needed to know. They stood and thanked him for listening to their story.

“So what will you do now?”

“We were thinking we might look for another church – probably move to another city,” Felix said quietly. “If this story got out, you know how our people can be.”

Ace nodded and rose to walk them to the door. “That would probably be best.” Good. He didn’t know if this Lagba was still lurking in their bodies somewhere. A demonic outbreak would be bad for church business. “I will pray for you two, of course.”

“Thank you, Pastor Forson.”

Felix slipped his hand around Ama’s waist and held her close. Then he bent for a long, deliberate kiss. She smiled and asked him what it was for.

“For being you. For coming back for me. I know a lot of women… and a couple of men who would have left when they had the opportunity to save themselves. Thank you, my love. I owe you my life.”

She buried her head into his shoulder and then snatched his keys out of his pocket, dangling them in his face and grinning impishly.

“Are you ready to hit the road?”

“As long as I’m with you, I’m ready for anything, Ama Kwakye!”



-The End-

Happy Halloween!

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