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[Thank you and the spirits for responding to this call. The audience at Chalewote deeply appreciated it. Thank you Sokari for allowing your powerful images of Spirit Desire to be shared on this platform]

Dear Adventures,


Greetings in the name of the ancestors, spirit guides and Orishas.

I cannot give you a bio or name myself because the true walkers and practitioners of spirit are one with the guardians and the guardians come in silence.

In a forest of calm and a power to overwhelm.

If you read this at ChaleWote, do not give me credit. Credit belongs to God.

For the gods are me and I am them.

They live in the calm of my spirit and rumble in the thunder of my emotions.

I have been blessed with a beauty that attracts and an intelligence that astonishes many.

I am wise beyond normal.

Zora Neale Hurston said, “anybody depending on somebody else’s gods is depending on a fox not to eat chickens”.

So as an African woman of great spirit ability, I depend on the gods of my ancestors.


How did I find spirit?

I have had dreams since I was a child. They always involved water. I have always been called by a well, fallen into a well, drowned peacefully, and encountered energies beyond my understanding until I grew up. Even when I face bad situations, somehow I am saved.

As a child, I would tell my mother things before they would happen or things before her that she hadn’t yet seen. She would always laugh and say her grandfather was the same.


If you are close to my heart, my spirit will pick up your joy and distress.

I will know before many significant things happen to you.

I will tell you sometimes, if it is good.


I usually receive these messages when my spirit is clean. By clean I mean devoid of malice towards others and usually away from sexual engagement.

In my adult life, still, the gods come to me in dreams.



I started looking for answers. I wanted to know who or what was approaching me. Sometimes I would try to run from it but many strange bad things would happen to me. So I made a commitment to draw it closer.

The gods arrive in clarity of spirit. At least those I know.

Nobody introduced me to the gods. I slowly found them myself. It takes time, and many years and much curiosity.


But when they have called you, they will reveal themselves to you as you grow in knowledge and responsibility.

Responsibility I use here, because they can be used for both good and bad, but remember if you use your abilities for evil, you will eventually destroy yourself.

I travelled to a different country for my initiation because I didn’t want questions. Not even my family knew.

I will not tell you how to approach spirit but you can search for it your own way. It is okay to make mistakes in spirit – go with clean hands, and the gods will protect you.

I personally work with the cardinal points, the elements; wind, water, fire and earth and the moon phases.

I also use herbs, oils and symbols.  These are all combined in every ritual.

Usually I ask for signs of acceptance after a ritual and I always get a sign if I have done things right.


I am still trying to join a coven but unfortunately many covens are shrouded in strict secrecy for fear or ridicule or physical harm.

Not because we cannot fight back, but it is not necessary to open yourself up to be burned if the romans again decide to invade. Hahaha.

Spirit has many taboos and you must know these during initiation.


One of the surest ways to know you have reached spirit is in dreams. The spirit will visit you.

Maybe others have different ways, again I cannot say.

God is one but there are many ways of reaching him. If they tell you to stop asking questions, then they are stopping you from finding out something. In order to believe, you must know.

I am able to call for health, call for protection for myself and for family and those I care about.

I call for money when in need, I call for smooth paths in all aspects of life. I do not usually tell men I date because they will be scared.



I can acquire love but I do not use spirit work on men because it is evil to take a person’s heart without their consent.

Instead I may ask in spirit only for a real, pure and true, mutually joyful love.

I have sworn to harm no one with my abilities and because of that, the gods protect me when I offend anyone in the spirit world.

Believe me, there is power in the universe surrounding us. It is hard to stick to not doing harm and so I pray for strength and responsibility and wisdom.


God has made the universe abundant enough to cater to us, so ask for what you need. You may seek help from someone who knows but in my experience, many people will deceive you and take your money. So study for yourself.

Please do not depend on what someone say’s about spirit, walk your own reliable and rewarding path with clean hands.

Thank you for reading. May your spirit walk and dance in light.

Maferefun Orisha!

Iba Orisha!

Copyright: Sokari Ekine
Copyright: Sokari Ekine

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