Morning sex versus nighttime nooky

I’ve just come out of the shower. I scrubbed my body with black soap, brushed my teeth, and now I feel fresh and clean. Plus I had a good night’s rest and so I feel energised. It’s 8am and so I have a couple of options. I can either make myself a hot cup of lemon water, and read a book/write/browse social media for half an hour or so, or I can wait for my boyfriend to get out of the shower, and get jiggy instead. My not so new fav thing to do is to get jiggy. This is just another one of working from home. It’ll only take me one minute to get set up in my home office, and morning sex can be just the lifter upper that adds an extra zing to my day.

My boyfriend on the other hand prefers night time sex. Just when I am drifting off I sense his hand before it descends on my body. He cups closer to me, I can feel him growing harder. I love the feel of that. Hard dick against soft bottom. I snuggle back. But that’s all I want. I get all types of irritated if I’m sleeping and he tries to get jiggy with me. Worst is being woken up at 2am for sex. WTF. He says we should compromise. Morning sex is likely to make him late for work. I’m more like, compromise for what.

What’s your preference? Morning sex or nighttime nooky? Do you and your lover ever row over insufficient sex, sex at particular times? Share in the comments below.

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  • I suppose preferring morning sex or not depends on whether you are a morning person or not. If you are the kind of person who wakes up early without an alarm clock then you will enjoy morning sex whereas if you are the sort of person who need your alarm clock to sound at least twice before you drag yourself out of bed then you will hate morning sex. For me I fluctuate between the two. There are times when I wake up by myself, even before my alarm clock rings, once I have had five hours of sleep and at other times I need the assistance of the alarm clock otherwise I wake up between the hours of 7.30 am and 8.30am. I tend to feel horny in the mornings I wake up early by myself and I haven’t had jiggy for a while whereas at other times when you wake me up early for a jiggy I am not so pleased. So it depends on the person concerned. For me my body clock fluctuates, I have no idea why this is the case, and depending on the circumstances I am open for any game.

  • I used to have a friend whose major quarrel with his partner was that he always wanted morning sex and the partner used to insist that he should do whatever he needs to do in the night and not bother her in the mornings and my friend felt that irrespective of whatever they did the night before he wants the morning sex to set him up for the day and to kill any sexual desires he may have during the day. I don’t know how the battle ended but what I do know is that they are no longer together.

  • Voluptuous Voltarian

    When it comes to sex compromise is hard, chale. Cos if you’re just not feeling it you’re just not feeling it. But I think you have to meet people halfway. Maybe you guys can have nighttime sex instead of late night sex. You can plan to get jiggy an hour or so before you actually plan to fall asleep. So you both get into bed, reading or browsing social media or whatnot, then you drift towards each other, get some and then get ready for bed. He can’t wait till you’re drifting off to want to deliver the D. And he can’t wake you up in the middle of the night. In the same vein he has to plan to get up an hour or a half-hour earlier than he usually would so he can service you before he goes to work. That way he’s not late and you get your pick-me-up. I personally am an anytime sex person. I love to have sex as many times a night as the person is willing, fall asleep in a sex haze and be poked in the middle of the night. I love waking up to someone ravishing me. Unless I’m having a nightmare that I’m being raped or something,lol. I also love morning sex on a weekend or a day when I can show up at work anytime I want but since I tend to be a snuggler and cuddler, morning sex when I have to go to work will put me out of commission for the entire day. It’s fun a lot of the times but I’d rather get it a few times the night before and have a quickie in the morning. A full-blown marathon will have me yawning at work and dripping in my panties and giving away the abofrabones3m that I have just engaged in.

  • anytime is okay by me, as long as the Lady in question don’t mind, as I can stay up to thirty minutes in one round. you discover that if you are going to work that morning you may not enjoy it because of time factor.

  • Once in a while, irrespective of ones schedule, you can say fuck it and have morning sex at the expense of an early morning meeting or whatever. It all depends on the mood you wake up in. As @Kweku mentioned, being a morning person will increase the likelihood of enjoying morning sex as compared to a person who wakes grumpy or cranky. As for late night rump, charley, no one deserves to be woken up in the middle of the night for sex oo unless a happy ending is guaranteed. On a serious note, I feel that most women find it irritating to be woken from sleep for sex unlike men so it’s not unusual that you feel the way you do. The right person and the right approach may increase ones chances of getting laid whether in the morning or evening.

  • I am a no waste kind of gal, I take it as much as I can. If it is available I will take it and if it isn’t available, I will take it…LOL. Finding a way to get it when you want to requires some creativity. Your man seems to be a responsible employee, so don’t discourage that. A man must work!!! However, get under the sheets before the alarm goes off. I am sure he will not discourage your actions…unless he has underlined issues. Being spontaneous is the best thing to getting what you want. Predictability becomes monotonous, WORK THAT THING EVERY DAY AND NIGHT. Please don’t limit thyself, let SEX live.

  • @Leslie, LOL!! I haven’t visited adventures in ages but tonight your comment killed me! Kkkk but I soooo hear you.

  • Morning sex before work is good, leaves me with a lingering thought all day of my woman. Night sex can be draining after the long day and I can be a disappointment. Then again. I simply enjoy intimacy. Bathing my woman and lifting her to the bed w/ no sex just rubbing her down with heated oils till she falls asleep. Cooking for her occasionally things that will end up with sex or intimacy. Everybody has their thing when it comes to sex. Do what suits you best .. Lols (Loving reading this site, ladies minds are funny).

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