‘A Thousand Needles’ by Guest Contributor Nikitta

Most women in the world at some point in their lives have to deal with some kind of sexual and reproductive health issue. Yet, there is not a lot of awareness on the realities of how these issues affect the myriad aspects of a woman’s life.


The film ‘A Thousand Needles’ is set to provide such awareness. It is a creative documentary that focuses on the reflections of the main character, a young woman who is afflicted by uterine fibroids, endometriosis and adenomyosis. Interspersed with monologues, poetry, interviews and art, the film looks at the nuanced realities of a woman’s life. Different topics such as sex, career choices, relationships and medical and alternative solutions are looked at.


For the film, the crew is looking for women with sexual and reproductive health issues who are willing to be in the film. Particularly, they need women to provide quotes about their struggles as well as their triumphs. If you are interested in being featured, please write to kittadee[at]yahoo[dot]com and check out our Facebook page.

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