Nana Darkoa: Come to my WPG reading on 28th June

Hey Adventurers,

I’m super excited to be the Writer’s Project of Ghana’s featured writer this month. This event takes place on Wednesday 28th June at 7pm prompt.

Earlier today I was planning what I am going to read, and at the moment it’s looking like a selection of fiction, and non-fiction, some published stuff like the short stories I have published in ‘It Wasn’t Exactly Love’ and ‘The Pot and Other Stories’, but also a fair amount of unpublished material which has been languishing in my computer for a while! Pieces like ‘A beautiful penis’ which my friend VV once described as her favourite story of mine. I also want to share some material from the non-fiction book that I am working on about the sexual lives of African women. I will also be reading from some articles I have had published over on TIA so we can chat about some of the social issues which are dear to my heart.

I hope to see many of you at the reading. Come for good times, and scintillating conversation.

Nana Darkoa
Photography by Yinka

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