#FutureAfricaSex: Sexbots and SexEd by Guest Contributor Saffron & Lace

I was excited to read on the website that Adventuresfrom was hosting a twitter chat about the future of African Sex – the possibilities of the conversation were boundless.

I was unable to join the conversation at the time it occurred but I caught up with the conversation later on Twitter and on the website. As I read the collated Twitter comments on the website I was excited about the envisioned future of sex in Africa.

There were great comments on Twitter which addressed so many pertinent issues within the discussion and it was refreshing to read the thoughts, comments and wisdom of so many women. A number of people addressed important topics that I believe are not discussed enough, let alone implemented and all to the detriment of African women and girls.

Here are my thoughts:

If I had the privilege and pleasure of traveling 100 years forward in time to 2117 what would I love to experience? What would I want the sexual terrain in Africa to be?

Sex Education (SexEd):
(a) At home – open minded parents and grandparents making time and creating space for children (both girls and boys) to discuss sex – the mechanics, the biology and the psychology of it. Discussions about consent, abuse, rape and consequences. Conversations about birth control for both women and men (girls and boys), sex toys and products and discussions about sexual orientation. Sex is taken out of the realm of taboo and prohibition and it is not dominated by conservative ideals.
(b) Institutions (schools/colleges/universities) – comprehensive SexEd curricula with materials adapted to specific age ranges. Materials that teach learners about masturbation and sex toys and products. Courses that are open-minded and fun without shame and control.
(c) Available, user friendly and interactive content on sex and all things related – books, software Apps, and websites.

Sex Technology (sextech):
(a) More African women as innovators in the sextech space giving African women a voice, choice and providing products and services catering to African women and their experiences.
(b) African women founding, heading and managing companies in sextech thereby ensuring better availability and easier access to good quality sex toys and products designed, built and sold by African women. Good quality toys and products that are woman centred (e.g. toys of different shapes, sizes and functions because not everyone wants phallic shaped objects for their pleasure).
(c) Better legal protection regarding data and privacy for African (women) users of products and services with Apps that collect and store date and personal information – fewer hacks and fewer leaks of personal information and preferences.
(d) Podcasts/films/Books – more African women creating, producing and distributing content exploring sex and all things related e.g. interactive podcasts, woman centred erotica.
(e) Sexbots catering to the African woman and her experiences because Artificial Intelligence is sexy (and who doesn’t want a robot catering to her every sexual whim and caprice?)

(a) Better drafted (and better implemented) legislation that addresses rape, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and porn (in all its harmful forms) but that does not stigmatize sexual agency e.g. no longer classifying sex toys and products as pornographic material of which purchase or possession could be a criminal offence.
(b) Better drafted (and better implemented) legislation that reins in revenge porn and addresses the cyber bullying of sexually liberated and sexually aware African women.
(c) Better drafted (and better implemented) legislation addressing abortion, with women and girls having greater agency and better choices.
(d) Accessible and user-friendly police and judicial systems for African women subjected to rape, sexual harassment and revenge porn.
(e) Better trained lawyers (women and men) drafting legislation that addresses sex related crimes and reproductive rights, this includes better trained litigation lawyers handling sex related and reproductive rights cases.

(a) More accessible and user-friendly women’s hospitals and clinics.
(b) More women gynecologists providing services and products to African women (or gynecologist robots that do not ask obnoxious questions or fixate on the ticking biological clock and the need for a husband).
(c) Better organized, humane and woman centred groups of older women or aunts passing on knowledge about sex and pleasure, reproductive health, confidence and self-worth (teaching self-pleasure as much as partner pleasure in a cruelty free environment).
(d) Men (and boys) who are better educated and better informed on sex and women’s (girls’) pleasure, respecting a woman’s (girl’s) sexual and reproductive choices.

Overall in 2117 African girls and women are satisfied sexually, they are (sexually) healthy, with greater sexual and reproductive rights. The African girl and woman is sexually confident with a great support system.

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