Reproductive health: What’s the worst thing your Dr or healer said to you?

Recently I went to see an alternative Dr. This is a man I have seen previously, and so I decided to return to him as part of my quest to get my body healthy, and particularly because I am looking to start the baby making process. So as we chatted about the reason why I was in his health centre, I mentioned that I had a miscarriage last year . He then said something along the lines of, “anyone woman who has a miscarriage, her womb becomes like a haunted house”…I was kinda stunned into silence but I keep hearing this phrase in my head. Who says such stupidity? Anyway, I decided to video blog about this, and would love to know from you, the worst thing a Dr, healer or therapist has said to you about your reproductive health

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  • That was a very ignorant statement from an alternative doctor. Even if that was how he felt it was wrong to say that to a client. You should have told him off straight way. I am glad it wasn’t a proper doctor that said that. Health professionals in Ghana can be insensitive sometimes.

  • I have no words. NONE.

    That said, to answer your question, the worst thing a medical professional has ever said to me concerning my reproductive health was when I had just delivered my son via c-section. I had lost a lot of blood because I had a placenta previa and they basically had to DIG him out. The anesthesiologist looked over the sheet and then leaned close to my face and said “Don’t have any more kids. Your uterus looks like hamburger meat.”

    I was SO freaked out. And she had this weird, Slavic accent to boot.

    People feel like they can say any shit they like to Black women about our bodies and bits.

  • LMAO…as a nurse I hated my OB/Gyn rotation. Couldn’t stand women crying, complaining, whinning and yelling after their 3rd childbirth, like really! However, bedside manners lack in this field across the world. You will encounter the most miserasble Dr’s in this specialty. In fact at one time they had the highest suicidal rate amongst doctors. It is unfortunate, but I have heard horrific stories about these specialized buggers!!!

  • @Kweku – Chale, sometimes you are so shocked by what someone says to you that you only think of the perfect comeback hours later. He is a ‘proper’ Dr in many senses of the word – I am trying to protect his identity by not mentioning his speciality because there are very people in his field in Ghana.

    @Malaka – OMG Malaka! That just sounds straight up racist. The fuck! Sending you hugs. I can’t even begin to imagine how traumatic that was.

    @Leslie – it sounds like you need to write a blog post for us (wink)

  • When I had my second and last child, the dr. said: See why I did not want to ligature you when you asked after your first child!!!!???? WTF? Lol. I had my ligature just after that. How come they always know better than us what we want and need?

  • I was told I was pregnant (despite taking birth control and using a condom!). The doctor insisted that I was. A week later my period started. Not long later while researching the pill I was taking, I read multiple articles about how that particular brand of contraceptive had a history of turning up false positives on pregnancy tests.

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