Sex thoughts from the son of a pastor by Guest Contributor Danyl Oppong

I have been thinking a lot about what will happen if I write this. I am a born-again youth leader in my church, son of a pastor, and a bible enthusiast. But I don’t know how I’ll deal with the thoughts ravaging my mind.

In my walk to the future, I have uncovered something about us. Something about existence. I’m talking about ourselves. The us that stands in front of the mirror, naked. I have realised how our physical bodies contain so many energies pent up, ready to be explored. But we’ve hidden our desires and suppressed that inner energy. When I see a woman’s breast, and look straight to her nipple, I see a lot of energies captured in frailness. A slight stroke of the nipple, triggers energies that is transferred to the brain and the whole body, hence the irresistible moan exhaled.

Why would you call such thoughts dirty thoughts? I find it to be the purest of thoughts. What’s dirty about slowly moving hands downwards from the nipple to the waist, and pressing my lips against it. Kissing slowly around the waist, and then moving slowly down. The magic here is how, the smell from the vagina, resulting from the wetness, triggers a slow erection.

Why is the concept that was created by God for humans referred to it as profanity. What’s profane about pleasure from the inside. Profanity is defamation of God’s personality, and gross irreverent towards the sacred. What’s blasphemous about when I finally stroke my hands over the vulva, and watch her moan. Gradually stimulating the clit till she get really turned on, and then gently push my fingers into the wonder world. Then I turn in a scissor style for cunilingus  and she’s blowing me up.

There’s nothing as mind elating as indulging in a well shaved vagina, licking everything soft. The licking sound that is synonymous to that of licking up a chocolate ice cream.

Nothing amazes me more than how to achieve pleasure in more than one way. It doesn’t always have to be penetration. I’m talking about erotic massage. That act that captures and combines the healing effect of massaging and the pleasure of erotica. I’m so mind frozen, when I see nudes. The nudes of an African woman. The black nipples, and the waistline. When she lies face down on the bed, with her soft ass, looking at me. I become helpless.

I asked myself a lot this morning, should I write this or not. What will happen. Will I be seen a backslider, or will I be congratulated for saying the truth?

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