‘Fun times in the Shower’ by Guest Contributor Vortex

Emeka adjusted the shower and stepped under the delicious pressure with a smile. He had every reason to smile, in a few minutes Nina would be here; he had left a key for her at the reception. Emeka felt a stirring at the thought of the fun evening promised ahead, at that moment the strains of D’Angelo started to play and then the lights in the bathroom went off. Emeka exhaled in anticipation.

He heard the bathroom door open and then the shower door slide apart, neither were closed,  he felt hands slide across his back, and then the pressure of firm full breasts push against his back ‘hey how are you?’ Nina asked as Emeka turned and opened his mouth to reply his lips were covered and his mouth filled with the confident yet gentle thrust of Nina’s tongue. He felt Nina’s hand slide from his neck down over his strongly defined chest and navigate the definition of his stomach until her fingers grazed the light hair of his happy trail. A light groan escaped his lips as he moved his head down to suck one of Nina’s breasts while his hand reached to cup and massage the other.

The head of Emeka’s penis had been pressed against Nina’s thigh as it was getting increasingly hard, he heard Nina moan as the pressure of Emeka’s mouth increased and the gentle yet delicious pain of having him tweak and then massage her breasts and nipples filled her with pleasure. Nina lowered her head to nibble and bite Emeka’s neck in the spot she knew he liked, her hand curled around the shaft of his penis firmly she began to move it rhythmically.

As the pleasure filled him Emeka stirred thinking he heard movement and then instantly forgot about it as he refocused on the building pressure in his shaft, at the shocks of pleasure shooting down his back as Nina’s lips and teeth nipped and sucked his neck. Just then he jumped with confusion as he felt the tip of his cock being absorbed into a warm moist mouth and hands sliding around his upper thighs to massage his firm tight butt.

‘shhhh it’s ok’ Nina said, ‘I brought a friend, she was in town and eager to meet you’ as the sensation built as Nina’s friend worked her skilful mouth around his cock Emeka could only grunt his acceptance and nip Nina’s nipple as a light punishment which only succeeded in making Nina groan in pleasure.

As Emeka felt his cock get harder and twitch in delight he had to lift his head, stand and flex back effectively pushing his full cock deeper into Nina’s friend’s mouth. Emeka was blessed with a large thick and long cock, his movement caused the friend to gag a little at the shock of so much deliciousness but it did not break her flow, she definitely had skills. His adjustment of position and loss of focus on anything other than what was happening between his thighs left Nina free to slide around his body rubbing her breasts and thighs on him as she moved around him and then in time to the soul music he loved to have on while fucking she descended his body stroking, licking and biting as she went until she was on her knees next to her friend.

Emeka gasped, heh this Nina was too much.  He was now leaning against the wall of the shower as Nina’s friend worked his cock and Nina joined her licking and sucking on his balls, he felt her fingers dancing around the sensitive area between his balls and his anus, a sharp exhale of breath left his lips as his hands felt the smooth straight hair of one and gripped the cascading braids of the other. He had no idea what her friend looked like, couldn’t even get a proper sense of her body…but her mouth was like magic, her full lips massaging his girth, her teeth gently grazing his shaft and then being covered by those lips as she deep throated him damn it felt too good.

As he began to reach climax he gripped their hair tighter and began to mutter words that came from some part of himself that was saying things he felt he could never say ‘that’s it suck harder, you love it, shit that feels good, suck it, take it deeper’. His breath was getting faster and then he felt the friends mouth gently retreating until his cock was free to feel the pressure of water for just a moment before he felt both Nina and her friends mouth on his cock tongues and lips and penis colliding in a delicious hot dance that had him gasping at the feeling and the image in his head of these two women kissing each other their tongues thrusting and clashing around each other as they greedily fought over his cock. Lips on his tip, his shaft his balls, hands massaging and then even breasts rubbing against his cock.

His breathing intensified ‘shit, shit, fuck’ and then he felt Nina’s lips wrap around his tip and slide his cock deeper into her mouth by pressing it against the roof of her mouth while her tongue stimulated the shaft and the suction enough to make him want to lose his mind as she knew it would. At the same time her friend had claimed his balls and was sucking on them like they were coated in the sweetest honey, her breasts pushed against his thigh. The music was pulsing in the background creating a magical sexually heightened sphere, the pressure built, he gasped, his breathing getting heavier and heavier, heart rate racing to its own beat and then with a shout Emeka came, hard. He felt his cum fill Nina’s mouth, quickly joined by her friend as Nina freed his cock but kept stroking him, the two licked his cum, let it shoot over them, sliding over their breasts and then back to licking it like they were sharing a lolly. Emeka slumped back on the wall panting and breathless ‘Wow’ was all he could say ‘wow’.

After a few seconds both girls slid up his body and gently kissed his face and stroked his body ‘Emeka’, said Nina ‘ this is Yaya’ ‘Hi Emeka’ said Yaya ‘it’s a real pleasure meeting you’ Emeka blinked, smiled and said ‘it’s a pleasure meeting you too’ as Emeka regained his composure he felt Nina move away as Yaya continued to stroke and kiss his torso and neck, he pulled her face to him and started to kiss her letting his hands get an idea of what she looked like. Shorter then Nina with a compact body small pert breasts with full nipples, a shapely butt and strong thighs, as his hands began to travel to the front of her body and his fingers sought her pussy the shower went off and he heard Nina ‘I think we can come out of the shower now, Yaya let’s introduce you to Emeka properly.’

Yaya stepped back from Emeka took a towel from Nina wrapped herself in it and took Emeka’s hand leading him from the shower. She handed him a towel and followed Nina out of the bathroom as Emeka wrapped the towel around his waist and smiled at the night ahead he heard the strains of Janet Jackson’s ‘Tonight’s the night’ and grinned, that Nina. As he entered the candle lit bedroom he inhaled sharply and his cock instantly started to get hard. There on the bed naked and lightly entwined was the chocolate curvaceous beauty of Nina stroking the long damp hair of Yaya, the contrast of her caramel complexion and athletic lithe body sexy right down to the black stilettos on her feet laying next to the high gold ones on Nina.

Emeka sighed in delight, dropped his towel and made his way to the bed.

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