‘Shopping of a different kind’ by Guest Contributor Mama Mkenya

This morning started out like any other Saturday. See, as a full time working mother, Saturdays are usually super busy. It’s the day I get to “do the yoga” in the morning, grocery shopping, take the kids to play, pick laundry and other mundane chores. I left home at about ten set to go through my list of stuff to do. I had a doctor’s appointment, then I was going to run to the market, run to the baby stuff shops then run back home. After the doctor, I just felt I needed to slow down a bit and so I got into Arte Caffe to grab something to eat. Only instead of the usual healthy stuff, I got apple pie and icecream…which was followed by two glasses of sangria. As I was having the second glass, I thought, since I am breaking all the rules today, why not get a massage? The type that ends happily? I mean, fuck grocery shopping!

I have never done this before but I knew that Nairobi hides such little joys in plain sight. And after calling the right number, I was in a room at an upmarket apartment with a naked woman asking me to take off my clothes and relax. I was nervous. I was excited. I played it cool like I do this type of thing all the time. Got undressed and lay face down on the bed. The woman, who introduced herself as Carol, got to work. Started with my feet steadily working her way up my legs. All the excitement was making my clit throb and my heart feel like it would burst. I could feel the pussy juices flowing out of my body unprovoked. The anticipation of what would happen when her hands got to my inner thighs and deep into my center was too much. I could swear she could hear my heart race because she kept asking if I was okay. Well, I would have to wait longer to feel her fingers on my pussy because she got to my ass and went right up my back! Gosh!

“Turn to your back please”, she says. I do and the glitter on my pussy hair is unmistakable. She does this for a living so she knows when to dive right in…which she did. Her fingers finally found my clit, which by now was on fire. Such joy! She skillfully massaged me working her way around my vulva, slipping a finger into the vagina and rubbing against the g-spot. I relaxed into the pleasure and before long, I was gushing cum all over her hands and onto her naked thigh.

And that dear friends, was how I got to have a massage with a happy ending.…for the bargain price of $50. And an equally happy ending to an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon. Well, I guess you can say I did some shopping after all!

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  • This sounds like a fun self care Saturday activity! How come I never do anything as exciting when I’m in Nairobi…actually I have just remembered one of my fun Nairobae experiences so lemme shut up 🙂

    On the real, I think one of my fantasies is to pay for sex but I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to do it. I am so OCD! I will be demanding health certificates for every STD that exists.

  • Hmmm. Happy ending massage. The idea of paying for sex is so alluring but am so OCD as well about diseases generally so I may not indulge myself.

    • I understand the fear. You can practice safe sex for example having a condom over the finger when you get penetrated during a happy ending massage. And using lubricant and not oil so that you do not get infections. Always good to play it safe…and have fun while at it! And most important, be comfortable. So rather than buy sex, you could role play in an environment you feel safe in.

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