The Vagina Monologues: Ghana style

Yesterday, myself and two of my girlfriends watched a production of The Vagina Monologues at the Efua Sutherland Theatre, University of Ghana, Legon. I was keen to watch the production, especially because The Vagina Monologues was banned in Uganda. I do not know the official reason given for the ban but I do recognise that some African states prevent women from openly speaking up about their sexuality (read Vagina in the case of The Vagina Monologues) so i felt really excited that in Ghana we can openly watch The Vagina Monolgues.

One of the most interesting portions of the monologue was when the women demonstrated the various sounds they make when climaxing. There was “Oh, oh, ooh, ooooh,ooooohhhh“, there was “Ah ahhhh, ahhhh, eiiiii“… there was even a machine gun sounding climax. Girlfriend A said to me “Do you think people make different sounds depending on their cultural background? For example, in some countries women do not make a sound when they are giving birth and in others they do“. Now this was a question I have no answer to so I am asking you my beloved readers. Personally I tend to be fairly quiet during sex until I get really excited but I have also learnt that the moans are useful feedback for your lover. If you do not moan when you are enjoying a particular touch or act how does your lover know to continue?

What are your thoughts?

Nana Darkoa

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  • I am naturally a moaner. Can’t help it. It is harder for me to be quiet. My boyfriend tells me there is no discreet sex with me, cause just the moaning would give us away. :)=

  • Perhaps differnt backgrounds beget differnt moans or sounds. I I personally find the Ga language very sexy in bed just cos it sounds so “raw”, “animalistic” and a little gauche. hehehe it makes for very interesting dirty talk.

    I think i’m quiet, but apparently i’m not… I guess since I don;t scream and shout I always thought i was pretty quiet.

    But ahh you never know.. perhaps passion speaks one language.. the language of “huh huh huh huh” Heavy breathing like a dog…. or is that just me? Oops! LOL.

  • Kaye, it sounds like you sought some feedback on your noise levels? Hmmm, Ga language in bed? Interesting, so what happens when your lover is not Ga? Saying that you have reminded me that with a previous lover what I found really sexy was him speaking in Spanish. I also remember a friend telling me about her boyfriend who would talk dirty in Twi. I shall have to try that one day

    LOL Irene. No discreet sex sound like good sex though. You go girl!

  • Hi Nana, a friend just sent me the link to this blog. I’m an instant fan. Your approach to a traditionally taboo topic is quite refreshing. I also think you are very articulate. I agree with an earlier comment that perhaps you could be a little less instructive, although I do really appreciate the open-ended questions with which you end your posts.

    I post from time to time on Black Looks and I’m glad to see it’s a blog that interests you.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’ll be visiting your blog often.

  • Annie, thanks so much. I really like Black Looks so it’s good to know that we are fans of each other’s blogs.

    Your feedback has been duly noted 🙂

  • Dirty in twi?!Trying to imagine that. Hysterical.I think cultural backround informs the noises we make.Observe people hurt themselves, in clothed settings lol!.The sound the make is often dependant on their mother tongue.
    @Irene we have the same issue.No discretion here either.hehe
    I can only be quiet when I am bored!The feedback is helpful when the partner is paying attention.Sometime they’re thinking about ‘getting theirs’

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