‘We Moved’ by Aisha Ali

we moved like

we were dancing.

hands on hips,

hands on cheeks,

hands on breasts

a fistful of ass.


we moved like

the joining of our thighs

played the sweetest music

soft, sensual, lusty.

each nerve playing a different note

each sigh an accompaniment

each groan an interlude


we moved like

we were ravenous

probing  tongues and scraping nails

hard thrusts and cowgirl poses

bruised lips and sweet nipples.

false promises, whispered

confessions stifled

between the sighs and the moans

and the groans


we moved like

we were promised water

at the end of each orgasm.

squeezing pussies and throbbing dicks

each stroke a small sip

dripping wetness and slick fingers

sweet nectar passing through throats

each thrust quenching a thirst

fountains of squirt.


we moved like

we were poetry

gentle caresses

soft kisses

shy smiles

bold eyes

sweet murmurs

thigh upong thigh

delicious sucking

breathless moans

tender sighs


we moved like we knew pain

fear and heartbreak,

and we moved like we knew kindness,

love and surrender.


we moved,

in the words of Warsan Shire


two people

who did not know god.

(as if we had not used

every prayer

every surah

every ayah

asking god for

something like this)


what a shame.

P.S: This poem included a quote from a Warsan Shire poem entitled “I think I know what we did wrong”

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