Over 100,000 people read ‘Adventures’ this month

Photography by Chika Oduah
Photography by Chika Oduah

A few minutes ago I checked the dashboard of this blog and found out that 107,204 people had read the blog in July. The month before just under 40,000 people had read the blog. Don’t get too excited though, the huge jump in traffic may be temporary, and due to a feature in an online German magazine

But I’m excited! 107,204 people. Wow. I have to confess, I was a bit wary about what kind of traffic I was going to get from Germany (I’m still scarred by a racist incident I experienced on my last trip), but instead I received some really nice emails including one that said:

Hello Everyone!
My name is Portia. I am 22 years old, female from Central Europe and I have to
give you a huge compliment.
I read about this website in a German newspaper article and followed the link to
this site.

I have to say I am amazed, no astonished about the quality, honesty, openness of
this website, I have never seen anything like it.

I have spend a lot of time over the years with reading books, websites,
magazines on sex, sexuality, intimacy, relationships etc.
But here in the “wild, sexy west” of the world things are not well. Agendas are
being pushed, sex used for marketing purposes and lies told over everything not
fitting the photoshopped, western view of sex.
Yes, we do have women’s magazines and youth papers that answer sex-related
questions and run readers sex stories. But most of them are fabricated,
crazy-over-top and don’t focus on what we women really want.

So consider yourselves as a frontrunner on modern day sexuality, because you
excel where others fail. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday you get a call
from some stupid European website or magazine asking how it is really done. 🙂

That was a nice email to read. Thank you Portia.

Reaching the 100,000 milestone is a moment of reflection for me. The picture above captures how I feel about sex and sexuality. My body, my choice, my pleasure. Abso fucking lutely.

Thank you all for being on this ‘Adventures’ journey. A special thanks to my BFFFL Malaka who started Adventures with me. Much appreciation to people like Nnenna Marcia, Voluptuous Voltarian, Ekuba and African Mami who write regularly for the site. Nnenna I appreciate you in a special way. All those who read, share and comment. Kofi A, as I was checking stats I realised you the second highest ‘commenters’ on this blog with 370 comments to date. Ekuba takes the prize at 393 comments.

So here are some fun Adventure stats.

To date there have been 492 posts, 6,390 comments and 928 different nicknames used on the site.

Cheers to all of us






12 comments On Over 100,000 people read ‘Adventures’ this month

  • Cheers definitely. More reasons to keep spreading the love. Thanks to the writers who continue to spice up my days.

  • I believe I will take the price for the most visits and fewest comments! With love from BC, Canada

  • Congrats!!! And what a lovely E-Mail! You deserve a high traffic so we all get lovely stories and inside views of different people.^^

    How do I put this now…
    ..I am really sorry what happended to you on your trip. I don’t really know how it feels like to be black in Germany but I do know it can be not only challenging, difficult but also dangerous and frightening. Probably the most common thoughts? I once met a girl from… yeah, I supppose her parents were from Ghana living in northern Bavaria. They didn’t allow her children to go to the Eastern part because of their worries about racism etc. I was shocked. Isn’t this some kind of racismcas well? Yes, I won’t close my eyes on this, I cannot and I know from voluntary work about concerns, problems etc especially in some Eastern regions.. But really… it’s not like every German, or, every Eastern German is xenophobic. As well as people who read interviews on sex education.^^
    I am glad though you shared your concerns and also softened this problematic by sharing the Mail you got.

  • That email was worthy of framing.. It’s not often that one gets such positive affirmation of one’s good work.. I think I’ve told Nana D and Malaka how brilliant this site is.. glad that others feel the same way.

    I’m not all that competitive a person, but I noticed that I’m 23 posts behind Ekuba… 😀

  • More like 100k people read the gospel. Go adventurers.

  • Oh, Sisi! You put the “I” in “Me”…

    Yeah. Marinate on that for a bit.

  • @madam butterfly – Thanks so much

    @Vancouver B – The love is much appreciated. Comments will be appreciated too *wink*

    @Joanna – Thanks for the feedback, and continuing to engage on the site. I know you are one of our new readers from the German publicity. So to answer your (probably rhetorical) question about is it racism for a black/Ghanaian family to not allow their daughter to go to Eastern Germany? I think not. It may be prejudice, bias, fear etc but definitely not racism. Its important for us to remember that racism has a particular historical context, and is also linked to the power and privilege that some groups have historically exerted over others.

    @Kofi – Have you said to us how brillant the site is? Ehhhh? Maybe you need to tell us more 🙂 And to catch up with Ekuba you will have to submit some writing too otherwise she will forever be winning over you 😛

    @Malaka – *Mwah*

    @purple tussle – *smiling*

  • Racism: I was told that it gets worse the further one moves away from the Equator. I’ve been to Mediterranean Europe; if what I was told is true, then I can only imagine how bad it could get further North :O Anyway, c’est la vie.
    ‘Adventures’ is a wonderful gift.

  • Awww, shucks, girl. 🙂

    Congratulations to you guys and everyone!

  • Woot woot! Congratulations Nana and Malaka. What would life be without Adventuresfrom.com? Thanks for creating and maintaining such an amazing space where people can engage each other on sex and sexuality as well as other topics. Thanks to all the contributors, readers and those who comment! Keep going strong.

  • Congratulations from MCS in Keeping up the good work.
    Germany or not 100,000 is still a massive achievement.

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