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Our Journey

10 years ago, Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah and her best friend Malaka Grant started the Adventures blog as a way to demystify women’s sexuality and encourage themselves and others to have open and honest conversations about sex and diverse sexualities. Today, what started out as an idea has grown into a full-blown community that is positively shaping the way that African women think about their bodies and sexuality. This CNN feature about Nana Darkoa illustrates the different ways that the blog has impacted many young women and influenced space for the creation of other sex-positive groups such as Drama Queens and the Young Feminist Collective.

The Adventures reach extends beyond the blog and includes a facebook live channel hosted by Nana Darkoa and Famia Nkansah where they discuss sex, sexualities and relationships alongside guests from different parts of Africa and its Diaspora. Earlier this year, our comedy fiction film series project was selected for IFP 2019 Episodic Lab. The series is being done in partnership with the filmmaker Nosarieme Garrick

In celebration of our 10th anniversary and the tremendous progress that we’ve achieved, we are organising the very first edition of Adventures Live!. It is a one day festival at the Goethe-Institut in Accra to discuss African women’s pleasure. This event has been designed as a pan African (inclusive of the global African Diaspora) event bringing together feminists and activists from various countries including Ghana, Senegal, DRC, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Haiti, and Kenya. Together we will discuss what it means to centre pleasure in our lives, and unpack issues around sex and sexualities. 

Support Us

The organizers of the event have so far borne the costs of this organizing work contributing their own resources, time and experiences to make this event a reality. We have also received solidarity contributions from Diakhoumba Gassama and Francoise Moudouthe. Our beautiful flyer was designed for free by our friends at Packageware. Inspired by their generosity, we have decided to turn to you our activist feminist community to ask if you will also be willing to support this initiative.

We believe that it is important to create space in our communities to speak openly and frankly about pleasure, sex and sexualities. We believe that by doing this we create opportunities for learning – both for individuals and the community at large. This learning is the foundation on which we arrive at freedom – within our bodies, and in our wider societies.

You can support us in a number of ways. You can give us the items we require for our organizing or send us money that we can use to pay for the items and services we need.

What We Need

At the moment we are seeking the following in-kind support:

  • Accommodation for our guest speakers who are travelling to Ghana from various countries.
  • Provision of local transport for our guests. You can also choose to cover Uber fees for visiting guests.
  • Cash to provide modest honorariums for our guests and volunteers
  • Lanyards and name tags to use on the day of the event
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Water and other liquid refreshments
  • Meals for volunteers and guest speakers
  • Volunteers to support the event
  • Printing costs of posters, backdrops, and signage

Donate to Our GoFundMe

We will appreciate any contribution you can make towards our event. Please see the Go Fund Me that we set up for donations. Contributions in cash and kind are very much welcome. Once you have donated (if you are able), please share the link via your social media network and invite your friends to also support this effort. If you require any additional information or would like to contribute in other ways to this event, kindly reach us via email  [ ] or the following social media channels:



We are ever so grateful for your support. 

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