Come With Me

I am on my 2nd glass of infused juice and I am feeling really good.  It’s just the right amount to make me feel quite happily relaxed but still well in control. I am next to the DJ booth — there is a big comfy chair to sit on, but the music is good and I enjoy watching people enjoy themselves. This was what we wanted when we started these a year ago, a safe space to unwind and enjoy being yourself, with people who are like you and who like you. It’s why we restrict invitations. It is our home after all.

The rules are easy– clean up after yourself (no matter what you do), bring your liquid/non-liquid substances, and all rooms are off-limits to non-occupants of the house. There was a no sex rule for a while but now it’s more of a ‘’no sex on any surfaces that we have to clean.” The best thing is that people often PayPal us before or after so we never have to worry about paying for a proper deep clean or sustaining the parties.

I see my friends in the middle of the dance floor, as usual taking up too much space and having the time of their lives. Amaarae’s Like It comes on, and I too start to lose myself a little in the groove.

Then I notice the couple. They are a couple of inches taller than me, their sides facing me, one in a black body-hugging romper that fits perfectly. The other is in a sheer mustard shirt dress, loose enough to move with her, and it looks to me like whatever she is wearing is just as sheer, and lacy. Hot.  They both have their hair in braids; Black Romper has theirs in a bun and Mustard Shirt has theirs falling on their ass. I cannot not notice them given that they are in my direct line of vision, barely 10 steps away from me and whew, the way they move… 

They are grinding their crotches together. There is just no other way to put it. I watch Black Romper’s hands slide up Mustard Shirt’s side and cup their breasts. Mustard Dress rocks back and forth, pressing their chest into Black Shirt’s wandering, fondling hands. Have hands-on arms always been this sexy? Or is it just the way these two hold each other? My mouth goes dry. There is a huge lump of lust in my throat but I set my drink down on the table next to me. I know I am going to feel bad about not using a coaster. 

Mustard Dress turns towards my direction, and backs into Black Romper. She bends over a little and I so badly want to move and see how far the dress will ride up. There is no leading or following, they move like they have done this 199 times in perfect sync. Fascinating. Sensual. FUCK. Black Romper cups those ass cheeks, rubbing against them, and moves to the small of Mustard Dress’s back, thrusting their hips forward before looking right at me.

By this time, it’s too late, I can’t look away even if I wanted to. Something about the way they are looking at me turns me all the way on. I can feel my clit throbbing gently — has anyone ever come from watching people dance? Perhaps noticing Black Romper’s gaze, Mustard Shirt straightens up and looks in my direction as well.  They turn to Black Romper and say something to them. With their arms wrapped around each other, they walk over to me, and before I can compose myself Black Romper asks above the music:

Would you like to dance with us? 

What I want to say is ‘yes please, do whatever you want with me,’ but I end up saying nothing. I just nod. Right in front of me, they feel like sex. Everything about them is sensual. Black Romper walks behind me and asks if it is okay to hold me. Something about the way they breathe out the words turn my insides to hot lava. I want to fuck either or both of them right there. So, instead of a reply, I lean into them, raising my arms and I feel them slip around me, laying their palms just above my pubic area. Mustard Dress walks over to the chair and sits down, keeping their eyes on us.

My juice chooses right now to kick in. I feel heady and relaxed and outrageously horny. I love being watched, and I love to grind. Black Romper spins me around, pulling me into their arms, moving their hands along the small of my back, and turning so we are both facing Mustard Dress sideways. Mustard Dress is lying on the couch now, hands lazily moving over their chest, the outline of perfect tits made more obvious by their hands moving over them. They grab one perfect tit and start massaging it…looking at our dancing, and fondling a boob. I feel like I am in heaven and in hell. I want to take off that dress, touch those tits and suck on them. 

I am surrounded by Black Romper’s frame as they guide my movement.  My heart is racing, my mouth is dry and I am now soaking wet.  I press my pubis into theirs, straining to get my clit directly rubbing against them. I am afraid I’m going to either instantly combust or come and embarrass myself but I can’t help it, I don’t want to. I need to feel their body on mine. Naked preferably, but this will do too. As if they can read my mind, Black Romper’s hands slide down my back, pressing into my ass. It is unexpected and yet it feels so right, their hands lightly pressing my ass as they watch their partner play with their boobs. 

I turn again so we are both facing Mustard Dress and drop my head into Black Romper’s shoulder, closing my eyes as I back my ass into them more firmly. Their hands slide over my crotch and press into my pubis. I open my eyes and look over at Mustard Shirt, who is either drawing circles on their pubis or rubbing their clit. It’s hard to focus when there are fingers dangerously close to your clit in chiffon shorts that are definitely not liquid-proof. They had one foot up on the couch which meant the shirt had ridden up to show their inner thighs. I grab Black Romper’s hands and move it a little lower until their palms are cupping and pressing into my pussy. I gasp slightly as their fingers find solace between my thighs, pressing into my vulva. Chiffon is not waterproof and I hope it doesn’t stain because I am dripping

Mustard Dress suddenly stands up abruptly, steps in front of me and places her open palm over Black Romper’s. I stand there, in between them, horny as fuck, wet and hot with two different palms splayed over my pussy, my ass grinding into pussy, boobs nearly at my eye level. I know what I want, to be fucked by them and to fuck them. I want to feel their skin on mine, trace those boobs with my tongue and feel their hands inside me. 

I live here, my room is upstairs, I say to no one in particular. Mustard Dress smiles and looks at Black Romper, nodding. 

Fuck yes!

This piece was submitted as part of the Adventures Live 2020’s Poetry & Fiction Exhibition under The theme Odyssey of Desire.

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