A Gathering of Lovers & Friends

Dear guest,

You are lovingly invited to 

——a gathering of lovers & friends——

Food, wine & good company,
Cocktails & storytelling,
Laughter, with a side of live music
(yes, a living room concert)
(no plus ones. Just you)


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Once people (read: straight men) learn about my sexual politics, they always follow up with wanting to know how many lovers I currently have. My response to them is simply ‘many’ and I don’t bother to expound. 

Here is an extended response: I don’t count. I choose to let each lover-friendship grow deeper or fade away at its own pace. How often we talk or see each other or fuck is not something I try to control. Like I said in Part One, I am the prize and my many, many lover-friends are wonderful bonuses.

Now, to my gues tlist of eleven lover-friends:

Babe. She will absolutely love this little social experiment of mine. We wholeheartedly embrace each other’s bursts of madness. She can help me cook. We are great in the kitchen together and we love a good project. 

Mon Bebe, of course. I would best describe us as ‘we exist in the open waters of queer relational possibilities’. As one wise tweep (@rehes) said “friendship vs romance is a binary you can release if you want to.” I love what we have, a healthy mix of friendship and romance. It’s a new feeling.

(Plus she’s an amazing cook who loves to cook and gets along great with Babe. See what I mean about bonuses?) 

21 must come. I love how he commands my attention. He matches my dom energy and then follows up with so much pleasure (and such an intense desire to pleasure me) that I happily submit. I see him claiming space right next to me at the dinner table and doing his command-my-attention thing.

Tangawizi is obviously invited. If he had his way, a successful night would be one that ended in group sex. I will sit somewhere where I can have a good view of Tangawizi doing his thing. 

Mh… Tangawizi of Someplace Beautiful. Let me tell you, Christina Aguilera needs to re-do Candyman with this man as her muse. It is that deep.

Roxxy. Sigh. Roxxy is best introduced to you with an excerpt from the epic poem I wrote about her after our first sexcapade:

Tie you up. Eat you out.
In these moments, we are all that matters.
I am all yours, tell me what you need
Safeword? RoxxyI love to say your name
It speaks promise of explosive sex…”

Need I say more?

Lamu Babe. My whole body just lusts after her. She is tall, confident, seductive, funny, all-around attractive as hell. She will run the motherfucking room. Commanding the attention of anyone she chooses to indulge. She is welcome to stay the night. We have plenty of unfinished business.

Black Is King is way past ready to make a trip to where I’m at. We had an amazing phone conversation about the sex that we would have when we saw each other next (the last few times we were both otherwise attached). 

Pro tip: Sex is much much better when there is actual verbal communication of needs and likes and wants.

I just know his M.O. will be to first sit back and watch everything unfold. He’s probably the one who will figure out that everyone in the room is either a current or potential lover of mine. Fun times!

Singer/SongBae is for sure invited. Ooh! I could also hire her to play a set after dinner. Create a neutral environment where I’m in control and I can properly shoot my shot. My early attempts were too… cautious. That was also 5 years ago. I’m much bolder now. I can say what I mean and mean what I say.

IG Babe. I’m curious about how she’d respond to my invite. I’d hope that she would be open to it. Probably best not to make this our first in-person interaction. I need a one-on-one to suss out how she responds to my hoe-ttitude (many lovers, none of the usual commitments). That part of me is non-negotiable.

Guest number ten has to be Wiz Khalifa. He is more on Babe’s list of lover-friends than mine. There is potential for a threesome down the road. Much much further down the road. So, Babe gets a plus one. But just her.

Last but not least, Alice. Oh, Alice.

I loved her on sight. Long, black, curly hair styled to one side, showing off a bald strip on the other side of her head. And a sun hat to complete the look. I was instantly intrigued.

Once we started talking, we talked for three days straight. We were way out in the desert. No phones, no alcohol, just vibes. Divine feminine vibes with witchy overtones. I felt so many things in those three days, it was glorious, overwhelming, confusing and arousing all at once. 

This memory of our time together has a special place in my soul. Alice is a fucking fascinating human. I haven’t seen her in seven-ish years and I still think about her often-ish. 

She is welcome to stay over too. We’d either talk all night or fuck all night. (Nah, we’d do both).


I feel inclined to end here. Leave this as an open call to the universe to rally and make shit happen XD!

For Part Three, I’m going to switch up the game some more. 

Stay tuned! 

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  • Don: White Chocolate

    Nabangala–Very explosive concept. I would actually want to sit in the corner and watch things unfold. There would be great tension and lust in the air. Looking forward to Part Three. Wonder if I could pull it off? I have been at parties where several of my lovers have been present. I had a mix of feeling uncomfortable and very aroused.

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