I Made It Rain

This weekend is for Babe.

It’s the first time we’re seeing each other since the phone call episode. After exchanging I miss you’s and hugs, he gets in the shower, gets out, we eat and talk for a while.

Like magnets, we drew closer to each other as soon as we dropped our forks. Knowing looks, soft kisses, hands exploring. He pauses; says he has a gift. He brings out something wrapped in a brown envelope. I open it and whoop de whoop! He got me a vibrator! Look who has a sex toy now. Haha!

He presses the button, it comes on and it’s revving like it is about to drill a hole somewhere or mix a bowl of batter. I feel the vibration on my palm and thighs. Now, I’m wondering how all of that vibration is going anywhere near the lips downstairs. His fingers get there first. I got so wet so fast, he just went in. Smoothest dive ever. Legs high up, vajayjay communicating how much I like what’s going on to my brain and in turn, I let out incoherent sentences.

We do that over and over and then he places the vibrator right on my clit and I scream. Well, no surprise there. It took a lot of dancing around before I let it stay. Boy, did it feel good. It’s a silver bullet vibrator with a pink button on the top. I think it’s funny how you have to sort of penetrate the tiny end of it’s USB into it to charge it and pull it out to withdraw the USB. Haha. You know what I mean.

Enter – Netflix and Chill. Well, mostly the Netflix- which was going pretty smooth until …chill happened. Chill being his fingers finding their way into my bare pum-pum. It’s a slow massage, an activity happening in the background while the main show goes on except that tables turn real fast. Within seconds, the moans and heavy breath from our show made the movie a distant background activity.We had dinner, went to bed in each other’s arms and held on all night. I’d feel him turn and hold me in between alarms and tossing. Morning – breakfast, music, failed riding attempt. I just haven’t figured out how to do it, yunno.

Still excited about the new toy, I tried it on my own. Babe was watching videos right beside me. Initially, I didn’t like it as much as I did when he used it on me. Eyes shut, I tried it from different angles using different levels of vibration. It kept getting better until I heard myself moaning loudly. Babe swiftly supplied his hard member. It felt like there was a party going on in my pum pum.

Towards the end of the party, he reintroduced the vibrator. I felt like I needed to pee. He on the other hand kept saying “Relaxxx…” and something about letting go. As the pleasure meter got fuller, some accent I didn’t know I had snuck in, I was saying all kinds of stuff, explaining the orgasm to him – how it’s continuous and so good, and how I don’t think I can take it anymore.

I was at the peak of whatever this was, halfway losing my mind when I felt some more wetness. I looked down and realized that I squirted. There was a whole puddle circumference on the bed and I had created it… with my squirt! I mean, I always thought I was part of the geography of women who just never would. Haha, would you look at that? I made it rain! Dear Ted Mosby, now, I too know what it feels like.

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