How I Got Into Hookup Culture

I grew up in a devout Christian family with strong cultural backgrounds as well. My mother and aunts always lectured me about what a good woman should and should not do. It was about how I must sit still and be pretty, how a woman raised well should behave in public, what to wear and what are the appropriate words to say and how to say them. The biggest lesson ever: no boys whatsoever. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you do not talk to boys, you do not let them touch you and just stay away from them. Boys are a problem and they should not be entertained.

I grew up with my folk’s teachings engraved in me, but that did not stop me from being curious and learning things we do not want our parents to know that we know. In my early adult years, I finally caught up with my curiosity. I was all alone, in college far away from my mother, her sisters and sisters-in-law. No one was there to whisper in my ear how I should look away when a boy looks my way. I was free. I could do whatever I wanted, with my body, with whoever. 

I flirted my way around campus and it was fun. I took my time with giving my virginity away, although the experience was not too great. That is when I thought sex was too overrated. I still believed hookups were not the perfect way to enjoy sex anyway. I safely kept away from casual hookups because they were a no-no in my books. What was there to enjoy anyway? I would ask myself. I was actually looking for a more committed relationship, better than a booty call.

One Friday, late in the afternoon, I decided to take myself out on a solo date. It was just a minor celebration of submitting an assignment that almost took the lights out of my brains. I sat quietly by the corner at the bar enjoying a fresh and cold beverage when a perfectly tall guy offered to buy me another one. I politely accepted the drink and even offered to join me if he was alone. Mr. Perfectly Tall liked that and he pulled out the stool next to me and sat down. He made a few charming remarks which I liked, and cracked a few jokes here and there. We flirted for the rest of the day and it felt good. We took the rest of the evening to his place, which was not too far from the bar. We had a good evening; he cooked, we ate and sang along to some of his music.

Hiis place was a tidy and cozy cottage. It was very warm and the atmosphere allowed me to be comfortable. I somehow felt safe. We got so warm and close to each other and that made me too relaxed. I eventually pulled my guard down and that is when I leaned in for a kiss. He did not resist; he kissed back. His lips were so warm that the sensations hit in all the right places. In a flash, our clothes were off and we could feel each other up so well. I had never felt like this before.

He took his time with my body while maintaining a generous eye contact with me. His touch was so passionate that I would squirm a little with pleasure. He gave himself to me with great passion and I was perplexed by the bareness of his body. Everything about that night was multiple explosions of sensations all over my body. My body felt things I cannot explain without flinching even today. He reached places I never knew existed in me. I begged him not to stop until I passed out.

We exchanged our numbers the next morning but we never contacted each other for the rest of the day. The following day he sent a “what’s up?” text, and we hit it off right there and then. We kept our booty calls open for the rest of the semester.  I would skip a few classes here and there for some steam with Mr. Perfectly Tall. He did everything just right and my body responded pleasantly well to his touch. The no strings attached clause ensured everything sailed smoothly with us knowing we did not owe each other anything solid.

I had a good time exploring things with Mr. Perfectly Tall. He set the highest standard of sexual pleasure for me and that is why I do not regret hooking up with him. When the semester ended, he mentioned that it was his final semester in college. We both knew with him being off campus meant our adventures were coming to an end. I had a few more hookups and booty calls after him. Some were great while others were not too bad. 

During the holidays, I happened to bump into his wedding pictures on social media. He married a girl I used to see on campus. I was not bothered by it. I had no strings attached to him and I knew whatever we had, had to have an ending at some point. However, I was glad I got to have a complete sexual experience with him. He was the person who made me appreciate hookup culture in ways I would not have known. I just could not wait to get back to campus and see what adventures awaited me the following semester.

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  • Twitter brought me here. Great story but zvekut u were not in love dzanhema idzo ukuzvisimbisa lol after 1 full semester many sexual encounters women are bound to fall in love

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