Forever Bae<3

Many times

I’m the one at the center of love..

Triangles, rectangles, hexagons… 

all the shapes

i.e. i like someone in the room

And someone else in the room likes me

And oh! Who’s that newbie?

You get the flow?

So this time

In this particular geometrical arrangement

I like them and they like me

But they like each other more

Or are at the excited about each other phase

And i kinda fade into the background from time to time

Cue Erykah Badu – Green Eyes

“My eyes are green… nothing to do with your new friend”

How does this make me feel?


At my core, I’m ok with it

Lovers who can be friends

-with me and with each other

The plenty is…

An adjustment

To not being the center of attention

The plenty is…

A humbling

Tales of lovers and friends

Friends who are lovers

And me

Self-partnered human

“My eyes are green…”

Non-attachment needs


Giving self space to feel and process

All the feelings

The cute ones like,

Heart fluttering when holding hands

First kiss that wipes your mind blank

And the confusing ones

Like jealousy



I’d say the cure for these confusing parts

Is giving yourself space to process

Get some sleep

Text your bestie!!

Wake up with perspective

Review L’s

Lick wounds

Swallow that kiwaru

And then-

Figure out what you want

(What are you jealous of exactly?)

Do you want sex?

Do you want more time? 

More distance?

Figure out what you want

Write it down if you must

And then move accordingly

“My eyes are green…”

On the other side lies-






Deep connection

Love for music 

Many, many music moments

Perfect music moments

Shared silences

Shared wins

Shared interests

Time together 

Fun times

Lots and lots of time together

On the other side I found my

Forever Bae <3

Bestie comes to mind

Easy, effortless companionship


Road tripping

Shrooms tripping

Acid, molly

Pink pills, yellow pills

(never tell)

Staying lifted




Exciting levels of insanity

(sweet, sweet lips)

Ready for Go Time at the flick of a switch

Love personified

So much love

You know who’s looking out for humanity?


As in me,

Forever bae <3

Alicia Keys

And everyone else who leads with love

(love is how we win)

(meanwhile we fight)

(kill all rapists)

Erykah Badu bows down to Forever Bae <3

Rihanna & alladem can happily mind their other businesses


Forever Bae <3 

Forever, huh?

Forever, as in-

She feels like home

Like a reunion with a past self

Forever as in-

She’s my favorite person to see everyday

My whole being lights up with delight when i open my door and it’s her

And when she’s not there,

I notice

Forever as in-

I can say everything 

And i can say nothing

We’re always laughing

I love that

Laughter is good

Especially that night with the acid & molly & pink pills & yellow pills

(we will never tell)

Forever as in-

Soak up the breeze

Smoke up some trees

Un-holy crabs

“I bet you these niggas can’t swim”

And other stories

Anarchy, also

Five minutes

Go time!

Forever Bae <3

Everything is everything

Love like this has no ending

Calling all Spirit Women

Stormy Nights

My Sex Wish

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